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  1. Wish I could say things went as well for me. After some experimentation and finding my limitations, wives and partners, tended to direct me away from penetrative sex to providing oral. Can' say it wasn't fun, but it was disturbing in many ways. Maybe if they could have been more honest and I more ready for the truth.
  2. My proctologist had a female student looking observing his practice during my last anal exam for hemorrhoids. The Dr. did ask me if I minded. I was too proud to say I did. She was very young and attractive for a medical school student, I thought. Of course she got a glance of my tiny retracted flaccid penis. Then, I was treated to her discussion and probing of my butt. Apparently she needed practice with whatever it was they insert with fiber optics. Fortunately, I'm old and no longer have strong emotional reactions.
  3. At least one mental trap into which I have not fallen. I was always comfortable naked in front of both my wives.
  4. I don't know. "Victimorthecrime" implies something. BTW: I have been misreading this victim of the crime! Maybe I've mentioned this before, but I think there is something wrong with the psychological establishment. They conflate 2 conditions under the moniker: sps 1. A substantially small penis and how to cope with said handicap. 2. Feeling an average or better penis is small when it isn't. Most of my life, I had an unnamed condition: Denying that my penis was substantially small when it was! I knew I had a small flaccid, but wanted to believe I was growing to 6"! Only 1-5/8 off! I suspected no women (and there were 2 wives and many others) were not orgasming from penetration with me, but put it on them when, most likely, it was me!
  5. I think positive thinking is a huge mistake though it does seem to work for some people. Or does it? Does it just set them up for a "mental breakdown?" I liken positive thinking to walking a high narrow mountain ledge on the precipice of a 1000 foot drop to your death. Actually, I've come to believe you don't need a positive outlook to handle what life brings. Of course, you don't need negative over-shoots either! "You are a loser. . .?" etc. in my mind are negative over-reactions to attempted unsustainable "positive" thoughts.
  6. I'm a right leaning libertarian. It is amazing to me how the left is so comfortable with small penis jokes while pretending to be so ultra sensitive about everything else. Marco Rubio is alleged to be gay though married. There are photos of him at gay club swimming pool "bubble parties" when he was young. Aside from that, I don't see much small penis abuse on the right. I think my above average interest in following politics might be due to my restricted social life which was a reaction to my small penis.
  7. No, it was Marco Rubio who started the joke.
  8. 5 x 5 is nothing to write home about, but it's not really small either. A guy has to date and marry in "his league." There are a lot of women out there, they can't all be with a guy with a big dick even if that is what they want.
  9. Let's admit that a beautiful woman who is very sexually experienced might not think your better than average penis is very attractive. But, she might not think your shoulders, bicepts, abbs, butt and thighs are much to look at either. She might not like your personality either. She could probably get off on your penis though because she is sexually experienced. The brutal truth is we all have to go after women that are "in our league." Your penis isn't dramatically reducing the league in which you could compete. Now, I would guess, your main problem is that you have remained a virgin a very long time. If you are careful not to get hooked, a prostitute might get you up to speed such that you will be confident that you can "do it" if the right woman shows-up. I was in a similar situation when I was 21, but with an objectively small penis. Liquor got me over the hump, but that became a problem in itself!
  10. No, unfortunately, I meant to say I am 4-3/8" erect and often completely retracted into my body flaccid. Normally, I am 1" or less flaccid though occasionally when there is no retraction, the flaccid might almost be 3" or more.
  11. Some women hate men because a man or several men have hurt them. They strike out at what they know hurts most. 5.7 x 4.5 is above average though a bit on the thin size. Compared to a lot of us you have no handicap. What celebritys "should have" according to the star struck is irrelevant.
  12. When I finally started to date late in college, I used mental denial in combination with alcohol. Somehow, I used to convince myself I was "about 6" though I never measured. I almost never socialized or had sex without drinking. I'm not advocating this. Drinking creating its own set of problems! "Denial" was like walking on a narrow mountain footpath at the edge of ledge with a 1000 foot drop-off. Seems to me it should be possible to have a realistic estimate of ones handicap and act accordingly. I think it is important not to over or under-estimate ones penile handicap. Learning to take the negative opinions of others, especially men, in stride wouldn't hurt either. But I don't get a repeat.
  13. I'm also 4-3/8 and flaccid, often my penis retracts completely into my body. Usually during and after sports and exercise. Too often in the locker room. Once it happened prior to sex because I was really impressed with the woman's beauty and, therefore, nervous. I could feel her shock, but we did manage to have intercourse, that once! Married twice and quite a lot of affairs. I think I would have done better if I wouldn't have tried to deny the handicap and focused on working with it. On the other hand, I might have given-up on sex far sooner if I didn't deny my handicap. Somehow, I used to believe I was "about 6" erect." I was very embarassed of my retracting flaccid, though. Probably, women see a lot of 6" or better, but only because they are the confident and active ones. Most men are close to 5" or less. 4.5" is not that far off the mark when you compare to the whole population in scientific studies. In most studies participants are "self selected for measurement" and "self-measuring": worthless.
  14. Yes, there are many examples of that in my experience, but small penis and low T probably correlate! After all, it is when T starts being supplied to the fetus that the penis starts to form and grow and then later at puberty when T is supposed to spike. My puberty was very late and slow. No spike, thus no rapid penis growth nor spurt in assertiveness when most others were getting geared-up and into gear!
  15. That is correct. We live in a phallocracy. However, you are making an error in doubting size statistics. Yes, everyone looks larger in porn, in the locker room, and in the dating scene. That is because average is rejected in the porn business, most small guys and some average avoid the locker room, and average and definitely small guys are not very active in dating, especially in sexually active dating. Average and small guys don't have the confidence for the sexual dating scene. So yes, if you are around the 5" average, and definitely if you are below 4.5, you will look surprisingly small in the locker room and in the sexual dating scene. If you are sensitive you will have a problem. At 4-3/8" I certainly did. High T guys hate being average or small too, but nothing can stop them!
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