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  1. Joboo

    True feelings about my tiny dick

    The total volume of a larger penis is a more realistic measurement. I found a site some time back that you could enter your size compared to another. The guy I shared her with was almost 8.5 and 6.75 around compared to my measurements he was seven times larger.
  2. Joboo

    True feelings about my tiny dick

    I also felt deprived being 6'4" and good looking and had a 5.5 x 5.2 penis. After years I think maybe it was a blessing. I had sex with 70-80 different women by 23. If I would have had a big penis my life would have probably been way different. I probably wouldn't have married, I would have just been a slut, which I was but a more confident slut. It's really not the most important thing and hey, you don't have a micro penis. Just an average dick.
  3. Joboo

    Quit masturbation, how to do?

    Often wondered if mastubating to young caused mine to be small. I wasn't ready but a friend told me about a older guy he watched jerk off. We knew nothing of ejacultation, we just showed each other our hard dicks and laugh. So he showed me what the did and at 11 or so I did it. It took what seemed forever to ejaculate. I almost stopped a couple of times thinking he had lied, but it did feel good. Then of course after some time it felt real good and it must have shot six feet over and over. I abstained as much as I could but it wasn't easy, I had guilt but in a year or so I probably never missed a day. I alway thought it stunted its growth since I activated the sperm to early in adolescence.
  4. Joboo

    True feelings about my tiny dick

    Well, he really didn't do anything but intimidate me, although unintentionally. It's just an experience I had in my 20's that was due to my lack of self esteem because of my small dick. Then it turned into something that would have been against the law. He could have been older than he looked but 16 or so at the most. The other point was he had me wanting to cooperate with what I thought he was doing so I could at least see it again. The only gay sex I've ever performed was due to the guys large penis, I was 18. At the game had I been alone I would have followed him if he suggested we find a private spot. It was just odd that that light went back on so fast, not that I saw his dick but that he seemed to know I was attracted to it, once he kept looking at mine and how he followed me out and was obviously trying to get to know me better really excited me. I found it powerful that he could have had me ready to go just like that. Hope that clears it up but it probably doesn't, it wasn't him that did anything it was his big penis.
  5. Joboo

    Losing your first erection

    True, I think she had no idea how mental a thing like that can be. I had no idea either until the dr told me it was in my head. I never thought about it much after that at all. It was fun after taking a viagra and she was unaware. It surprised me that I wasn't getting as hard since it happens over time.
  6. In my mid fourties I remember losing my first erection, my wife and I were in the middle of it and nothing happened to cause it I just slowly went soft and it didn't get fully hard again no matter what she did, it was upsetting to me and her since she was premenopausal and horny all the time. In the morning there it was, my faithful friend so I didn't give it much thought. I was gone for a couple of nights working. The night I got back I was horny and initiated sex and out of the blue she says " are you sure? You got so upset about losing your hard on." Well, fuck me. I hadn't even thought about it and now I couldn't get a hard on. She became frustrated and gave up. I on the other hand was suicidal. At the time I didn't realize she caused the second occurrence which became the third and fourth. I go to see a urologist and tell him what happened, pretty much just how I told you. He starts to smile and snicker saying " I was ambushed." What? He said if my wife hadn't brought it up you probably would have performed like always, since you're telling me you have erections every morning. He gives me a couple of viagra and tells me to not tell her I've taken them unless I start feeling sick or something. I do as he says and that weekend after a party down the street I pop it when I see her giving the signs she's about ready to go. I'm squeezing her ass as we walk up the street and she kind of indicates she's tired. We hit the sack I press and she feels my hard on against her leg and she was ready to go. I must say I was magnificent. She had two orgasms and during the second said I felt bigger, deeper. I pretty much came as soon as she said that then still had a magnificent hard on. The problem was solved except for now I realized my erection was not what it used to be. First time without viagra she commented it felt smaller. Like she was trying to ambush me again. It didn't work, then I wondered if she started the whole thing purposely, reminding me I lost my erection after the first one. She can be mean and is a very jealous person and after some time has gone by I've noticed she can't wait to pounce on me when she sees she has the upper hand on something. Thoughts about the happenings here, was she just ignorant when I lost my first erection or mean and spiteful? I feel the latter but I've felt her meanness grow over the past few years since then. I would expect that maybe after menopause but what do I know about it.
  7. Joboo

    Small Penis Dreams

    I've had several quite vivid dreams of my wife fucking a guy with a big dick. Sometimes it's people we know and sometimes just a random person. Sometimes she is being made aware of things I've done in the past no one knows about except 2 people. the latter is more of a nightmare and former an erotic dream that I wake from close to ejacultation..
  8. Joboo

