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  1. lbaker

    Ranting on about women

    But apparently you wanted to boycott them, not hurt them.
  2. Yes, real surgery to enlarge the penis is a long way off. Stretching exercises and pumps seem to work for some people, but usually only for guys that are pretty large already. I suspect some people have much more elastic connective tissues than others, but stretching can have permanent results only if tissue growth is stimulated by stretching. Not everyone can be a contortionist. I think you need very elastic tendons and ligaments to even get started. Google contortionist if you want to be amazed. I tried a recommended program of careful manual stretching "religiously" years ago with no results at all. Is it documented that tissue can actually be induced to grow after puberty? Could all be a fraud, but some seemingly disinterested people claim it does work for some. Yeah, stay away from enlargement surgery. Some famous person just died from it!
  3. From what I've read, hormones would have to augmented in the womb at critical growth periods and during puberty as well to ensure that the penis reached its genetic potential.
  4. Easier to connect the finite number of nerves, tendons, etc to transplant a head. Take a look at the diagram of the penis. Far more complicated. Akin to lengthening the neck at the same time, but much much more complicated.
  5. The penis is quite complicated. A lot of nerve connections, complicated erectile tissue, subtle blood valves, root, tendons, complicated connective tissue mesh to enclose erectile tissue, and on and on: see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_penis#Parts Transexual surgical procedures to create a penis for a biological woman seem very unsuccessful to me. Of course, I really know little about it except for some pictures I saw some time ago. The surgeons seem a lot more successful in removing most of the penis and creating a vagina. I have communicated with guys who have had what they claimed was great sex with a surgically created vagina. The article says the human penis cannot be withdrawn into the groin. No doubt this generally true, but an over generalizaton, as mine does at times!
  6. All my inferiority feelings were confirmed when I finally had oral sex with the dominant Asian guy. I was totally under the power of his big thick cock. The contrast with girls effortlessly engulfing my little erection was stunning. Yes, I felt afterwards that my wives and every woman I'd ever had sex with, just like the poster above, deserved to experience a bigger one just like I had just done. He enjoyed making me gag, chastising me until I learned to serve him. He enjoyed dominating me and I was thrilled. I lost interest in sex with my wife almost completely. I couldn't fathom why she wanted to have sex with me because she had experience large ones in her past. Anyway, sex with women humiliated me because of their mild reaction.
  7. lbaker

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    I only have 1/2" on you. I found an inexperienced woman and we got married, but due inferiority neurosis, I thought she wasn't responsive and was unfaithful. You had a far superior approach.
  8. lbaker

    how to cure femdom fetish?

    I really enjoyed being dominated by the woman I referenced above, I interpreted it as a special secret gift I was giving and she appreciated. No, she was just building her ego by progressively tearing down mind in elaborate irreversible orgasmic rituals for her only.
  9. lbaker

    Ranting on about women

    I think the more common reaction, rather than raritchie's is anger at the particular man or anger at all men. Rather than take the blame for her behavior that provided the occasion for abuse many women last out at men for the rest of their life. Of course, it strikes me that both reactions, are over reactions, but understandable. A balanced reaction would be more appropriate, that's not the way of the world.
  10. lbaker

    females views etc (Trigger Warning!)

    Here is Miley's the whole public rant at a performance at a gay club, I guess: Before launching into the emotional power ballad “Wrecking Ball,” Cyrus unloaded on Liam Hemsworth, telling the crowd 2013: Cyrus was in a break-up with Hemsworth at the time, but denied the rant was about him. She and Hemsworth got married in 2018. She said the rant wasn't about Hemsworth and was just to rile up the guys at the gay club where she was performing. Hmmm? She seemed to have keen insight into the "confidence" issue.
  11. lbaker

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    Great attitude!
  12. Wow, you liked big so much you were happy for you wife to get a shot at one? And she was hot for the opportunity? And you wanted it too?
  13. lbaker

    Ranting on about women

    As a small dicked man, I married twice. Both women had been badly abused by their father as well as while dating. So, maybe they tolerated me in reaction to those experiences. I was a little more assertive than the man raritchie described, but not much. Whatever assertiveness I had was so-called Dutch Courage (alcohol--the old British put-down to the Dutch during a sea war over colonies). So, maybe the situation isn't as rare as might be supposed.
  14. lbaker

    Living in shame

    Maybe I've got this backwards, but "good and wet" meant I couldn't feel much of anything with my small penis and feared the woman couldn't either. I could last a long time though in a dialated and juicy vagina and liked to think that at times, at least, the woman orgasmed at least clitorally from g-spot and clitoral friction as I rode high bumping pubic areas. If the woman didn't get juicy and was just a little slick it felt great but I would orgasm far too soon from the friction and then feel immediately bad the woman hadn't orgasmed. I stopped asking if women orgasmed when some got angry about the question. I never figured-out if the women were mad because I didn't know they orgasmed or because they didn't orgasm. No woman ever said she orgasmed from by efforts though it was obvious some did from my oral ministrations. I certainly never felt any contractions rumored to accompany vaginal orgasms. I was never clear if I was too short to reach a deep trigger spot or too short to feel the contraction. Then there was the issue of repeat performance. Let's just say I was "never up" for that. Did the women want a repeat because I was good the 1st time or because they were unsatisfied and thought maybe I do better the 2nd time? All I know is I never heard again from many woman that wanted a repeat performance. I would totally lose interest and ability after I orgasmed. Then, there was those women who wanted to try different positions next time, mostly position I couldn't do with a small penis! Without drinking, I probably wouldn't have started or continued having sex.
  15. lbaker

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    The author mentioned that the labels don't rigidly define a guy and apply only to the role of a particular man in a particular group. In a different group or setting a guy might have a different rank.