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  1. Something to keep in mind is that men do not have equal drives to meet women and have sex. We should not be too hard on ourselves as that only makes things worse. You can't stop high testosterone men from pursuing women with a team of horses. As can easily be observed, such men don't care if they make fools of themselves. Their drive for women and sex rules their behavior. Condemning ourselves because we can't be like such men makes us feel worse and even less assertive. Frankly, we can't compete with men looking for women impressed by such men. We need to pursue more reserved, shy type women. I don't think dating sites/ apps work for us. We need to find compatible women by being active in groups and activities where such women might be.
  2. There were strong attempts to stop the growth of porn when the internet was young. I seem to remember, in particular, a Senator Exon trying to stop it, but getting almost no support. Right or wrong, too late now. I think hard core stuff is illegal in China,.
  3. This can be complicated. My 1st wife use to tell small penis jokes not realizing I was small. This was in the pre-porn era.
  4. Oh, oh! The 2000 sample is not a random sample it is drawn from people serious about sex and relationships as evidence by their subscription.
  5. Hookers really helped me at one point in my life. I became confident I could "do it." However, it is a habit akin to drugs. Fortunately, I was able to quit relatively quickly. I would recommend it to guys who can't seem to take a first step. Get past the mystery.
  6. How did sex go with your first wife? Seems that would be key to understanding better your situation.
  7. I found that to be the case also when I experiment a little with gay sex.
  8. I would be very interested to hear more from you regarding how you coped. I am larger at 4.5, but never really learned to cope. I don't think pictures are allowed here except maybe in private messages. Feel free.
  9. I notice this question was never answered.
  10. It is my experience that many sexually active women are used to men on the large side, because those are the men they run into since larger guys are more confident and, therefore, more prevalent in the sexually active circles. Thus, many women don't realize the negatives of smaller penises. I found many women very attracted to me, but soon in the relationship starting to suggest things I couldn't do with a 4.5 penis. Then, they would drift away. You finally had an amazingly honest exchange. Maybe you have already mentioned it, but what size are you that elicited such a reaction?
  11. Uh, people, even friends, want to feel superior whenever they can, even "nice" people. If they aren't overtly put down artists, they are patronizing.
  12. Interesting. I was naturally low masculinity and very non-assertive, but my parents exerted pretty extreme pressure to be highly competitive and active in sports. I easily accepted "my place" unless the alphas were especially mean. I pretended to have an attitude and ready to fight so things didn't get out of hand. Fortunately, I was small only in the nether region so I was able to get away, for the most part, with the bluff. Interesting variations.
  13. Several factors. One, I was naturally shy and unaggressive, Two, my puberty was very late. Three, I didn't have sex or even date until I was 20. Four, my penis size would start to be an issue when I even started to have a peer group. I know it is rare, but I participated and was successful on several sports teams without being part of the group. Worked ok in baseball. No so good in basketball.
  14. Divorced! I don't think you really anwered this!
  15. Once I did a favor for a young woman I knew who had a severe problem that came-up. I loaned her some money that got her past the problem and she paid me back immediately when she got the check she was expecting. When I agreed to loan her the money, she said she would give me a "blowjob" as thanks. Since we we had never even dated, I said, "Don't be silly." She insisted and as soon as she made the payment she returned and pulled down my pants and started. I sensed something was wrong. Sure enough, she said, "I don't like sucking your dick," and begged-off. I said no problem. She didn't say what the problem was, but her mouth easily engulfed my hard erection and her nose was in my pubic hair. Pretty clear she had never sucked anything so small and she disliked the feeling and/or felt my lack of dick status reflected on her. I wasn't disappointed as the whole thing seemed wrong, but I was very deeply hurt and offended. I pretended it was nothing. The strange thing was she didn't seem to be trying to hurt my feelings. We got along thereafter like nothing had happened.
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