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  1. or perhaps she thought "wtf just happened, did that guy just press his dick against my leg"?....lol Women don't tend to like that very much
  2. "I grabbed a tape measured and got myself hard. I came out to be 4 inches long and 2 inches thick" ummm....I would trade my 6.5"x1.5" for your 4"x2" any day of the week. My wife would be ecstatic. Women prefer that thickness over an inch or two in length.
  3. mom's are the absolute WORST in making jokes; at least my mom is. I swear sometimes she is just clueless about life and hurt feelings. @GoldenBoyX i don't make that much, about $150. I think you are right, there's not much difference between ethnicities. Some of my asian friends have some big ones and I really hated working out with them cause every time I had to spot them, there it was .. the bulge... I also agree that penis size isn't so much due to heredity.
  4. My wife only orgasms if I put the first three inches in and angle it upwards, so i don't think it would matter if it's 4" or 8", at least with her, however, thickness does have a very profound effect on her on whether or not she can orgasm at all through PIV sex. I think a shorter thicker penis would be perfect for her. Also, the reality is that women generally prefer what they have been used to. Fruther, in my experience, women that tend to have one night stands (which to me is either very sexual women, OR women who have low self esteem and need to be validated) prefer bigger ones and they will absolutely make fun of a small one and even walk out of the room shortly after they see a small one. These types tend to tell their friends about it. The other types of women are completely okay with a small one as long as the guy has confidence and treats them well. These types very rarely to never ridicule a man for having a small one. Don't give up on women, they're not bad people in general, just try and stay away from the casual sex types and hook up with the latter of the two groups above.
  5. try having a brother who is twice the size of you and all his girlfriends always telling me about it....that's what I got to grow up with. I obviously got the asian side and him the white side. Life just suck like that sometimes. but at the end of the day, my wife is a lot prettier than his, I make almost a $100k more than him and he always tells me he wishes he was more like me. Guys....grass is not always greener on the other side.
  6. My wife is gorgeous and 10 yrs. younger than me. We have three beautiful kids and been married 13 yrs and together 16. I don't think my wife cares at all about my size, unfortunately I do. She does not feel the need to put on pounds of makeup and high heels wherever she goes. The ones that do are the ones you need to steer clear from. And btw, those that need to prove themselves are usually the ugly ones that need makeup in order to get guys attention.
  7. Fallen, I'm a little older than you and have been around the block a few times. I'm not going to lie and tell you that every encounter you have with a woman is going to be an awesome one but who knows, they may very well be. I will tell you that height trumps penis size all day long for most women. Do yourself a favor and do an internet search at what women look for in a man and you will not find one study that will place a dick preference over height. Woman just don't care about dick size as much as we guys do and they tend to place dick size very low on chart. Height and muscles is everything and if you have both, you have no worries. If you're dick is below 4", then maybe you might want to consult a doctor to see what could be done because my advice above will be misguided. If you are over 4", then get the fuck out there and start dating already and I will guarantee you the first girl you have sex with will be coming back for more. trust me on this one. The average is 5", so if you're 4", then you're not far off from average.
  8. I heard it's tougher being a small penis gay man. They say men judge harsher than women....
  9. This is from my experience with women only so here goes my theory to your question. women want their peers to envy them. A big penis, at least in western culture, is a status symbol and enviable (this is due primarily through the media) by others, so women believe if their man has a big penis, then they will be envied by their friends. a lot of women don't care so much about being envied by others, while other women live their lives to be. The trick is to find one in the former group. I've been with both types and married one in the former group. a little advice: find one that doesn't know she's beautiful or certainly doesn't act like it and you'll be happy with her.
  10. i gained about .5" girth and .5" length. most all of it was at the seven week mark. it's slowed down a lot now. i got the BM and think it hinders the progress so i stopped using it. i'll go until the end of 2018 and hopefully reach 5" girth which is my goal, then i'll just do maintenance. this last .25" inch girth gain is gonna be tough.
  11. @helpless - I didn't think jelqing would work; probably the biggest skeptic ever. I read through the forums, PEGym and Thunders, and a lot of people were gaining and I couldn't imagine why so many would lie just to lie. It didn't make sense so i tried it. I've been doing it since about Jan 1 of this year. I was at 4.25" girth and now i'm approaching 4.7" girth, so in that respect I believe it's working. I almost fit regular condoms now as before they were really loose and now just a couple of wrinkles. My bathmate came in last Monday. From what I can tell so far is that it's a great novelty and feels good but it won't work for permanent gains and it may actually hinder gains. As with all pumps it blows up your dick but in the wrong way. (fluid build up). In my journey, fluid build-up hinders my gains. Jelqing and other manual PE exercises have a different effect when you're done. Also, from my experience, PE exercises did not give me a better erection but caused a little ED that cures after a couple days of not doing exercises. Extenders are scientifically proven to work and almost everyone gains length but you have to wear them for like 4-6 hours a day for six months. I would say try the jelqing and other exercises. Give it a fair shot for six months...can't hurt. I'm giving it a fair shot to end of 2018. If i can get to 5.0" girth, i'm happy. As far as time constraints, I'm a CFO of a big company, sit on two boards, have three crazy kids, wife, school, and still find time...it's kinda of enjoyable me time.
