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  1. @Victimorthecrime I am in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City. My nationality is South Korean and Vietnamese.
  2. @jazz Yes. I've tried listening some Vietnamese musics so I can hang out with them.The hit songs (the type of song they like to sing) are mostly breakup songs or reminiscence of ex-lovers. Fuck me, I want exciting songs or at least love songs.
  3. @Victimorthecrime That's some top-tier advice right there. Thanks man! As soon as summer began I've turned down every single hangout request from those guys and started to work on my school stuffs like revision and summer work. I can't wait to reject them on helping their summer work at the last few days before school. They are procrastinators. I mentioned about them "needing" me. Yeah, the "need" is "lemme copy your hw" or "summarize this for me". Mamba Mentality: ON.
  4. Hi! I'm Alvin and I just had my 17th birthday on June 20th this year (2019). That day I woke up with full excitement because it is the last day of school before summer and my birthday at the same time. I was so hyped. Nothing went wrong during school time because my classmates were congratulating me by birthday punches. I was totally fine of nothing receiving any birthday presents because they themselves were valuable present to me. After school I went hangout with some of my classmates. They said they were going to pay for me through out the day and they will organize it for me. I had little expectation that I would get special treatment like a session where I can enjoy or a birthday cake for at least. Here is where it all began. After the watching movie with them, they decided to take me to karaoke. Keep in mind, I am the only Vietnamese-Korean in that hangout and I do not know a lot of Vietnamese song because I prefer K-Pop and musics that are in English. I didn't know that they will take me to Vietnamese karaoke until I got there. I told them I don't know Vietnamese songs that they listen to and I wasn't going to sing alone because I'm not confident in Vietnamese. They said it will be fine. I listened to them and went in. Throughout that 1 hour of karaoke session, I haven't sang a single song at all while they were singing out loud, having a lot of fun to themselves. I sat in corner of them room all alone, isolated. I started to realize I'm not having any fun at MY BIRTHDAY. The more I thought about it, the more angrier I got until the point where I just stormed off to my home. As soon as I arrived home I started crying for the next 10 minutes. My tears wouldn't stop coming out and I couldn't stop myself. I have never cried like this ever since I studied my last day before moving to new school. And I am not a type of person who would cry easily. Am I having any mental issue like depression that I need to see psychiatrist? Is this just merely another emotion-driven issue? I wish I could get help to cope this because it is quite painful and I get a bit teary when I suddenly remember my 17th birthday. Moreover, what are the next step to this event? Now thinking about those friends I've went with, are kind of 'fake friend' because they've only been talking to me when they needed help and went under the radar when I needed theirs. So, should I talk to them in person to sort this once and for all? Please help me. It isn't urgent but it has been distracting me a bit from my summer.
  5. Hello, it's me again, Alvin from renaissance school in Saigon. My friend who got rejected by his crush and attempted suicide, took things even worse. What do I mean by taking things to worse? His attitudes on other girls he sees apparently. I just found out that he is a step below of being a rapist. I don't want to reveal his name, YET. So, here's the story. This guy just went through some hard times and now he really needs help. After breaking up with his ex, he tried to stay cool. Then, a month after break-up he had a crush on another girl. He attempted to ask her out for a date many times. All got rejected and she had new boyfriend. That's when he tried to suicide. I first though she was being a bitch for rejecting such a nice guy. Then she told me the reason why. She said that when he was still dating that girl, he wanted to have sex with her, so he asked her about it many times. She refused to have sex because she felt insecure and doesn't want to take risk whatsoever. The more he asked, the more creepy he became. This was his climax of his creepiness. He was taking her home after a movie. They took a taxi and they sat together in back seat. They had argument that day and he was mad because he saw her with another boy(which was her cousin but he didn't know). However, somehow he took that as an advantage to have sex. He said that because she made him mad, she needs to have sex with him, so he won't be mad at her. When he said that, he was rubbing his hand on her thigh and his other finger rubbing her boobs. He did that to make her feel horny so she would have sex with him. But, she realized that she was being molested and she rejected him again. This time he was mad that he left the taxi middle of nowhere and he found his way home. So she had to pay the taxi fee all by herself. And that was one of the main reason why they broke up. Somehow that day when I met him in school he had a pack of condom in his bag which I believe that has to do something with his incident. I got goosebumps when I heard that story. I though that was the end until I continuously see him being touchy when talking to girls. He either rubs his hand on her leg or her arm.This "touchy" thing has been going on for 3 months straight. Moreover, whenever he sees a girl he ALWAYS asks me whether she's hot or not. My school had a music festival few weeks ago and there were several girl group that was dancing team from other school. When they were dancing, kept on asking whether they were hot or not. Because the other school that came to the festival was my former school, he asked me to hook him up with one of them. He kept on doing this throughout the festival. My entire year group knows this and they don't want to be near him anymore. They're not avoiding him obviously, but they are scared of him. Furthermore, they are concerned for his sister that one day he would rape her. What could I do to stop him from molesting other girls in my school? This is serious issue that is affecting our studies.
  6. Thank you for your reply! I've tried contacting him to have a talk. Although he's been avoiding all contacts from everyone, he replied to me. He said he needed someone to stand on his side. I also helped him to go over his feelings about his ex-girlfriend by playing 4 hours of csgo with him. Even though, it was the most tiring 4 hours, I'm glad that he doesn't take it personal anymore. Thank you once again! Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  7. Seo Alvin