    Hello all

    I haven't actually communicated with anyone yet but have posted some of my issues. Mine mainly are sexual in nature and my be to much for some but mostly questions about things I've done and seemingly enjoyed yet the don't fit my identity.
  9. I'm not sure this should go here but here goes. At about 13 a guy in the neighborhood felt me up at a sleep over. I didn't stop him and enjoyed it immensely. I hadn't had any thoughts about guys, only girls. But the following day he called me and told me no one was at home at his house and did I want to come down. I became very nervous I recall but could not bring myself to say no, off I went and a summer of us jerking each other off began. That was background for the issue coming. Once girls started responding in the same manner I stopped doing this with him, for the coming years he would make passive attempts but I would alway nicely explain why, girls were jerking me off and I was fingering them. When we graduated HS he and I ended up alone one night drinking beer, I felt he was going to make a move but I didn't care, I had just had a bad breakup with my GF and was feeling alone not to make excuses. When he did I let him and soon he was stroking me as I reclined in the front seat of his car. I started to feel guilty so I reached over to my skinny bookworm friend and he quickly had his pants at his ankles. My hand got there before my eyes but when it did I was surprised, his dick was so much bigger than mine. Longer and much thicker. My fingers barely touched around his shaft and I'm 6'4". There I am an all county athlete in two sports and his dick is so big I can't take my eyes off of it as I compliment him as I stroke him slowly. In seconds I was so turned on by it I didn't know what to think, I wanted it in my mouth. I was stroking him feeling as though he deserved to be sucked. I asked him about girls and if they said it was big and he told me he was a virgin. Never even a hand job except from me at 13, never been suck. I asked him again, " you have never been sucked?" To which he said no, never. I was fighting my instinct and losing. I just fell into his lap and sucked him like my life depended on it, and surprisingly enough I loved doing it. He was so thick I could only get about five inches in my mouth, later I found he was 7.5 x a bit over six around. My small 5.5 inches and 4.5 around looked tiny compared to his. Mine has thickened over the years but was very skinny when I was young. We ended up pleasuring each other for the next five years and no one knew, we were in a circle of 8 close friends. I guess my issue or question is why did I feel that way about his penis? If he would have asked me to share a gf I would have, even one I really cared about. I alway felt like girls I dated deserved to get to feel a bigger penis after that experience with him. At that age most of them didn't even know what big was, my senior year gf who lost her virginity to me told me mine was " so big" all the time. I feel bad for the previous boyfriend who she had jerked off. Why did I feel that way about his penis, I wasn't attracted romantically and still have never been to another guy. Ends up he had no interest in girls and went his own way 5 years later. Anytime back then though, if the timing was good I could wait to suck him and see and feel him grow that extra half inch or so as he came. I enjoyed sucking him more then him sucking me. Years later my wife and I had another guy, well she had him but I was attracted to his penis once I saw it. It was bigger than my friends and if she had asks me I would have sucked him. She is not into gay. Not long ago I hooked up with a guy on the Internet, I was really lucky, he was a doctor and very discrete. I just wanted to see if this was still an option. We did suck each other but he was small and it just didn't do it for me like it had. Has anyone ever had this type affliction? Is it large penis adoration or something?
  10. Joboo

    True feelings about my tiny dick

    I remember being at a sporting event at an old stadium that had a trough for men, no dividers. I would alway wait to get on the end next to the wall to guard being seen. I was against the wall and had been drinking beer so I was a little looser and probably hanging at my best, about 2.5 to 3 inches. A kid wormed in next to me and I saw him looking at mine, when I looked down he was holding five or so thick inches, he couldn't have been 13. He kept looking at mine and back up at me. It began to excite me and by the time I left the bathroom I was half hard. He spoke to me outside and it scared the shit out of me. He was asking if I was there with anyone, and I was getting harder as he kept prodding me. Very strange feeling indeed. Had the situation been different and not in a stadium would I have responded to his advances? It was all I could thing about the rest of the game with my jacket in my lap trying to hide my erection that lasted near an hour. what does this mean? Do I want to submit to someone with a larger penis? The older I get the more I think about that, you know, doing what they tell me to do.
  11. Joboo

    Self deprecating fantasies

    Years after the "event" I still fantasize about it. I didn't really know or accept that I had a small penis until my wife of two years in our mid twenties had a random 3some with a guy I had known from childhood. We were a bit imbibed at the time and it seemed innocent at the beginning. She was giggling a lot and it seemed all that was going to happen was she was going to show her new tits from a year prior. It escalated when she said he had to show something too. Once she saw it the giggling stopped, even though she kept asking " is this alright?" I could tell she was really excited and once she handled it I was excited as well. Seeing him make her orgasm so easily and so often in a short time made me feel so inadequate. I had thought I was a good lover and had been told I was by her and others but I was out of my league with Steve. He was larger than average length but the girth was incredible. As a matter of fact as he was doing her I thought she was in pain so I asked if it hurt to which she replied, " omg no, it feels incredible." I suffered from premature ejacultation for months after this event. Every time we would have sex in my mind all I could see was him inside her and hear the sounds she made as she orgasmed on him. I just couldn't get it out of my head. Now when i travel years later for business I lay in the hotel bed and relive it in my mind as i masturbate. I remember the looks she gave him and and how she would look at me and how I knew she was comparing his size with mine. Now when I see guys talking to her I always figure they have a much bigger penis than me and that she is thinking the same. It makes me excited and depressed at the same time.