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  1. @Sea182018 Hi Sea, it has been quite a while since I posted, but I appreciate your comments so much, especially a man that struggles with these issues. I did not take offense to your statements and I very much agree. We actually broke up for a while because, while I supported him, I couldn’t “fix” the issue, I knew that he would have to do that on his own. My main objective was to find out about this issue. I learned a lot here and found this community, for the most part, is very kind and supportive. I didn’t realize that this issue is tied to mental illness. There were things that absolutely made me want to end things because I was so busy catering to his needs to make sure he was OK, that my needs were not being met (non sexual needs, BTW). I had dealt with the insecurity, the “shutting down” and I grew tired. You’re right until he was able to attempt to conquer this on his own (it’s funny that you say “man up” because I said that exact phrase and it created a firestorm amongst some members), there would be nothing I could do. He said he knew that someone like me was hard to find and I was “the one”. He also felt insecure because guys consider me to be beautiful and that created more issues. I had to let go. Sometimes you have to lose something to realize what you had. I always knew that I was a good woman and total package, but he had to lose me to appreciate that. We are working through the issues and I’ve seen progress, but I can only take it one day at a time, I have to allow him to conquer this on his own, otherwise, it will always be a problem. I also did not put my life on hold and dated during our breakup.
  2. @lostboy1 this is a great poll. None of the answers really applied to me as a woman but as you all know, I came seeking answers and knowledge for my BF who suffers from insecurities and the like related to this issue. Hope everyone is doing well.
  3. Hi @itsSmaller, welcome to the forum. For proper disclosure, I am a straight woman and found this site because my BF has issues with his size that caused issues in our relationship. It has caused a lot of insecurities on his end. But, I’ve completely accepted him. I came here not understanding this issue and the men in here have been so knowledgeable and supportive. I’ve learned a lot here. I just wanted to say that I am so sorry for your experience. My BF has had a difficult time with this, but we are slowly working through this together. I just wanted to lend you some support and say that I am so sorry that you’ve experience this. I don’t think I can offer much advice since I am a woman, but I’ll be happy to offer your any support or advice if you need it. All the best. -BM
  4. Hi @PDXsUnHungAndUnsungHero, why do you doubt this statement, just curious?
  5. *Picks up the phone to dial the internet cops 👮‍♀️👮 * but decides to put the phone down. 😜
  6. Stop stealing my actions @PDXsUnHungAndUnsungHero. You can’t take my yawn. *Raises Hand* Talk to the hand 🤚
  7. @PDXsUnHungAndUnsungHero *Yawn* LOL.
  8. Whatever, @PDXsUnHungAndUnsungHero You need a hobby because you continue to mention me. Please grow up.
  9. @PDXsUnHungAndUnsungHero Thank you. All I am saying is that you leave it open to people’s interpretation when you post this stuff. That’s not what a friend does. If you have an issue, I talk to you all the time bring it to me privately. This is NOT cool.
  10. Please just leave me out of this and posting this is in the forum is not appropriate anyway when you can talk to me direct.
  11. @YOTH Thanks. LOL. I agree there was no need to mention me at all. I really didn’t appreciate @PDXsUnHungAndUnsungHero comment in this forum and trust me, as a friend, I let him know. The comment implies that I said something bad about this young lady when I haven’t. There’s no reason for her not to be a “fan” of me. Sometimes, we have to keep our personal relationships and our friendships separate to avoid petty conflicts. But, I am sure this is something that me and @PDXsUnHungAndUnsungHero will discuss it and work through it. I have my own relationship to worry about and I am genuinely happy for him. But, all I say is don’t use me to boost your self esteem and insecurities or to create conflict. Not cool. Plus, he’s mentioned she’s already insecure so he’s fostering more insecurities by doing so and also telling her about the casino people flirting with him. How would she have otherwise known that. If telling your friend that you want him to be happy, but just take things slow is not being a friend, I don’t know what is. But, it’s all good.
  12. Whatever @PDXsUnHungAndUnsungHero. She has no reason to be “fan” of me. Geez. I’ve always wished you well, but I am also just looking out for you as well too. Trying to “fight” any girl that tries to steal you away sounds really immature. Although I can assure you I am not one of them. She’s definitely insecure. Geez. You’re a friend only. I don’t even know why my name is coming up in the conversation.
  13. @PDXsUnHungAndUnsungHero OMG 😮
  14. HAHAHA!!! I’m happy though I know you will keep me posted absent all the details. LOL!
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