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  1. Interesting, but it sounds to me like you never encountered 4" or less. Some active guys think they are small at 6"
  2. I'm old, so I really don't know how younger active women act now days. Not the first time I've been told this sort of thing. I think there is a battle of the sexes, but it might not be as subtle as it once was. Today, I'm told an extreme "feminist" might (as above) enjoy brutally rejecting a small dick guy right up front the way men might enjoy rejected a woman he considers a "skank" or whatever. . . all under the idea, "I have the right to my sexual satisfaction." But the battle of the sexes seems to be the battle for dominance in the relationship: who is going to be the dominant one? In my day it played-out quite slowly. Often the woman would draw you in by acting satisfied and submissive, faking orgasm, etc. only to gradually let you know you weren't making the grade, reject your dick and transition you to oral. I don't want to give the impression I think all women are this way, however. No doubt I attracted dominant women because of my less than masculine dominant personality and those women were prone to gradually weakening my false swaggering persona to make me submissive. After quite a long time together, my most extreme girlfriend told me to "go down on her" so she could cum too. From then on, she weaned me away from penis in vagina sex and basically refused to take my pleasure into account. Finally, she revealed she needed other men for a good fuck now and then and even had sex with one of them in front of me. She was very hot when dominant so I didn't object much until she took up with other guys. She like the "kind of guy", but I wasn't enough sexually for her. I never figured out for sure if she knew that all along or discovered it!
  3. Wasn't my brother as had none, but all my peers had early puberty in 7th grade at 12 while I showed no sign of puberty until turned 15. All except a few churchy moralistic peers took every opportunity to humiliate me. Theyloved and relished their superiority. They took every opportunity to show me their superior development and some tried to intimidate or tempt me into servicing them by showing their seemingly enormous genitals and describing what guys like me should do. Never gave in, but often felt the urge, getting my still tiny erection. I came to believe they were right. When I'm honest, I realize I never recovered from those years especially because I turned-out to have a below average penis when I eventually matured. I was able to have sex with women later, but could never shake the inferiority feelings when tended to destroy everything. Strange that you had such a problem when not actually smaller than your brother.
  4. They need to dominate and small penis guys are just an easy or available target. I was usually targeted because of my submissive low masculinity personality related to late puberty and small penis, but the dominants didn't know that. I always thought I was providing something special that would be appreciated and reciprocated by the dominant in some way though not through submission of course. But, no. Dominants want to enjoy destroying whatever a target (submissive) has left psychologically. This always amazed and disappointed me. At least I withdrew when I realized it, but always thought it was just that particular individual until I had numerous repeats. However, why was I surprised? I never had the gumption to seek a person I wanted, but always accepted someone who wanted me that seemed cool.. It always turned-out they wanted me to be a submissive, seeing me as an obvious target for domination. Many women would start to tear me down quite early in the relationship, but I thought they were just "caring" and insightful. Some would ask me if I was gay or say I had a big head or was too big for my britches. Some would ask for submissive sex such as oral and then restrict me to that. Goes on and on. . . .
  5. Just my opinion, but maybe you had a compulsion to go in directions you wer unsuited to go. I was similar. . . . in that respect with added factor of strong defenses so I denied my constant failure!
  6. I was just thinking, then, what would I give-up for a bigger dick? My existing dick, my existing psychological problems, etc. That's how I'm generally thinking. I never think about giving-up anything positive. If I had significant money, I'd give-up quite a bit of that. Even now, when I'm too old for a lot of "dicking around" I'd give-up quite a bit of my meager savings still remaining after several disasters. However, I've never been into such magical thinking. I was propagandized into a different kind of magical thinking by parents and relatives: denial. That was also damaging. I can see it damaged my parents and relatives too! I recognize cause and effect, but no longer wallow in "blaming."
  7. Very rational approach I too believe would indeed work for those capable of implementing it. I'm in my 70s and all this is no longer a live issue. To put it bluntly, I was far too psychologically damaged from an extremely late puberty/small penis and alcohol dependent as conpensation to practice such a program. I desperately wanted to and thought I SHOULD compete in the casual sex for fun derby, refusing to recognize a small penis does limit you in that arena. That arena is probably not a good idea for those NOT HANDICAPPED either! Big ego temptation for "beautiful" "handsome" "stacked" and the "well hung."
  8. Yeah! The plague of social media. Most likely some other contact has captured her interest. Real world interaction is so much more real. You have a better idea of what is happening in a relationship. Extreme isolation may do more damage than the virus.. Very unfortunate time to move out from your parents! Bad luck!
  9. No, there are many things worse. However, a small penis is particularly troubling and difficult to learn to deal with. . . Other "handicaps" (in the relative competitive sense--not disability) are often easier to accept and make adjustments to. . . .
  10. My piece of shit father was the exact opposite of this in every way: Ya mean he patronized you? Coddled you? Or ignored you? Always said how much he loved or liked you? Today, I'm noticing parents seem to think they need to assure kids they love them all the time.
  11. Remember "beards" are a "front", a way for less than perfectly masculine guys to look more masculine. Some real "baby faces" are exposed when long time beards are shaved! Dainty emostions show less when a face hides behind a beard. Asians aren't concerned about "saving face" for nothing! I was surprised when I had an Asian boss for awhile (got along fine), how often he would explicitly discuss "face." Not trying to create a stereotype. . . just reporting my experience.
  12. It is very suspicious, by the way, that Democrat governors are seeing to it that doctors and pharmacies in many states are prohibited from using the anti-viral drug hydroxychloroquine which under Fauci himself was approved for use against Corona Sars1 15 years ago! COVID is corona sars2! Never before have here been such regulations against off label use of a drug by doctors and pharmacies which has been in use for many DECADES! Clearly just anti-Trump hysteria. Hydroxychloroquine has been used successfully for decades against viruses. The potential side effects are well known and knowledgeable doctors know how to prescribe it. Yeah, it could be dangerous to use with someone on their deathbed--it's alleged to work in the early stages of infections. The mechanism of the drug that prevents and fights viral infection is to force zinc into cells. I'm old. If I wasn't isolating, I'd try to get the drug. As it is, I just make sure, with supplements I'm getting the minimum daily requirement of zinc and other vitamins. It is really disturbing that from WHO on down the medical Establishment is accepting and/or promoting the culling of old people.
  13. Don't get too excited. Dampening the curves is all masks and distancing and business shutdowns can do. The virus, whatever it is, has to spread. Vaccine is not likely to be effective for a cold virus! It will hit and miss like the flu vaccines with who knows what side effects now that the vaccine manufacturers can't be sued!
  14. I'd be interested in how your approach which seems to be successful might differ from what I have suggested. I suspect you might think I am too negative!
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