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  1. I don't want to advocate for any one particular forum as I haven't been on most of them. I personally am at PEgym and Thunders but am by no means telling you those are the best or even the one's to go to. On the site, or probably any of them out there, there's instruction manuals, videos and stuff about the different exercises (everything is free and no one will try and get you to buy anything except maybe a heating pad). My recommendation would be that if anyone is trying to sell you something, go to a different forum fast. I started with my own version of JP90, which the more experienced people will tell a new person to start with. I believe pretty much all the people have stated that their flaccid has improved significantly, however, it's seems kind of hit and miss whether or not erect gains are made. I would say from my perusal of the sites that most do gain something, some more than others. Hope that helps. As i told another member, at the very least you'll get a better flaccid and you'll also get hope that things will get better.
  2. I did start jelqing (that didn't really help as much as the other stuff on those forums) on December 1st of 2017. As mentioned in other posts, I was very skeptical (still am for some reason), however, it became "my time" and was very peaceful and enjoying while doing it. I am a man of science so didn't think for the life of me anything would happen. I read post after post on those forums and many guys don't gain anything and they have been doing it for years, but many did. So i told myself, " well it can't hurt to give it my best shot for 6 months". Needless to say I was/am absolutely shocked at what happened. (i didn't buy anything as the forum says not to or spend any kind of money although i did donate yesterday as i owe them a lot as i'm way happier now and not stressed about my dick). I think whether you grow or not has to do with the way your dick is structured. If you go to those forums, look into PE theory. There's one that seems to make sense and it's about how the tunica is structured as some people have three layers, some have two and some have one. I'm thinking i might have lucked out and have only one (only 7% of people have that) therefore i am able to gain very quickly. As i was against it a few weeks ago, I would now say give it a try and see what happens. Don't go spending money on penis pumps or extenders (although extenders do have scientific proof of working) or anything. You hands and maybe a penis ring work best.
  3. I value girth as well much more than length. I don't think it matters if you're 4" or 6" in length to the girl. I noticed a quarter inch of girth very much matters to the girl; it's weird like that.
  4. my flaccid is ~4"x4". It used to be a lot smaller. I was around 5.5" x 4.25" NBEL. I am now 6"x4.7". My goal is 6" x 5". A lot of girls used to make fun of my girth.
  5. A Big Step for Me Today

    So happy for you Unsung. She's beautiful in every way....and I always liked the chubby ones, never went for skinny girls. Anyways, I bet you guys are awesome together and it's just one more success story for the small guys! I do hope others read this and learn from it.
  6. Hey Kev - my wife is the exact same, can never get a clear answer from her and it's been 15 years. Most of the other women i've been with yell at me within the first week and tell me what they like. But If that's your only issue, thank the lord above and move on and love and hold her again. When you do that, I can promise that she will initiate something from it (unless you expect it).
  7. @lostboy - i hear ya man, through and through...story of my life. everything you said hits home with me. I think there are many of us out there and it's more of a norm than anything else. Look around at your buddies and ask them about sex with their wives. Most of them will probably say they hardly ever get sex (at least my friends say that) from their wives. That makes me think it has less to do with our penis and more to do with women's sexuality in general. If you're like me, your wife is probably ok to have sex whenever you initiate it. For that matter, my wife comes on to me after a while of not doing it. That makes me think we are in a better position than others. However, my wife is quite a bit younger than I am so she's still in her early 30's and looks like 16 and i'm in my 40's so maybe our appetite meshes well now but not so much when she gets older...who knows?
  8. @yoth - i think we may have found the same woman....lol When you find the right one, nothing else matters too much. And you are absolutely right, it's a numbers game. Heck, i've been through about 30 to find the right one, but when I did, it hit me like a freight train... I could of had a micropenis and asked her if she thought it was small and she would have replied "it's perfect for me".; just the way she is.
  9. @emed - I hope I didn't make it sound like every girl will make fun of you at casual sex. I looked back at my post and it may have come across like that. I just said more often than not, they said something to ME or behind my back. You're not ME and the girls you hook up with won't be the same as the ones I did; most of them slept around a lot. Only one has been very mean about it and only one didn't sleep with me for it (that's out of like 30 of them). There has been a few times where I hooked up with a random girl and had a great time and she didn't say anything except.."can i see you again". You need to live your life without fear of frivolous uncertainties. My first girlfriend in high school said I was small, yet I didn't hear it from one person in the school, and we were the popular couple. And you're not even small at 4.5" girth (no girl i know has every cared about length). 85% of men are between 4.5"-5" girth. I'm willing to bet that the girl you hook up with won't say anything and will just try to be with you, that's how it works. Just don't be a dick, be cool and nice and no one will say one thing about size. Go out and have fun, that's what life is all about, right? btw, i'm on testosterone replacement therapy and it doesn't help for dick size one bit so don't go that route unless you need it. I'm mid 40's already and was very low.
  10. @emed - every girl is going to be different. I just happened to be promiscuous when i was younger. If and when you ever plan to have casual sex, it's probably a given that the girl will complain about the size. Think about it, in that situation the only thing she wants is sex so she's not that happy when she finds out about the small package. I wouldn't subject myself to casual sex anymore, even if I weren't married. If you do, you just open yourself up to humiliation. When you meet a girl like Unsung did (congratulations by the way), they really don't care. I'm thinking that Unsung's girl as well as my wife had little to no casual, one night flings. They are the good ones that care about other things than dick size. A relationship and casual sex are two VERY different things and provide the girl with very different experiences. There's no such thing as shame and depression when you meet the right one. Trust me on this one.
  11. I don't think it matters between 3" and 4". I have read that if you're under 3", it's a medical condition called micropenis and can be corrected by inducing a second puberty and surgery. At least you got that, they won't even do surgery on me.
  12. @unsung - man you don't know how good that feels to hear. I wish you all the luck in the world. You're on the right path, it's there waiting for you just go out and grab it. Also, remember that most girls are going to be like this one in terms of attitude so if it doesn't work out for any reason, there's a lot more out there.
  13. Erectile dysfunction causing Wife fantasy

    Hey Tim - I think a lot of men out there, small or not, ED or not, fantasize about seeing their wives with other men, myself included. It's perfectly normal. I go through phases on this one. I don't know about the whole cuckold thing though. DO NOT let your fantasy give in to real life. It may cause issues in the marriage.
  14. I really hate my penis, not just size

    @kev - have you tried jelqing? Try it, after the first couple sessions, you will notice a difference in your flaccid hang. Unfortunately, I don't believe for a second that it works to make your erect bigger but flaccid....yes it works, at least for me.
  15. A Big Step for Me Today

    I have to say something on this. I didn't see Bella's comment, however, if she said "man up" I think she's totally right. We cannot hide behind this, we all need to man up and go out and conquer the world. Love is waiting and if we sit idle and wonder "what if" or "i'm not good enough" then life will pass us by. Based on other posts by Bella, i believe she has good intent and perhaps if we listen and take some advice, we all will be better off.