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  1. therebetruth

    A woman's perspective needed

    I think you mean 'a British anytime'
  2. therebetruth

    A woman's perspective needed

    Woman typically associate small with length, it's probably better to say you've got a thinner penis Penis sizes vary so much from flaccid to erect that unless she's seen your penis erect she shouldn't have any indication it's thin, my best advice is to not make a big deal about it or if you want to bring it up just bring it up casually and act like you're just saying it offhandedly so you don't show you're worrying about it because woman value confidence a lot Edit: Only just noticed you said with a hard on, my bad I misread, she shouldn't be able to tell though if it's just bumping into it and it's under clothing
  3. I didn't target this post to anyone specifically I just know when people go through enough shit they start to think this way and it's not healthy, so no worries
  4. Kinda spooky really, I was never gonna make the post I made on reddit but something just told me to post it, she was never gonna reply to it but something told her to reply to it Thanks for the kind words my man
  5. For a while I began to doubt any woman I would ever encounter in the future would be understanding of how much SPS affects me until I met the girl I'm currently speaking to, she affirmed things I've read online a lot, bigger isn't always better and she doesn't care about size she likes me for me I know I'm not in anywhere near as bad of a spot as some people on here in terms of size but this has seriously fucked with me so much and once I talked about it with her she said she understood it but she likes me for me and I have nothing to worry about, she said 4-6 inches is the ideal size for her which was a relief that I didn't need some monster cock to please her I'm just repeating what other people say but there are genuinely girls out there who understand your pain and don't care about your size, you just need to find them I met her on reddit of all places and as luck would have it we only lived 20 minutes away from each other, I know a lot of people on the SP subreddits are a lot more bitter than you guys here but figured I'd post here regardless in hopes my words resonate with someone Woman are people, they have their own fears and insecurities and completely understand where you come from, if anyone was to ridicule you they aren't someone you want to spend your time with
  6. therebetruth


    Sometimes it's spontaneous, you have no intention to end your life that day but you just get into the right frame of mind and think 'why the fuck not' and just do it
  7. therebetruth

    The one about your penis defining you

    Down about 60lbs from my heaviest (just over 300) and I've been doing a keto diet with intermittent fasting for the past week, hoping to lose another 50-60lbs to get to a normal weight, for me my dick is all I can think about, comparing myself and my masculinity and my worth to other guys who don't have my problem, have trouble convincing myself my problems are just down to my weight despite multiple doctors telling me the same thing I can't accept not actually having a small penis even if I were to lose the weight A sex life would be nice though
  8. therebetruth

    The one about your penis defining you

    I'm 6 foot 3 myself, around 250 lbs right now with a lot of fat around my thighs, stomach and pubic area which definitely doesn't help things, my non bone pressed right now is only like 5 inches but my bone pressed is around 6.3-6.5 so hopefully when all the fat has gone it'll look a lot more impressive haha If she complains about 6 inches the problem is more with her than you though
  9. therebetruth

    The one about your penis defining you

    When I push my fat pad down my penis is around 6 inches, if I do it when I look down it looks small to me but when I do it in the mirror it looks like a decent size, it's all about perspective, plus if you're a big dude it'll look smaller in comparison to your body, when you see it online it's usually on buff dudes and the penis is the only thing in frame so you got nothing to compare it to to make it look small
  10. When I push my fat pad down my flaccid still looks very small to me, however when I measure it with a tape measure it's actually around 3.7 inches, I know that's still not impressive but it genuinely looks a lot smaller than that to me which adds to the already fucked up perception I have of my penis
  11. therebetruth

    The one about your penis defining you

    You shouldn't treat your dick as some sort of masculinity bar, and the longer it is the more masculine you are, think of all the incredibly feminine gay people out there with huge penises, they couldn't BE closer to being a woman short of actually being a woman but they still may have a huge penis BUT they will never use it to mate with a woman therefore throwing your evolution argument out the window as if it was solely evolution and for the purpose of creating children gay men wouldn't have large penises as there wouldn't be an evolutionary need for it Small penises can do things big ones can't, big penises can do things a small one can't, yeh it may be skewed towards the latter but it's still a thing, like for example a guy with a 10 inch penis can't just hold onto his woman and smash her as hard as he can because he'd fucking kill her, whereas if your penis is around 4-6 inches that's not an issue you have so you can go as hard as you want which many woman love, but on the other hand some women want the feeling of being filled up and can take 9+ inches and prefer it so obviously a small/average isn't going to do it for them, there are multiple pros and cons for both, but it all comes down to it being a symbol of masculinity which again is ridiculous, go back 500 years and small penises were the more desirable of the 2, now it's the other sides turn in history to be the more desirable one Also I wasn't aware humans had proportionally large penises, seems just about the same as any other animal par people with giant cocks but you can't use the minority to define the majority
  12. therebetruth

    The one about your penis defining you

    End of the day people like what they like, can't hate someone for having a preference I'd was gonna compare it to a guy not wanting to date a fat girl but then I remembered that girl can lose weight but your dick is as good as it's gonna get (without PE that is) Not a pleasant thing
  13. therebetruth

    The one about your penis defining you

    If every woman on earth was willing to have sex with you and didn't care about your size, you'd still hate yourself Tis a curse
  14. I'm jealous over my friend having a bigger penis than me, it's all I think about how much I envy him for it, but I'm wondering if my height matters to girls as much as his penis size does Bone pressed (since I'm a lot fatter than he is) I'm around 6-6.5 (varies a lot, 4.7NBP), he's 7.5BP (7NBP) In height, he's 5'4, I'm 6'3, and I'm trying to convince myself I have as much of an advantage in height as he does in penis size but my thoughts just keep coming full circle to 'his dick is bigger than mine therefore he is better than me' Do you guys think some girls would prefer me for my height over him for his penis size?