  12. I didn't read lopotos post before posting mine. I read it now and it makes a lot of sense. in fact, it's spot on correct. good job lopotos and thanks for your contribution.
  13. @Sea182018 yeah, after we do it she usually goes to the bathroom and one time my thing felt large so i measured it even though it was half soft by the time I did. and it was 5.2". I don't think it's healthy to be that though so i do it on special occasions only. As far as natural supplements, L-arginine works well for me, so much that i stopped taking cialis. I'm slowly starting to think that we are both wrong and our wives don't need to or want to be "filled up" or get something we can't give; i think they just want us and how we are. Last night i tried to put this bigger dildo in her and she didn't want it, she pushed it out and she grabbed me and put me in. in fact in the last 6 months or so, she's been having orgasms without anything but me. I am slowly starting to creep up to 4.7" so maybe that's it, or something else. Shit, another .25" and i'll be normal....yeah. But normal is more for myself, not necessarily for my wife if that makes any sense.
  14. @sea - i am the exact same size as you and married and feel the same way about my wife. What kind of got me down and confirmed my thoughts was that about a month ago I had sex with my wife at 5.2" girth and she had an orgasm within a couple of minutes, granted it was after i gave her a valentines day full body massage and she was already way in the mood. It was different than her normal clitoral orgasms, seemed a lot stronger. I don't know if she has ever had one from just sex before that night, at least with me. So now I only have sex with her with about 4.8" girth and she likes it but it takes longer than 5.2". we went on a cruise the last four days and a couple times in the AM, i went in at my natural 4.5" girth and it seemed like she barely felt me. I get frustrated sometimes to think that if i was normal, things would be better for her. I, like you workout daily so at least I can give her a decent visual. You know the thing is, is that many of my friends' wives do not like to have sex with their husbands. Many of my friends complain about that all the time. I can't imagine ALL of them are small so it has to be something else that makes them tick. I think i'm lucky in that regard as my wife always willingly has sex with me and will initiate if it goes past maybe 5 or 6 days. Also, you mentioned you jelqed and it didn't work. I could swear that it worked for me on week 7, but nothing after that. How long did you do it for?
  15. @unsung your post hit home. this was my experience, back in the day and may not necessarily be yours: I remember dating a not so bright girl back when I was in my early 20's. I mean i've dated several not so bright girls but one stood out and was unbearable. She just didn't grasp the simplest concepts in life and did not understand anything about the real world; it was amazing how this girl even got along in life. As time passed (only dated for 3 months), I really didn't look forward to seeing her at all cause it meant I had to listen to her talk and everything she said was just weird. It became dreadful to see the girl after the newness wore off. Needless to say we broke up; I pulled a douche move back then, but I was young at the time. In time, you'll see that a girl's acceptance of your size will NOT be a reason to hold on to her. It may be a very tiny part of the equation, but in no way will you be in a long term relationship with someone that you can't talk to, or hold a decent conversation with. To me, holding a decent conversation trumps most anything else a girl has to offer. I talk to my wife every night for about an hour after we get the kids down. I couldn't imagine doing that with someone I didn't want to listen to; it would be constant dread. But again that's me, maybe not you. The age thing won't matter with the new girl. My wife just turned 19 when I met her and I was 28 so I don't believe age is really a factor (Although i'm starting to wrinkle and she still looks like a teenager; i don't like that too much. i attached our pic from last year so you see what i mean and where you will be heading with this 18 yr old). However, some of the things the new girl said that you posted are red flags to me. My wife would never have said those things that you mentioned in your post; she just doesn't talk like that. This girl sounds like all the other girls who made fun of me. The Asian part has nothing to do with it. These Asians now days are nothing like my mom (she was born in China) and old style Asians.. In this new age, a lot of them are wild, rebellious and promiscuous....even more so than white woman. I'm seeing my asian girl neighbor grow up and she hides her black boyfriend down the street and meets him to go out; her parents are divorcing over it. My advice for what it's worth: don't let size interfere with anything you do in life. You already know that it doesn't matter as you are experiencing that right now. If a girl throws shade on you cause of it, you are way better off to not have her in your life. Go date and have fun. There will be lots more girls in your life before you settle down.
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