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  1. The constant jokes and negative references. And everytime you hear it, a little joke or snicker, it stings. My two recent examples were both harmless and not directed at me, but it just reminds me that our culture may never treat this issue like the whole trans/gay/disabled issues. The first one was at work. I deal this game Baccarat where if the players play on a minimum $50 bet table, they get to handle the cards. I gave the initial two cards dealt to whatever side he was betting (I think it was player) but when I drew the third card, instead of handing it to him for him to check it, I just exposed it. He freaked out, and was very rude, and then left the table. My pit boss came over and apologized on his behalf saying that he is on his last warning for ripping cards (the only thing you can't do with the cards) and that he is always angry for some reason and that it must be "a small penis issue". The most recent one was on Facebook. I posted this picture of this I came across at a bathroom at the Racetrack where I play Texas Hold Em occasionally, One of the first comments (which I deleted) was "Yeah it's pathetic, just look at how small it is! LOL" SIgh...oh well, anyways how is everyone? Good? That's good. Keep your heads up and hope you find a girl that doesn't care your cock is small but is not crazy and ends up ruining your relationship for no real reason.
  2. I'm of the mindset that any attention that can be brought to our cause is a good thing. If this magazine wants to show the positive spin on it, so be it. As many users such as OH and his brilliant post above have shown, it's not that realistic but it still brings attention to the issue nonetheless. Hell, I would do the interview myself if I was a homosexual. I mean, I "conquered" my SPS and got the girl and came out of my shell but as YOTH has shown, there's no such thing as "conquering" SPS, it sticks with you. And YOTH I got to say I am sorry to hear that you are so utterly crippled by our condition. I have found myself being arguably the most at peace member (while not going overboard and yelling at everyone to man up) of this forum. Now that I know that size isn't everything and that I can still experience love regardless and that there are women out there that truly don't care (so long as you make sure to get them off in other ways), I feel like SPS is less of a problem for me. But everyone is different.
  3. That;s good to hear YOTH. What if she did say something horrible in the heat of an intense fight? It would most likely be in response to something, so she would say something like "yeah, well your dick is ________ but you don't hear me complaining about that." What would you do/think/say/feel?
  4. It was so much more than that. You have no idea. She purposely fucked up everything just because she wanted to play games/cause drama and I assume get me to beg her to stay with me or something (I have no idea why exactly she did the things she did). But she hurt me. She lied. She nearly cheated on me. She promised me she was done with her ex and then she goes and hangs out with him, and one of her best friends messages me telling me she said "don't judge me but I think I am going to break up with him". Like, come on, I'm not in high school, I am not going to say such things just because of a girl ghosting me like wtf. Oh how I wish this was true. I mean, I am not saying it's not, it's just a very complex thing that differs in every unique situation. Fortunately when we are having sex, she is on top (me being on top just doesn't really work, perhaps it will when we both lose some weight this summer or something) and I am not even thinking about "is this good for her?" while it is happening because 1) she is in control first of all 2) I know it isn't (good for her) but she acts like it is regardless. I even chuckle and say things like "sure, baby" when she is saying pleasure things or mentions she is going to cum. Normally by the time I have sex with her she has gotten off numerous times from my fingers/mouth. And 3) I haven't had a lot of sex, so I am just kind of enjoying the moment (which can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes depending on a lot of factors) and not getting in my own head. As you guys know, I have not had a lot of sex so sex still blows my mind (so to say) and speaking of blowing...that blows my mind too lol.
