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  1. Considering I was the one who kind of launched this debate on the other thread I felt like I should chime in. By reading this forum I have educated myself and have realized that I am average by statistics but because of society I have felt tiny my entire life. It caused me to try everything to try and get bigger and nothing has worked. It has caused me to have confidence issues with even my own wife. The lack of confidence has also caused slight erection issues which have got better. Coming to this website and posting and reading has made me realize that I don’t belong on this website. My issues are not what you have to deal with. My issues are more of me getting over myself and realizing that having a 5.75/4.5 inch dick is not the end of the world or even close. Am I ever going to impress a girl when I drop my pants ? No, but with proper technique I can impress her other ways. But I am glad I came on this website because it showed me that I just need to get over it, but It also opened my eyes to the real struggles that some men (and women) have. I appreciate you all sharing your stories. I know it’s not much, but they changed my thinking and I hope and pray that in the upcoming years things like that supposed procedure on the other thread come true and that men can some day have procedures as common as women getting breast enhancements.
  2. I remember briefly hearing something about this, but I also heard some negative reviews. This website makes it seem like it has come a long way. It would be a total breakthrough for men. Imagine if he was allowed by the fda to teach other doctors
  3. I used this thing a long time ago, I had. No success but my member curves upward so I was always rubbing against the top so I don’t think any pumps work for me
  4. I am really sorry if my post offended anyone. I actually almost didn’t post it, the reason I posted it is because this website has personally helped me, people like you lostboy and small. I realized that a lot of what I deal with is not actually size but mental, selfishness, greed, and insecurity. Maybe that why I was given what I have, which is basically average or slightly below so that I can work on the more important issues that I have. I can’t even begin to imagine what others feel like but I am also educating myself on that too, listening to your stories and the strength you have had to have to overcome the issues has made me better.
  5. So I’m kind of new here, only a month or so and a couple posts but I’ve been a long time reader. To recap my stats are 5.75 length and 4.5 girth not small and I have no issues with length but My main concern has always been girth. Last night my wife and I had sex and I was feeling more aroused than usual before. We both were able to achieve orgasm ( her with the help of a vibrator which I don’t care) afterwards she said something I have never heard in my life. She said that I felt really thick this time. It made me feel great. After a minute my normal negative thoughts kicked in saying well if I was bigger she would feel that all the time but for once I was quickly able to remove those feelings and be positive that i received a rare compliment. Small victory but a lot more hard work ahead
  6. I just went and re read a lot of the stories on here from the past couple years, some of them were people on this thread. My heart was breaking for some of the stories I read, people having thoughts of suicide, having no confidence, being rejected, made fun of, getting divorced. I’m glad I found this forum because I never really realized the true hell some people go through. My thoughts are with everyone. This can truly be awful I guess we never can tell technology is advancing rapidly and maybe one day we will get our miracle but until then we must take one day at a time and also help each other out
  7. Now that’s some funny stuff right there
  8. Also this is something else I was thinking about the other day. The problem we face in our minds is made worse by the fact that we can’t change our body like women can. If women don’t like their breasts they can go get implants which have come a long way, women (and men) can get Lipo or nose jobs or tummy tucks etc......... but there is one body part for men that can’t be changed and we all know what it is. Sure there is surgery but if you look at results it’s way more dangerous and often leads to a worse situation. For those that want girth it ends up looking horrible, and all the pills pumps and stretches in the world usually don’t work at all and can lead to injury. So well endowed men and women who aren’t happy with other body issues can just go change them, whereas men who are smaller can’t change it and are left to just deal with it while constantly being told that size matters. When women (or men) make fun of someone for being small, they have no idea how they might be tormenting that person, literally ruining his life. I often wonder why there is not some doctor out there that has discovered a way to enlarge safely. Has that person not come out for fear of embarrassment because of how society views this topic? Why is breast enlargement considered so normal and penis enlargement held to secrecy on the Internet with scams and false hopes? Man that was a longer post than intended
  9. I agree with your post but sometimes it’s hard for men to get over this. Think about how society in general constantly reminds men that they have to be huge. Tv shows, movies, bill boards, radio commercials, porn. All say one thing , size matters. It is a huge hurtle to overcome mentally.
  10. Thanks for the responses. Just something I’ve always wondered.
  11. So I recently had posted that I was happy 85 percent of the time, here is an example of the 15 percent. Last night I came home and my wife was ready for me. Long story short we did the deed but about halfway through she said I don’t think I’m going to finish go ahead. I offered to use other methods and those didn’t work either. So I finished In the past I would have been extremely dissapointed right Away and it would have probably ruined my next day. I would have felt guilty that I finished but she didn’t. Also I would have wanted to have sex again the very next day maybe as a way to “prove myself”. Last night i made a decision to say to myself “it’s ok, it’s only one time, she is ok”. I still had the feelings of not getting the job done for her but I am trying to fight them now. Question for the women, when this scenario happens, some of us on this forum probably feel that it’s because of our size and nothing else. What goes through your minds? Are you dissapointed? Does this happen with men of all sizes? Is there anything you say or do to reassure the man?
  12. For the record I don’t think god punishes anyone I should have used the word challenged instead like maybe we were challenged with this for some reason we never will know
  13. Reading some of these posts I just don’t get it, I mean I know that we were all created different and that no one should be the same but to have issues like some have posted above that affect your whole life are very sad to read. It almost seems like a punishment. I have always subscribed to the everything happens for a reason thing but to make someone live a life where they are never confident in them selves and give them a huge uphill battle just seems harsh. Maybe in a past life we were on the other side of the spectrum and we have to see what it’s like now? Who knows. My thoughts are with everyone.
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