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  1. Not severe cases. They report positive test results that mean essentially NOTHING! Yeah, it spreads. So do colds and the flu. COVID doesn't kill many more people, if any.
  2. I have mixed feelings about "big dick" porn or, as you say any, male/femaled porn as the dicks are always way bigger than mine. On the one hand, I like to see excellent performance like professional sports. On the other, inferiority and futility feelings arise. Porn is probably a bad idea anyway!
  3. You asked me to explain it. I'm trying.
  4. Nazis and Soviets wanted to be ready for war with a lot of bodies. Real reason in the hierarchy for Catholic Church anti-abortion policy might be the same, but that's not the "teaching" serious Catholics believe. They believe in preserving life and caring for those alive too. Strong supporters of charity and the welfare state. Social Darwinist conservatives often vote for the same candidates because the Church believes in private property generally accepting only the "welfare" side of socialism, not ownership of the means of production.
  5. Yes. But, with care and forethought special precautions can be taken to shield actually older people like me. I and the young people can wear a masks and I can stay in my room or otherwise isolated most of the time -- social distancing. But most parent of College age kids are not my age! More like 40-55! Lots can be done rather than shutting down the economy. Millions of people in the service businesses have been destroyed due to these extreme measures in some States and Countries. Studies show the flu has been killing almost as many old people every year. Few precaustions w
  6. He. He! Well old people should take reasonable precautions so the rest of society can NOT SHUTDOWN and have a life!
  7. Because, by the CDC stats, COVID-19 is no more dangerous than a bad flu year. For NOTHING, we have thrown away our economic futures. Masks continue to reinforce pointless fear. Vulnerable "old peopole" like me should avoid COVID-19 just like we should avoid the flu. Trump is trying to get the economy running to save his election and THE COUNTRY and WORLD. Disparaging the panic around COVID-19 that is destroying life on EARTH!
  8. No. She simply comes from a country where hydroxychloroquine doen't even need a prescription because of malaria. She knows how safe is is and how useful vs. not only malaaria but all manner of infections. Real cheap so Big Pharma is against it. Her religious peculiarities are besides the point. Nazis and Soviets needed more people. Mankind has archetypes and instincts for "heroes" and "warrors". Effeminacy in males was not helpful for that very necessary role and thus discouraged. War ubiquitous in human society: from tribe to nation.
  9. No. I don't see this at all. Seems to me you are simply pushing stereotypes of conservatives you think are for social Darwinism. People who are for social Darwinism push abortion and even suggest it be mandatory. Serious Catholics, for instance, don't match any of what you are saying. BTW: I don't think abortion is admirable and think it should be avoided, but don't think it should be regulated by law.
  10. Death and hospitalization rate already way down. The worst strains die with the victims. Quarantine can also prevent them from being passed on when the patient doesn't die. Mild strains become dominant. Soon it will be just another variety of the cold or flu.
  11. Consumer survivor = People victimized as consumers of the psychiatric system? Still not sure after googling the term.
  12. Unless I'm grateful to a particular person about something, I just think I am lucky or fortunate rather than grateful if I'm happy or at least avoiding serious negatives. There but for fortune. . .
  13. Yes, I'm reviewing my whole life now in this light. I've been ignorant of mutism. Interesting that "professionals" were always somewhat mystified by the nature of my speech impediment. I secretly interpreted the anxiety paralysis as cowardice as people would tell me everyone feels that same anxiety under stress which would make me feel guilty I couldn't control it or function under what everyone else took in stride!
  14. Ok. I guess you are saying INCELS or maybe MWGTOW. If you mean them or similar, yeah, I've had little contact except what some say about them.
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