  5. I do love her. She has been the best thing to happen to me for a while. She is a beautiful person. One of my friendgirls told me to "buy a flesh light" (assuming she was nothing more to me than a "wet hole" as she put it) to which I said "but a flesh light can't hold you and wish you good morning". I know our thing is simple, we cuddle and fuck and treat eachother well (most of the time as you will see lol) and think about eachother. We both know we are not compatible long term, (even though I have a feeling she wishes we were). Since I wrote that last post, I have gotten closer to her and further from the 18 year old. Looking back at that post, it is crazy to think I was that interested in the 18 year old to begin with. She might be way more physically attractive and intelligent, but she lacks kindness and compassion. If I don't message her, I never hear from her whereas with the girl I am with now, it's quite the opposite. If anyone has seen one of my favorite shows Rick and Morty , you can see how intelligence often comes with rudeness/meanness (like with Rick). I mean, back when we were fighting and she was ignoring my texts, I literally said this to her: "I know you and I know society and you are going to be hurt and alone and you are going to sorely regret burning our bridge for no fucking reason. Nobody is going to want a poor, immature, unintelligent, out of shape, dramatic, recovering addict, welfare pregnancy waiting to happen. But I fucking did." I mean Jesus Christ, and that was just one of the mean things I said to her that night. She has never insulted me let alone insult me like that. What she did do recently was bring up her ex and say that she only wanted him and not me and that she didn't want to spend the weekend with me like we had planned (which I found out from her later when she apologized were lies) and then she ghosted me. Like she has never used my small dick against me in an argument or fight which I am really glad for because you guys can clearly see what little respect I have for her and if she were to use my small dick against me, I would lose all of the remaining respect I have for her. Especially if she was like "I fake it during sex (which I actually do believe, and I don't know why she does that since I am able to get her off using my fingers and mouth so like, there's no need for her to do that, she knows that I am just relieved that I can get her off so easily and so frequently without needing toys or anything like that). Actually, a worst thing for her to say would be like "I hate your dick, I can't even feel it all when you fuck me." Like if she said that, it would be so damaging that I don't think I could ever forgive her or see her as a kind person ever again. Especially since she has body issues of her own (her breasts are slightly scarred and uneven from plastic surgery to counter a skin condition. She had never taken her shirt off during sex before she was with me so like, she knows what it's like). I'm just so glad she hasn't pulled that shit. I'm curious what you guys with wives or girlfriends would do if yours brought it up to hurt you (or if they have in the past and how you handled it.) I am really glad I am writing all of this out and thinking about this because it has made me realize that although she has tried to hurt me before, it was more her just trying to make me jealous and making it seem like she didn't need me, I think they were just defensive measures honestly. I am beginning to see just how fragile she is and just how much she loves me. And also, how crazy it is that she would still want to be with me even after the things I have said to her (which, I would like to officially state were responses to shit she started. I would never say mean things to her or hurt her feelings for no reason, I am not a shitty person). Aww my baby I can't wait to see her again. See people, I truly do love her. I suppose a beautiful heart that can accept a small dicked boy like me trumps a beautiful body/intellect that can't every time. I am glad I can see that now before it's too late.
  6. That's not always true. While I agree that it is true in a good majority (80 percent maybe), some women don't need to be fully filled in order to cum and prefer (or require) clitoral simulation to get off.
  7. Not if you're in the movie Mad Max: Fury Road.
  8. Wow, this post has struck very close to heart and I am almost in the exact situation. So as most of you guys know, I have been dating this girl for the last few months. Although we recently had some struggles, we got through it (mostly because we both missed being with eachother, especially me. Like, I literally cannot wait till this weekend when I get to see her again (which will be the first time in over a month). To be honest, we are both unsure of what our relationship is at this point. It's somewhere between Friends with Benefits and what we had which was an official (Facebook verified, which was important to her) relationship. After the honeymoon period, I realized that she is not intelligent or particularly mature at all. She doesn't have very similar tastes (or good tastes) in anything really. If she didn't have the kindest heart and didn't love me the way she did, and wasn't always the first to text me good morning, and (very importantly) if she didn't fuck me and suck me to my heart's content despite my shortcummings (which, like I said, cannot wait till this weekend lol), there is no way I would want to be with her. So now enter this girl who is in my class. She is way more attractive. Way younger (almost too younger, she is 18 and I am 28 and I would had never considered the possibility of us being together if she hadn't told me how she prefers older guys and has had relationships with two different guys that where 38 when she was 18 (and I am thinking she may had been underage for at least one of the, she had to be). But most of all, and what I would require from a girl to be considered "the one" is her intelligence/wit. She is smart, funny, and most of all she is super duper mature for her age. Let me just directly quote something she told me in one of our Facebook conversations about her own generation: "But you can't forget that technology grew at such a rapid pace that have become so fascinated by it that they become so obsessed with other people's lives that aren't even relevant to them, they forget to enjoy the moments happening. Also, we get caught up in trying to broadcast our lives, quickly becoming the 'Look At Me' generation, we