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  1. Yes, I have heard that reaction as well from several women that I communicate with over the internet. They insist their husband is gay and can't understand he might have small penis lack of confidence or be a low testosterone male which I have suggested given the facts they rendered and my experience.
  2. Oh, yeah. A normal or large appearing flaccid would be very helpful. You don't have to show people your erection.
  3. My erection in small and my flaccid size very small and often retracts to almost and sometimes actually zero. Being a grower doesn't seem to reassure many of us here even if we grow to average or better (which I don't). As many have discussed here what other men think of you because of size perception while flaccid is a key to male status, like it or not. In my view you can only compensate by refusing to act in accordance to small penis stereotypes. Excessive hiding just reinforces stereotypes.
  4. This is really too much. Too telling. Especially in the current "hook-up" culture, it certainly could be a real thing. I can easily imagine less "confident" guys seeking hook-ups with Asian women because they are "used to small" while the Asian women might be seeking to experience legendary big penises and big confidence (big dick energy?) from other races. It is kind of interesting that, in my case, since my sexual quests were based on "denial w/alcohol assist", ie. pretending size didn't matter and I was at least average, I got involved with quite a number of large women I had gotten to know, and never got involved with Asians though they were around--I don't think any were ever interested in getting to know me though some were around places I frequented and I can recall trying to talk to several. This was pre-hookup culture, so I would have months or even years of getting to know women before I broached or accepted them broaching sex. I gather, but I am not certain, that in the current hook-up a culture, a guy who doesn't broach sex quickly is just dismissed as a loser. In my day, the dismissal was after sex, sometimes after of "few tries", or even a disastrous marriage! It has occurred to me that Reichian prescriptions for sex to achieve an important "orgone energy release function" in the human body would recommend the "hook-up culture" for finding compatible partners. Reich seems to have been naive, however, in postulating such a panacea. He seemed to dismiss the obvious hierarchical nature of human society based on male competition and its ugly results. Instead of perfect orgasms, "hook-up culture" appears to lead to chaos. Maybe I'm wrong--no personal experience. Of course, their was a "pick-up culture" or "one night stand" culture in my day that might have overlapping great similarity to the "hook-up culture" of today. I wouldn't know because I didn't participate. Is hook-up culture and "dating app sex" just the spread of the old "pick-up bar" culture to the masses?
  5. To save me time where can I go on the internet to read what the ICEL Communities are thinking. I've only heard from them in round-about ways.
  6. Maybe we could provide oral for some of the women if they were left unguarded while the men were hunting. Don't even think about our role when the alphas and betas might return.
  7. Yeah, Dawkins sez the internet memes hijacked his concept.
  8. I know what the word meme was supposed to mean: memes are to culture (or social organism) as genes are to biological organisms. I'm not sure what you mean by meme culture as I see all cultures as determined by memes which arise of time as people interact.
  9. I see where you are coming from, but you need to pull back from the brink.
  10. No, you would stay back in the cave with me basket weaving making arrow heads. The alphas and their betas had a place for the likes of you. On the other hand, if they had had testosterone supplementation back then. . . . Or, a few of us, if cunning enough, could become Witch Doctors.
  11. Not exactly what I was saying. With high testosterone (hormonal sufficiency), you don't need confidence in outcome. You have the DRIVE to act without confidence and without significant anxiety of outcome. Of course, to the extent you are successful, you ALSO get more and more confident. Some people preach "fake confidence" if you don't have it yet. Then you will get it due to success. Well, OK, if that is what you have to do, but it is not the same as being hormonally sufficient. If you are faking it to impress the partner, you will have high anxiety. The partner may notice that and you will have difficulties even if they don't notice it. That's why I generally drank pretty heavy when approaching sex. My anxiety was high because I was low T and had no confidence because of no substantial success. Drinking, of course, introduces its own set of problems. Alcohol is an anesthetic and reduces the feeling of anxiety. Seems to me you need to find partners who can accept who you are. Can successful faking be the road to real success?
  12. Too bad William hasn't returned. I wish he would. I didn't mean to make the thread all about me, but open a discussion about how his problem might be improved or lived with. Though my case was much less dire, I found that "blaming self" was the problem in trying to live with it. I could have lived with it much more easily if I had understood my limitations.
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