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  1. Probably just a matter of degree. I didn't mean to imply the difference is totally stark. I consulted in a UAW Kentucky plant for a time back in the 60s. Considerably more brutal than UAW plants in the North at the same time. In the South, managers and supervisors would "literally" get in your face shouting if they disagreed with a white collar guy, but not with the UAW guys. I don't recall seeing a single Black UAW member there though I think there were a few. Definitely no white collar Blacks, not even foremen. I think I've mentioned before that I grew-up in a wealthy Northern Suburb, but happened to live in the part adjacent to a rough "hillbilly" neighborhood that preceded the wealthy suburban development. Thus, I went to grade school with the rough Southern transplants. It was hell for a kid apparently lacking normal hormonal sufficiency. I was lucky to be bigger than most and good at a few sports. The Jr. High and HS environment was much more civilized. However, of course, the differences are just a 1/4" deep, a veneer over human nature.
  2. Ya look a lot more masculine with a beard and your wimpy emotions show less.
  3. Adequate testosterone level and its physical/psychological consequence define masculinity objectively. Stating what we'd "like" masculinity to mean is nonsense!
  4. There are many "church boy" moralist men on the right. Not the natural working class right (they support big government/welfarism/unionism), but intellectual conservatives/libertarians, etc. The LEFT, I think, feels right-wing intellectuals are in reaction to their lack of masculinity and small penises. Might be some truth to that. Ann Coulter is quite masculine with a large Adam's Apple, etc.
  5. Low masculinity men are "near women" according to traditional instinctive standards which our society is allegedly trying to over-ride. The give-away is the powerful endorsement of transgenderism. That endorsement implies there is NO PLACE for low masculinity xy men nor low feminity (high masculinity) xx women. You must be one or the other!
  6. I asked a woman who was into the "70 sexes" "identification" thing what she would do if her son turned-out to have low masculinity. She claimed she would accept that, but couldn't explain how he was supposed to handle it. . . she almost said he should transgender, but checked herself. Her boys though young are obviously quite masculine so she hadn't thought it through. All she can think is that if a man says he identifies as a woman, we should support that. I said I have nothing against being polite and respectful, but that isn't really the issue.
  7. Yes, of course, I have seen that mentality, most often among Southern Hillbillies transplanted to Northern factories. I always handled it by showing no emotions like I was fully confident of my intellectual superiority without provoking them either. Fortunately, I was practiced in that from sports participation in HS and being bigger than most guys. Fortunately, my visits to such venues were short as an engineering consultant or expert. Thus, they wouldn't have time to "break me down." Ordinarily, I worked in a "white collar" environment. I've noticed that such behavior has diminished in the major factories where I consulted probably due to the increasing presence of women and minorities even in the factory "union" skilled trade jobs. Maybe even low status men now avail themselves of personnel protections. Gays do. But, I'm over 70, so I have seen a lot of changes. Did you ever consider taking a job in the North? I assume jobs will exist again someday.
  8. Please don't minimize the problems of those of us with a small penis. While the poster in question is not really small and needs to realize that, many of us really are small. The social acceptability of "small penis" humor, even in public creates a very serious problem with which victims must deaL.
  9. This would seem like a good place to start getting control of your sex life, though I have no idea why you should feel "really filthy" about it. As a guy with a similarly small endowment, I think "we" have to focus on personal, special relationships and forego the sex competition game except maybe as a fantasy in masturbation, etc..
  10. Yeah, quite the opposite, I'd say. Their thinking is strictly compensatory or reaction formation to their own deficits, real or imagined.
  11. Seems to me such guys, instead of blaming/hating alphas (their exploitive betters), they blame/hate women for submitting to alphas. Of course, it is sometimes true that some women are brainwashed victims, but "such guys" want to over-generalize. I can well remember the beginnings of such thoughts, but also I remember rejecting them, recognizing that not all alphas are exploitive, some are just better, more appropriate for human life. I could observe myself wanting to over-generalize and demonize alphas. This means "such guys" actually feel the opposite from what they express in their "movements."
  12. Looking back, it seems, for 70 years, I always made this error. Some women, always the ones I became involved with, are looking for a weak man to dominate. A psychologist told me that about my first wife about 1970, but I didn't believe him because I saw myself as intellectually superior. The psychologist said I needed to find a submissive woman. My parents told me several time the way she treated me embarrassed them. I was blind to it. I thought I was patronizing them. Women wanted me to submissive to them, but dominant with our peer groups, men and women. Pretty much always lead to disaster too. Didn't really understand it as it played out in real time. I thought being totally open was what a relationship should be about.
  13. Forgot to mention that some women want men they can dominate, some overtly and others covertly. Some of those seek men with low confidence. Dare I say that has been the case with 100% of my relationships? But what was I expecting? Pretty sure I never approached a woman in an assertive manner because, hey, I wasn't assertive! Even drunk, I never expressed what I wanted. Never thought my status justified such a thing so I attracted women who were looking for exactly what I was, not what I tried to imagine.
  14. Ok, but there are many reasons a woman might cheat on a man besides penis size.
  15. I think it is natural for all people and, maybe, especially women to be attracted to perceived status. What were young women "squeeling" about at the concerts of the Beetles and doing whatever for them back stage. Of course, this is a stereotype and not valid for all. Confidence is a sign of self-perceived status. With exceptions, sexual confidence is beaten-out of men with a small penis. Why would anyone be confident of the adequacy of his penis after being subjected for years to jokes and putdowns? Being brave enough to proceed anyway is not the same as confidence.
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