forget to appreciate the company sitting right in front of us." - Like seriously? That was such a turn on. My current girlfriend wouldn't even understand/comprehend what she and I were talking about in that conversation. This girl is sexy (like smoking hot), funny, intelligent, and I would love to be with her. Based on the looks she gave me the first couple weeks in class, the fact that she specifically told me about her experiences with older guys and once asked me why I once said in class how I didn't think I could be with a girl a decade younger than me, and then now we talk frequently on Facebook messenger, I feel like I could possibly be with her. However, I feel like she would not accept me for my size based on little snippits of things she has said in class. She once told me that every guy is at least somewhat gay because, say we were watching porn and "if the guy clearly isn't doing it for her, wouldn't you want to see a bigger dick?" I think she quickly realized she had turned me off after I quickly said "first of all, size doesn't matter and second of all, no that's stupid". Another little thing I caught was an ol' "once you go black you never go back" joke and a Facebook post saying the difference between this one thing and this other thing is that the one thing hits the spot everytime (referring to G spot). She is half Asian (but looks white, like you wouldn't be able to tell) so you think she would be more suited for smaller ones but so far, I am not getting that idea. Anyways, here I have this girl that loves me, cherishes me, misses me, and most importantly accepts my size and says she loves it and has no problems with it but is overweight (even more so than me), not intelligent, and immature. And then you got the younger girl who is smoking hot, funny, intelligent, interesting, but has the capacity to hurt me or reject me. I'm in quite the situation. I just can't wait to clear my mind (and be reminded of what I would be missing if I did fuck everything up by trying to move up in the rankings so to say) over a weekend of intense fucking and love making with my baby (who, I know could never hurt me like I fear this 18 year old girl could because I know in my heart that she is not "the one"). But despite that, and like I have told her, she will always be my baby and I will always love and care for her (or care about how she is doing) because she took my pseudovirginity and has been the best thing that has happened to me in quite a while (such a confidence booster to know that I am good at fingering/oral and can get girls off regardless of my size). I can't wait to do just that this weekend!
  9. Oh and I just wanted to add that I think it's ridiculous that the small penis subreddit only accepts people under 4.5. 5 inches (although I would personally love to be 5 inches erect) still takes an enormous toll on a huge majority of men with that size.
  10. Sorry, guys, I didn't mean to come off the way I did. Of course everyone is welcome here and honestly, if you think your penis is too small (which a vast majority of men most likely do) but more importantly if it gets into your head and makes you suffer, then you belong here and I am glad that this is such a welcoming site and believe me, even if the wheels had truly fallen off of my relationship (which they nearly did, before we both realized how much we need eachother so let's make love and be together and live in the moment despite not being compatible in the longterm or having similar personalities/interests), I would be so grateful for this site helping me lose my pseudovirginity. Another thing is (and I don't know how) I missed that he had lost over an inch of size. That is rough. If I lost an inch of size, I would definitely be on suicide watch lol (although I am 4 inches and wasn't 6.75 like the original poster was). But then again, I am with a girl right now who doesn't care and would still love/accept me no matter what my size was because (fortunately) I can get her off (a lot) in many other ways so perhaps not.
  11. Really cool poll, lostboy, well done! Best poll I have seen on this site yet!
  12. I doubt it man. And I think the reason no one has really responded to this post is because your size (over 6 inches?) is not small even in the least bit. A lot of guys (such as myself) would kill to be at 5, let alone 6 inches. I can tell that you are suffering, but at the same time, you're over 6 inches so the cynical/rude part of me wants to tell you to get out of your own head and try to get you to imagine being 4 inches or under.
  13. I'm alright. Me and my girlfriend have been hitting a rough patch and making things way more complicated than they need to be. I've got two weeks left before I finish this blackjack/table games training and can start actually dealing on the floor and making bank!
  14. Not everyone on this site is "ohhh no whoa is me" and some guys on here are happily married/dating/ect. Look no further than my little (no pun intended) success story here: But the point is, even if everyone on this site was miserable like you automatically assume, I don't think yelling at them is going to necessarily help them feel better about themselves or gain confidence. Don't get me wrong, I am with you. Do you know how much better I feel now that I have "conquered" (although there's no such thing tbh) SPS? Do you know how much more confidence I have knowing I can get a girl off seven times in a night if I want? I want people to feel the way I do these days, but I don't think approaching it in the harsh/aggressive way you did in the original post is the way to go. And as numerous people have pointed out, your post could easily have been written by a 7 inch troll. If your dick is truly 2.5 and you used to suffer from SPS, you would think you would show a little more compassion and be more understanding of the guys who are so depressed because of the issue that suicide is always in the back of their head. I bet if you were a suicidal SPS-sufferer, your post wouldn't help in the least bit. In fact, it would probably make things worst for them. I know your head is in the right place (or I hope I should say) and I have pointed out on this site similar things you have. (You only live once, go get em, be confident, just look at my success story) just...be aware that this issue isn't something you can just yell/lecture people and talk down to them about and expect them to respect you and/or feel better about themselves.
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