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  1. Yeah you too, just trying to get through xmas. With all the happy family bullshit and loved up couples pushed down your throat.
  2. Nope I’m a Dj you’ve come across in England lol.
  3. I'm at 5.2 nbp and around 5.8 bone pressed. I had to give up sports due to mocking when showering. I'm way more inclined o believe the Kinsey study. 5.2 bone pressed was done slightly stretching flaccid dicks so the average is probably at least closer to 6bp plus at an absolute minimum. The lifestyle condom company study came up with 5.9 and I think that was nbp.
  4. I've normally found the women who are most vocal about being cruel to men with small dicks are women with a lot of anger. Two women at work were like this. One was fat and couldn't lose weight, the other was ugly. Women who feel ignored by men, tend to harbour more resentment.
  5. There is already a video on you tube, google small penis stigma by sheliewolf. Was a woman I came into contact online who was on small dick reddit. she posted on there often for a while, but the negativity drove her away.
  6. I’m up for connecting to on Whatsapp too. Have used with friends around the world and works really well, depending on your internet speeds, better quality than a cell call a few kilometres away.
  7. I’m kinda of at the end of the line and contemplating suicide a lot. I have a disability which impacts me a lot but still have quite a few (disabled) women interested in me. I’ve not got a great deal of sexual experience but despite my disability my main hurdle is a small penis. I’m very small, look 12 years old flaccid and have been laughed at multiple times. Pre disability I stopped playing sport and avoided any situation where I would be seen naked. The few times I was seen I was laughed at, once by a college lecturer of all people(changing in swimming bath rooms, not as weird as it sounds ha). Anyway im going to pursue seeing a sex surrogate, as my body looks different and my penis like I said is very small. I’ve posted before so my measurements should be up on there at around 5.8 bone pressed and 4.7 around. I enquirered when I was younger to a dr if I was normal and he uttered the immortal line “I’ve seen smaller” since then I’ve been broken. I will try and keep my progress or the experience up to date if people wish to follow it. I hope everyone is managing as best as possible, I lurk a lot but haven’t posted in around 6 months. Take care everyone.
  8. It's more when a small penis reference gets made at work, I worked in healthcare with mostly women. Now it didn't happen very often but when it does you just have to brush it off even though your dying a little inside. I'm not a negative person at all but if someone does say something bad or laugh, I'll mention something at a later date, not to that person but a subtle joke within that persons earshot but not directly to them, which picks apart their biggest insecurity. I do it with a completely innocent look on my face, revenge best served cold lol.
  9. I think bone pressed average is probably 6.5 at 5.7 I feel small as fuck. Just short of 6 none bone pressed is probably average I think.
  10. Yeah she posts on Reddit, I asked permission and she was happy to let me share it. Thinks it's a really well made video.
  11. https://youtu.be/7sZvNpNZxHU Please see the you tube link on a small penis stigma video, which is excellent and was made by a friend I met on reddit who is very compassionate about our situation. It's a superb video well worth a watch.
  12. Yeah I think I might be jamming the ruler right to the bone and giving myself close to an extra inch and I'm not really fat, to get that figure ha. I appreciate you not being pissed off with me, I'm certainly not humble bragging as being physically disabled sucks and drastically reduces my dating pool. Hope things are going okay for you in what is a rough period of the year especially if your single and lonely.
  13. I never liked any Dr seeing me naked but know they are very professional, but I've worked in healthcare so I'd not be keen on nurses and assistants seeing me as I've heard some nurses talk a lot about patients behind their back. My flaccid size is tiny and the thought of going for a procedure and needing a paediatric catheter would be the ultimate shame, although I had to see a urologist and he dispelled this saying I was normal, I still don't believe it. I'm pretty obsessive with looking at penis size studies and measure far too often. If I had a normal dick I doubt I'd even know what bone pressed measurement was. I tend to believe the Kinsey study of 6 inches none bone pressed not 5.2 bone pressed being average. If it was any other body part I would be confident in my abilities to measure correctly.If get a figure of 6 ish pressing into the pubic bone I swear I must be doing it incorrectly. I never look at myself naked in the mirror and hate showering or going to the toilet even when I'm particularly bad.
  14. A bit of a stupid question and my OCD has caused me to research way too much but how do other people measure. If I lie down and measure I measure at less than 5 none bone pressed, I've been measuring in standing with my dick erect pushed parallel to the ground I don't know if this is cheating or the correct way to do it I'm slightly more than 5. My flaccid size looks like a bloody 12 year old which has caused me to avoid ever being seen publicly, ie sports showers and I hate the prospect of medical procedures having worked in the medical field. Plus is flaccid size in studies measured bone pressed also ie the study that came up with 5.2 as the bone pressed average. Sorry loads of questions, happy xmas to everyone on the board, take care it's difficult especially being single with a small dick at xmas when its forced down your throat how happy everyone is. Take care everyone.
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