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  1. I don't have an answer but I do know that ending your life is not it. I m over 50 years old now and never give up searching. Even with my wife cheating on me and wondering if my 2 children are mine or not, I never give up. I did thought of it but I always believe there are better solution. There will be someone who will love me for who I m and not how big is my dick size or bank account! And if it mean I have to be gay/trans/bi/whatever to be happy, I will take it. Bro, in case you didn't know, I m asian and even if I have a big dick, all asian male have to live with the small dick stereotype from non-aisan and even from our own women! So your life cannot be worst than mine. Bro, don't give up, keep on fighting and keep on searching... Regards
  2. I haven't post here for quite long. Very busy with new projects and also forgot password... Just learnt how to recover. Anyway, I have not done anything yet. I was still deciding when the new project landed on my desk and have been working hard and putting aside that thought. However, I have done some experimenting after my last post, I started watching porn again. I find myself liking the tranny porn most, straight porn and lesbian porn 2nd, and totally not into male gay porn. But the weirdest thing is I don't understand why I like tranny porn but not gay porn. Both have penis but 1 gets me real hard, the other I find it... disgusting to tell the truth. I m more confused than ever...
  3. I am following one of the local here, he is small (micro) and he's transgender lesbian, that's what he called himself. He transform himself into female about 15 years ago, at 1st we all thought he was gay but few years later we saw him dating lesbian and that puzzled me. Couple of years ago I met him on a project and got to know him better. He told me he is actually straight but because of his androgynous looks, he was bullied and laugh at for having micro penis. He also went in depression and one day he got the idea to cross dress and started dating lesbian. And ever since I hear that, I have been wanting to do the same. that's why I m on strict diet to slim down. I have been bullied too and sexually abused by pedophile when I was young. I was also depression (still am in someways)
  4. I'm recovering from Erectile Dysfunction, Just measured last week with help of Viagra, bone press (70% erect) 9cm, non-press 5cm. I m still obese.
  5. Are you tall and muscular? I m Asian and you know the stereo type about us. Most of south-east asian average height is about 160cm and weigh about 55kg so a penis size of 4" - 5" is quite proportionate. That's why it is very hard to insult Asian with small dick slurs because they know they are proportion. But for me, I m 175cm tall and over 100kg with a dick size of 2.5"!!!! If this is gods' practical jokes then FxxK him! Most small dicks guys here become transgender women (Ladyboy - a derogatory term), they might not be gay. Most of them (straight ones) are in relationship with beautiful lesbian or bisexual women. That's what I m thinking of doing.
  6. @PDXsUnHungAndUnsungHero I was in swimming team and every time we got out of the pool, every guy have the bulge between their legs except me. You can guess what sort of things they called me. But I was not mature enough to understand the different between male and female sexuality. I thought it was cool to act what they called me bcoz it made them laugh. When I finally mature and understood it, I felt so humiliated, hated all those guys and hated swimming to this day. Anyway not much else to say for things that happened over 40 years ago.
  7. Dude! 4.5" to me is not bad! I at my best was only 4" bone press and that's like when I was 20 years old! Today, it is 2" if I can get it to erect! I have lost my sex drive ever since I got diabetic, obese, hypertension, cholesterol and ED. If I m a midget that would still be ok but I m 175cm tall! I have been bullied since I was around 10 years old and I didn't even know it. I have been taken advantage of by pedophiles and was briefly brainwashed to think I m a transgender female... and I have been called "small dick" by my gf! And for the last 37 years I have not experience true romance, no satisfying sex and always hiding from social gathering. So 4.5" (4.7") I wish I have that... You are ok man, don't worry.
  8. Asia is quite big, I think you are referring to east Asia. South-east Asia, the region I m from, is quite different. We do have quite a lot of Home for the aged. We were once the colony of Britain, must have picked up that habit from the Brits. lol... @Sheliewolf Thank you so much for your video. Most people don't understand that being small is not what I chose; I chose not take care of my body and I got fat so if they want to they can shame me on that - i don't care...
  9. Being married to someone that I didn't love is worse imho. Better stay single, makes lots of money and pay hooker for sex. I m not sure how is it in the west but here in south east asia, no money no honey. if you get what i mean.
  10. We argued because I caught her cheating/dating someone else, I was jealous. After the argument I left and came home to my country Malaysia. That was 37years ago, and was in Singapore, I don't know where she is now. The last time I have sex with my wife was 18 years ago, because I became over weight, obese and soon diabetic, cholesterol, high blood pressure, ED and a whole series of related illness.
  11. I was 30 and my parents was worried, they want grand children. Just so happen that 1 of their business partner have a daughter that's approaching the"left-over" age so, they arrange for us to meet, It's the Asian thing, very hard to explain to westerners. She is ok looking, and we did have a little bit of an attraction at 1st. Six months later we got married. I can only imaging that 1st night we had sex, she thought it was good because she's a virgin. After our 2nd child, I just lost interest in her. A few years later she start going out with make-ups, I suspected she's dating someone but I didn't care, nothing is happen in our bed anyway. As for were we happy? well I think she was at 1st, but I was never happy since 18yo when my gf cheated on me. I guess she is the only person I truely love and it hurt so much when she called me "small dick" in the final argument.
  12. I can relate to what she said. A lot had happen to me since I was very young. Even before I could understand what penis size and sex was, I was already been picked on by pedo! After my 2nd gf cheated on me, I really just shutdown and stayed single for 12 years! It's so bad that my parents arranged marriage my wife, she cheats too but I don't care. For the last 32 years I have been thinking of cutting my penis off, I hate looking at it. Do lesbian like mtf trans?
  13. At least you have the length, 5.5” bp is pretty good. Mine is not only short and thin, i also suffered from ED. I m on ketogenic diet and it have help me recover a little bit of sex drive. But still 3.5” bp and semi-erect is at best i can do at the moment.
  14. So I have read about 20 threads in the SPS forum, I suppose I should feel better knowing that I m not alone, but I m not. I used to have 4" BP fully erect when I was 20, but somehow lost it, only 2" BP now and unable to fully erect. I guess years and years of suffering from diabetes, severe obesity and ED have taken its toll. It is depressing reading about others having their sps problems - reminded me of my own frustrations. I too stop watching porn about 25 years ago, I got depressed watching them with giant cocks. Why science haven't put any effort into this field. Isn't it there is a way to transplant? Some of those transgenders have big cocks, they can sell since they gonna cut it off anyway. I m not asking for super big one; just normal ones like 5"-6".... I gotta stop, upsetting talking about it. regards
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