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  1. So far so good. I have been away from school for tutoring my sister for one month. Not only do I need to teach her, but do all kinds of chores. To me, it feels like the time has stopped after my suspension of schooling. Everything goes well and easy. However, it is the same easiness makes me rotten. I am just 21, and now I live like a housewife and old man. I wish I could go back to school ASAP.
  2. I dont know what to do?

    Hi, Andromeda. I am a university student too. This is my first time to read this post and I feel quite sorry for your suffering. Sometimes we do feel we are unwanted, unneeded and unworthy while it might not be true. Your friends wouldn't leave you for your dumb acts. And of course they wouldn't leave you for your uninteresting personality (I doubt it though, I believe everybody is interesting although sometimes people themselves cannot feel it). If they do leave, it wouldn't be your fault too. Because we all know we are going through a f**king phrase now. Don't doubt yourself and it will be alright. BTW, in my university, there are psychological consultant for free. I am not sure if it's the same in your university. If so, go and get some help.
  3. me....

    Then how does your friend treat you in real life? Do they or did they show the same attitude towards you ?? It doesn't sound like a nice dream,hope you have a nice day, ba.
  4. Primal Zodiac! come in folks!

    I google it and it is really cute and bit of devilish.lol
  5. Primal Zodiac! come in folks!

    It's black bear.
  6. Poll - Why are you here?

    Never had any sexual relationship with female, how could we insert our balls into the vigina ? Hmmm, is it just a metaphor?😥😥😥
  7. Feeling warm and good here

    Thanks for your constructive advice. I will give it a try.
  8. Feeling warm and good here

    Yeah, and it seems a way they(guys, sounds like I am not one of them ) make friends...... Whatever, I still make some friends in my university without talking about these penis stuff and jokes. I had two "one night stand "sex before and it seemed my performance disappointed them. They were passionate before witnessing my small thing, and soon lost their lust . I was really afraid that this disappointment becomes regular occurrence in my life. So I just stop thinking sex at all. And I do find that there are a lot of interesting stuff except sex. Now, once someone asks me why I don't have a girlfriend/boyfriend, I would say it's now the right time for me yet. One thing needed to mention is that a gril showed her love to me but I turned her down for small penis. And I told her I was gay so that she wouldn't thought of this issue.
  9. True feelings about my tiny dick

    To answer your "punishment reasoning ", I don't think it's a punishment . When I was an adolescent, I tried to play my father's dick while he was asleep. It turned out his dick just a little bigger than mine (4 inches erect maybe ). If it's kinda punishment, then it is a punishment for the whole lineage(According to Darwin's theory, the small penis could be inherited). I am an atheist, therefore I don't believe in god. However, if there is god, I remember one thing he says "Everything is love". Then maybe small penis is a gift for us.
  10. Hello, everyone! I am Henry. Now I am a university student. And I really want to talk to people here who has the same issue as mine. I bumped into this forum while searching something about small penis. Got into it and love it. I knew it(small penis) since I was very little like ten or eleven. Kids like to talk penis size and laugh at each other with small penis joke. I feel very embarrased while talking about it. So usually I just pretend to be normal or say I feel offended asking them to stop. It is fine when people just talk about it. When it comes to swiming or some activities which ask you to expose your body, it becomes unbearable. I feel inconfident when other people see it no matter guys or girls. I feel like small penis limit my hobbies; I cannot even give it a try. Therefore, I can only like sports which wouldn't show my private part. There are also other problems like I don't know how to find my Mr.right if I wouldn't share this small issue with him. And I also worry if he will leave after knowing it. Are there anyone in their early twenty with the same problem like mine? How do you cope with it?