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  1. Tangysalt

    Adult Survivors of Bullying

    I just want to say that I'm a survivor of bullying. I've sort of kept track of people I knew back then. Although not one of them has ever come forward to apologize, I can honestly say I am happy that many them never had children. I don't know if it was by choice or not, but I have a huge sense of satisfaction from that. For example, there was a girl in school who put a "Kick me, I'm dumb" sign on my back. She never became a mother. I am glad she will never know that kind of joy in her life time. There was also a guy that attacked me every day in algebra class in eighth grade. His parents were wealthy and the school wouldn't do anything. He also, never became a dad. I'm rejoice in that, he won't be passing on his values to the next generation. I also think some of these old bullies still hate me. I okay with that. In fact, I'm comfortable with it now. What's that Zen saying? It is what it is.
  2. Tangysalt

    Stop speaking up for bullies, will you please?

    What I hear quite often is we should forgive bullies and just "forget" about what they did to us. Nobody ever talks about how the bully should apologize and try to make amends. What the person above said is true. Bullies don't typically have a low self esteem. They usually have a very high self esteem. The person who bullied me in jr. high came from a privileged background, money, loved himself, lots of self confidence, lots of friends. He didn't have any self esteem issues at all. I get tired of people who feel sorry for bullies. They are not worthy or deserving of pity and empathy. Victims of bullies don't owe their bully forgiveness, understanding or anything else.