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  1. Hi I have a micro pens and I have anxiety about it. Its not that i don't like my penis I do .Just it isn't the most normal penis ever. Are their girls out their who could give me advice on dating in my situation and how to pleasure and make the best of my penis and my abilities to fully pleasure a women? I want to know if their are any other people who have a micro penis or anyone who can give me advice on how to approach a situation like this. and if so do they have advice for dating girls and approaching sex. I'm confident in my abilities just nervous I.e I'm virgin. Idk haha it fluctuates. I'm 17 and I want to have sex but I literally have to hold my penis to keep it straight out or else it will just go against my stomach it's 2 and a half inches erect . Is 2 and half inches long enough to pleasure a women ? Idk I just need advice on how to approach sex. I want to be able to have amazing sex and really pressure a girl fully. I have been researching how to be good at cunnilingus and fingering and massaging and pleasuring women sexually as best as I can. Can I do it and keep a girl I love even if I have a small penis? I want to have a long lasting genuine relationship with a girl one day. I just need advice!! Thank you all!
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