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  1. I was basked in the poster's rant at the first place, for what he said the importance of confidence and detatchment from people's judgemental laugh or what, for those more than one way to please your partner. I do appreciate his monologue no matter what his motivation was. However I always know that things will never be easier even with these confidence and detachment. I still have to take the pressure of people's joking, peering, laughing;still have to worring if someone know about it and keep it from others like a criminal in the wanted list. All of these deprived myself of a better me somehow due to my damn pusilanimous nature stemming from my small trunk since I realized it. There is a long, hard road to go. I hope there is a guy waiting for me, from whom I would take his respect. Of course I am ready to forge ahead and make difference. Nighty night. midnight in China. Love youall in this forum.
  2. I don't get your story. Well, what did exactly that kid do to you? And I am very curious of the question you ask too. I think bigger-penis persons pocess more confidence as they should be with what they have. And confidence usually makes people convincing in many situation. Like the poor sometimes believe any millionaire no matter what they say. And ugly people might be wusses before the beautiful. To be honest, I have this problem too.Feel like shit before those big guy. But I tell you what, don't be, because penis is not the only thing we live on, there are many a things we can be proud of.
  3. https://www.inc.com/john-rampton/15-ways-to-become-a-better-person.html I'm trying to be someone better following this article. Thought that it might help some people so I post here sharing.
  4. Here in China, we were just spending our Tomb-Sweeping Day, mourning the ancestors and those who died. Nothing to do with me because there is nobody I care about in the tombs. The weather turns cold, for we need to put on a light jacket. And you should know that we just wore a T-shirt last week. Still feeling lonely, which makes me watch TV series Arrow all day long. Got a friend call me, kinda relieved from serious loneliness. I don't have many friends in real life.Well, not even a few. And so does it in virtual life. I guess I don't know how to make friends at all, just waiting for someone talk with me. I kinda think that away from school is not a good choice for me. In school, I could at least see people busy with their study or something anyway, but sitting around in the rental just gets me lazy. It really tests my self-discipline to keep doing my study. Anyway, things are getting better hopefully.
  5. Then what's your masturbation for then? I usually masturbate for difficulty of falling in sleep. Once I did it, I felt better and slipped into dreams soon. I have to admit that you were energetic in your younger years. I commit it usually 2-3 x/week. Never less but more. The guilt stems from the rumor that goodness of our body away with semen, which causes ugliness and distraction. I blame masturbation for my oily face and weak body. I hope I could be in your phase one day and I know I would get there. Today I bought a couple of bunnies to help ease my loneliness and see if I can quit.
  6. What's worse, I even bought a sexual toy last night. I am sick of myself now. What is the problem with me? Loneliness or the nature of pervert?
  7. I FEEL SO DISAPPOINTED with myself. As I mentioned before, I was away from school for 2 months now. And worse, alone in a rental, no one to talk to. I thought loneliness helps my study, which I always expected in school. However, once I was really lonely as well as I am now, I felt nothing to do and seized by fears of everything. Subconsciously, I found a porn on Xvideo last night and masturbated ------this scenario happens all the time from my teenage. Once I feel lonely or anxious, I masturbate. How to live a life without masturbation or without the sense of guilt after masturbating? It never makes me well even at the moment of doing it. I wanna quit masturbation.
  8. I have no reason why I feel sad after seeing this. I was always trying to avoid the problem that I am small too. Just lack of courage, and remain a bit of hope. I searched the Internet and was told that it is normal only if penis is above 8cm, which, however, is small on the other side. I am 21 this year. In fact, I don't struggle to admit the smallness anymore. But I still don't have courage to begin any relationship even between guys. It risks a lot to expose your shortage to others. I fear my privacy would leak away and known to the public. (…) Well, it seems weird to complain in this victorious occasion. I feel sorry about it and congratulate the small victory you've made. I also appreciate a lot that you guys share your story with everybody else on this web. I learn a lot from your stories and regain some courage which I drained. Good dream.
  9. So far so good. I have been away from school for tutoring my sister for one month. Not only do I need to teach her, but do all kinds of chores. To me, it feels like the time has stopped after my suspension of schooling. Everything goes well and easy. However, it is the same easiness makes me rotten. I am just 21, and now I live like a housewife and old man. I wish I could go back to school ASAP.
  10. Hi, Andromeda. I am a university student too. This is my first time to read this post and I feel quite sorry for your suffering. Sometimes we do feel we are unwanted, unneeded and unworthy while it might not be true. Your friends wouldn't leave you for your dumb acts. And of course they wouldn't leave you for your uninteresting personality (I doubt it though, I believe everybody is interesting although sometimes people themselves cannot feel it). If they do leave, it wouldn't be your fault too. Because we all know we are going through a f**king phrase now. Don't doubt yourself and it will be alright. BTW, in my university, there are psychological consultant for free. I am not sure if it's the same in your university. If so, go and get some help.
  11. Never had any sexual relationship with female, how could we insert our balls into the vigina ? Hmmm, is it just a metaphor?😥😥😥
  12. Thanks for your constructive advice. I will give it a try.
  13. Yeah, and it seems a way they(guys, sounds like I am not one of them ) make friends...... Whatever, I still make some friends in my university without talking about these penis stuff and jokes. I had two "one night stand "sex before and it seemed my performance disappointed them. They were passionate before witnessing my small thing, and soon lost their lust . I was really afraid that this disappointment becomes regular occurrence in my life. So I just stop thinking sex at all. And I do find that there are a lot of interesting stuff except sex. Now, once someone asks me why I don't have a girlfriend/boyfriend, I would say it's now the right time for me yet. One thing needed to mention is that a gril showed her love to me but I turned her down for small penis. And I told her I was gay so that she wouldn't thought of this issue.
  14. To answer your "punishment reasoning ", I don't think it's a punishment . When I was an adolescent, I tried to play my father's dick while he was asleep. It turned out his dick just a little bigger than mine (4 inches erect maybe ). If it's kinda punishment, then it is a punishment for the whole lineage(According to Darwin's theory, the small penis could be inherited). I am an atheist, therefore I don't believe in god. However, if there is god, I remember one thing he says "Everything is love". Then maybe small penis is a gift for us.
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