    My friends

    Hi, it's me again. I'm 15 and I'm currently in Renaissance International School Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City. Surprising or not, I'm both Korean and Vietnamese. I came to this school at year 9. My first ever friends there was, Minh. He's a nice kid. He's a great person to talk to when you're sad. We were always together regardless what. Then, in year 10, a Korean girl came in to our school. She wasn't that pretty nor that smart. He fell in love with her in his first sight. They dated in her 3rd day of school. At first I though they were a cute couple until I realize he completely abandoned me. I was lonely for straight 2 months. His other bestie faced the same scenario. His name is Vinh. He's one of those toppers in all subjects. We became best friends. We started to call Minh faggot for choosing hoes before bros for 1 year. However, that was to save him from further sadness due to arguments. We usually see him sad or angry and already can tell that he just argued. I don't know why he keeps arguing with her. I decided to find out why. So I asked her out to watch movie once. She immediately accepted. From that I could tell that she's been talking to other boys except for me. When we were choosing movie, she kept on changing her mind. Moreover, she wouldn't even Dutch pay and I had to pay for all. During the movie she kept on wrapping her arms over mine. I didn't like it because she just invaded my personal space. After the movie, she made me take her home by Uber. I was so mad about it. I told all my friends about it. We all decided to give them advice to slowly break up. In nutshell, their reputation has gone bad to worse. I fear him suffering from depression. He sometimes had nosebleed out of the blue and constantly taking pills which I have no idea what it is. He overeats almost everyday and still wants more. Seeing him smile is like winning the lottery. They've dating for 2 years and that 1 years and a half was my friends and I giving them advice to break up asap. Minh was getting worse and worse. His girlfriend is now considered a bitch and the whole school knows it. They finally broke up about 4 months ago. We were trying to get him back on us but he wouldn't listen. He was going for other Korean girls. All my friends gave up on him and not support him anymore. After he got rejected by all Korean girls in my year group, he still wouldn't get back on us. Nowadays, he got even worse. He started to yell us for no reason. He got mad at me merely because I hung out with Korean girls. No one can understand him now. No one knows what he wants. In addition, no one wants to get close to him because he's been hitting all the girls he knows. Even though every body gave up on him, I am still yet to give up. I want to do something to change him and make him a better person. What can I do? I need your help!
  8. Thank you guys supporting me. I'm 15 years old. Now, my mom is back. However, she won't talk with anyone and she seems very frustrated. Good thing she is back with us. Once again, thank you for your support. I can now be at ease.
  9. Seo Alvin

    My parents

    Yesterday, my parents argued for quite a long time about my dad not being able to make decisions lately. Unfortunately, I had to admit that my mom has been making all decisions by herself without my dad's opinion. Since my dad is aware of that, he started to make suggestions rather that decisions. He's been asking mom "Shall we do this?", "Shall we do that?" and so on rather than "Let's do this" or something like that. Yesterday, my little brother wanted to go to school festival that he wasn't able attend for the past few years. I didn't wanted to attend that festival, although I could meet my old friends there. He asked for permission. However, my mom rejected and told him to stay home. My brother cried a lot. He called that for permission instead. That was the time I had to leave for my extra class. After the lesson, I received a call from my mom. She was furious. She thought I persuaded him to attend the festival. My parents came home immediately from work. I didn't know until then that dad also wanted to attend the festival. However, he couldn't make decision on his own because of mom. That day, dad was very furious and he had no choice but to yell at mom about his feelings. Abovementioned, they argued for quite a long time. After that, mom left home without any words. She didn't pack any luggage. I tried to contact her and told her to come back home. However, she won't. Even dad called her, but she still won't return. It's been a day she hasn't returned yet. Now that you know my story, I need a solution or a suggestion at least. I need your help. Without mom, I feel like the house is empty. Please help me out. Thank you for attention.
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