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  1. Wow....thats tough bro. Definitely not your fault.
  2. I have told you this. It's simple math. you go through enough women to find the one. I understand where you are coming from, but you have to throw yourself out there.
  3. That is too bad. I for one liked her for her honesty and female perspective on things.
  4. Are you kidding me??????? You have done nothing but try to shoot me down since I claimed you have been out of the dating scene for a while. Also you should really read up on the theory behind penis envy before you start making self-righteous/obliviuous comments like the one above. You make the common mistake of believing it has to do with male penis size comparisons https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penis_envy While you're at it you could also benefit from looking up the word solipsism
  5. Great OP. I do however agree with John. That female insults Hurt more. I have experienced Them. But fewer times than with guys. And beating the crap out of someone does raise your status in some communities. I also like Freud even though i am not so well versed as you. I have reffered many times in here to his penis Envy theory. Even though it has been contested i still think it stands the test og time. The bigger the size Queen = the more severity of penis envy
  6. So go for the ugly girls? That is out only chance
  7. Why the hell are our taxes so high then....is it only to fund the health care system?
  8. Are you really doubting that??? Yes Denmark is close to the east-block but obviously a capitalist economy. Does real socialist/communist states actually exist in the world today? Maybe Cuba
  9. We have that in Denmark we are not afraid to use the "s word". There are downsides to it though. very high taxes removing the incentive to work. A single mom with one child gets a 2.200 USD social welfare check every month for instance The most right wing parties we have would on a right-left scale be equivalent to your democratic party. We only have one declared liberal party, and it's a small party. The rest of them (the biggest ones and the ones in power right now) are social-liberal parties adhering to Keynesian economics. Your own Bernie Sanders likes to refer to Denmark as an ideal-state. we have an election coming up and the socialist party is going to win.
  10. Two things. 1.The statistics about the average being around 5.5 arent true. 2.That big guy harem you are speaking about is today's society. where 20% of the(big penis) male population is having sex with 80% of the sexually active female population.
  11. Women are the biggest opportunists in this here world, searching for what feels good right now i.e big dicks. Small dick guys wouldnt be complaining so much in here for instance if girls even contemplated the long term benefits of choosing an average/small penis guy over a big penis guy. Obviously there are guys with small penises that are jerks, but as a whole chances are that a guy with an average/small penis will treat his girl better. But no no, girls will rather stay with the hung guy who treats her like shit because it feels good right now......... why? You guessed it. Yes it's math and measured over time it clearly indicates that smaller guys are being naturally selected out of the loop. It sounds virtuous(one might claim opportunistic), when you and women in general, claim that you are searching for love, honesty, intimacy, friendship etc...... but at the end of the day these come second. Males have had a long tradition of describing the characteristics of the sexes. From Aristoteles to Nietzsche. I think it speaks volumes that the one who best describes the objective of the female gender would be Cindy Lauper with her 80ies hit song "girls just wanna have fun". If being with a guy with a small dick is such a dissapointment to women I wont burden them. I realise I sound very bitter, but I have been let down so many times.
  12. Obviously you havent been part of the dating scene lately.
  13. Sorry. English is not my first language. On the plus side that enables you to make clever selv-important remarks.
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