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  1. Several factors. One, I was naturally shy and unaggressive, Two, my puberty was very late. Three, I did have sex or even date until I was 20. Four, my penis size would start to be an issue when I even started to have a peer group. I know it is rare, but I participated and was successful on several sports teams without being part of the group. Worked ok in baseball. No so good in basketball.
  2. Divorced! I don't think you really anwered this!
  3. Once I did a favor for a young woman I knew who had a severe problem that came-up. I loaned her some money that got her past the problem and she paid me back immediately when she got the check she was expecting. When I agreed to loan her the money, she said she would give me a "blowjob" as thanks. Since we we had never even dated, I said, "Don't be silly." She insisted and as soon as she made the payment she returned and pulled down my pants and started. I sensed something was wrong. Sure enough, she said, "I don't like sucking your dick," and begged-off. I said no problem. She didn't say what the problem was, but her mouth easily engulfed my hard erection and her nose was in my pubic hair. Pretty clear she had never sucked anything so small and she disliked the feeling and/or felt my lack of dick status reflected on her. I wasn't disappointed as the whole thing seemed wrong, but I was very deeply hurt and offended. I pretended it was nothing. The strange thing was she didn't seem to be trying to hurt my feelings. We got along thereafter like nothing had happened.
  4. I think she means she doesn't accept pressure for sex from a small dicked guy. Probably means she does accept pressure for sex from big dicked guys. She feels angry at men for the way she is treated as a sex object.
  5. I stayed at arms length with everyone. No real peer group at all.
  6. You may have this backwards. A lot of the metoo'ers go after the alpha men plying them for favors and then turn on them if they don't get what they want. Like a prostitute who didn't get what she thought was the agreed upon payment. Guys not having sex can only wish some women would submit for favors! No favors to dispense! And women want to go where the status and money is. Men not having sex have no status.
  7. Porn, I do believe, has tremendously amplified the importance of penis size in the minds of men, especially, but women too. Also, porn presents the image that only the outstanding, athletic sex performances featured for the camera are of any value. I was married for 5 years before I saw much porn because it wasn't available. I was very late maturing, had a passive personality and didn't date or have intercourse until I was a Sr. in College because I finally started drinking to deal with my shyness. If I had watched porn, from 12 years old or so, I probably never would have had a date. The main message of porn is that you are pathetic in sexual activity unless you are very well hung. Guys considerably larger than average come away from porn thinking they are too small for anything but "pity fucks." I have read that a large % of the guys on the various quick sex apps don't get any sex. A relatively small % of men do all the fucking, but almost all the women have sex if they want. All they have to do is say yes to what looks best. Men who are good looking in face, genitals and body and are assertive hook-up easily. There are relationship dating apps too, but, those people count as "not having sex" until they actually score a relationship. Maybe eventually a lot of the young men not having sex will get married. . . ?? Maybe not? Anyway, the increasing % of young men not having sex doesn't surprise me.
  8. I had a very negative view of my masculinity and penis so I settled for women who had been damaged by abuse and home and while dating.
  9. Good point! She frequently performs with giant penis doll and blow-ups on stage!
  10. I thot I was losing my mind! Obviously not a Brit.
  11. But apparently you wanted to boycott them, not hurt them.
  12. Yes, real surgery to enlarge the penis is a long way off. Stretching exercises and pumps seem to work for some people, but usually only for guys that are pretty large already. I suspect some people have much more elastic connective tissues than others, but stretching can have permanent results only if tissue growth is stimulated by stretching. Not everyone can be a contortionist. I think you need very elastic tendons and ligaments to even get started. Google contortionist if you want to be amazed. I tried a recommended program of careful manual stretching "religiously" years ago with no results at all. Is it documented that tissue can actually be induced to grow after puberty? Could all be a fraud, but some seemingly disinterested people claim it does work for some. Yeah, stay away from enlargement surgery. Some famous person just died from it!
  13. From what I've read, hormones would have to augmented in the womb at critical growth periods and during puberty as well to ensure that the penis reached its genetic potential.
  14. Easier to connect the finite number of nerves, tendons, etc to transplant a head. Take a look at the diagram of the penis. Far more complicated. Akin to lengthening the neck at the same time, but much much more complicated.
  15. The penis is quite complicated. A lot of nerve connections, complicated erectile tissue, subtle blood valves, root, tendons, complicated connective tissue mesh to enclose erectile tissue, and on and on: see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_penis#Parts Transexual surgical procedures to create a penis for a biological woman seem very unsuccessful to me. Of course, I really know little about it except for some pictures I saw some time ago. The surgeons seem a lot more successful in removing most of the penis and creating a vagina. I have communicated with guys who have had what they claimed was great sex with a surgically created vagina. The article says the human penis cannot be withdrawn into the groin. No doubt this generally true, but an over generalizaton, as mine does at times!
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