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    i feel disgusted with myself

    i have a vore fetish (and also many others, yet vore could be considered my "main fetish") i started getting into it when i was 11. it started with some soft, harmless vore i saw on deviantart, then i started getting interested in more heavy stuff, like anal vore, inflation, and even scat for a while (i guilt tripped myself into never jerking off to that though, yet i still get some thoughts about it) i have never been sexually abused in my entire life, i had a relatively normal childhood, and really the only problem i have is my anxiety and depression, which has only worsened by my fetish. my parents are extremely strict and i am extremely paranoid about them finding out. i know this isnt as severe as being into cp or something, yet i still feel like my fetish extracts from my worth. sometimes i feel like i'll never be a functioning member of society because of it. i feel utterly disgusted with myself and i swear to god that i feel like ending my life everytime i masturbate. it makes me feel worthless and a waste of space, and i sometimes feel like not even trying to talk to people because i'm a sick fuck who nobody would ever date. i masturbate once a day everytime i go to sleep, its an addiction. i dont know if thats useful information but ok i dont know where i'm going with this. i just needed to vent for a bit on somewhere where i (probably) wouldnt get criticized.