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  1. good if you can handle the rejections/humiliations..... its hard for me personally
  2. and then she moves on to someone with an above average sized penis. Who is left with the problem then?
  3. "it's their problem not yours"........ that doesnt sound right
  4. TheDane

    Happy New Year

    I have also been going through "does size matter" videos lately..... It's never a good sign for mental state
  5. TheDane

    Happy New Year

    My new years resolution.... Get more pussy. 2018 was limited to one time.
  6. I am such a big fan of your writing Desolate Ronin. If only I had you skills, but to be fair English is my second language. I like you pessimism and ability to cut through wishy washy bs. I completely agree with your view on women settling with us. As I have pm'ed you we, men with small penises, are being naturally selected out of the loop. Evolution proves this due to the fact that the human penis size is proportionally much larger than in other primates. It's an unwelcome truth that often is protested in here. When small penis guys procreate it's an evolutionary anomaly. There is a chink in the armour of your otherwise brilliant theory. Money , prestige or fame. It is a well known fact that women are suckers for these and maybe these play a pivotal role as to why the afforementioned anomalies happen.
  7. TheDane

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    1: why is it that it's embarissing for them to admit they are happy with the smaller / ford pinto (side note....do you know what pinto means in spanish or is it brazilian?). 2: In Denmark now..... there is this semi-famous reality star who has been dumped by her fuckboy boyfriend. The story in the media is "how she is hurting" and how she had hoped for a future with him...... I have zero sympathy for her. Typical girls today only thinking about fame, fortune and big penises. I believe it was Cindy Lauper who sang "girls just wanna have fun"..... not think, not big picture stuff, not girls just want someone who adores them, worship they ground they walk on...... no no "fun" i.e fame, fortune and big penises.
  8. TheDane

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    Damn...... Good analysis though earlier. Thanks
  9. TheDane

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    Oh yeah of course....sorry P. Nice to hear from you again. Hope you are doing well.
  10. TheDane

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    Are you new Sickandtired? havent seen you before. another englishman.....I wonder where all the Indians, japanese or even Germans and italians are?
  11. TheDane

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    Thanks......It was a long time ago....I havent being doing so well with the lady folk the last ten years. As you can hear I am a very bitter person.
  12. TheDane

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    The solipsistic approach par excellence ..... thank you for exemplifying it. To be fair I forgot to add this diagram. They should be allowed to have preference....unfortunately all the pretty girls have a mysterious tendency to prefer the bigger ones. The rationale seems to be "why should I settle for this"? And then I dont want to hear anything about intimacy, feelings and other bs when in 9/10 it boils down to penis size. It's quite odd that you have spoken to a lot of girls about your penis size(I take it's small since you are here). I dont think you'll find many people in here who has done that. Turning to solipsism myself I can say that I have spoken to zero girls about my penis size in my 35 years and I have been in a 1-year-long relationship.
  13. TheDane

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    Women today want men who are honest, rich, intelligent, tall, humorous, romantic, eksotic, erotic, energetic, good looking, itellectual, empathic, good fathers, adaptable, bold, brave, confident, considerate, funny, friendly, adventurous, dedicated, creative , emotional , helpful.........etc. Oh.... but if he has a big penis they are lenient on those demands. On the other hand, if has a small penis. He could have all the afforementioned characteristics. to no avail. I am sure there are some readers both male and female who now solipsistically thinks. "Hey I am not like that", or "my GF is not like that" . hence to that there is no truth to this theory. And I need to defend women from this outlandish idea.
  14. TheDane

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    First of all.... welcome on board. My story is similar to yours in many ways.... I am 35 however and hav been with the same number of women as you, but not quite as romantic\Lord Byron'esq as you from what I can read. Before we know it there will be guys in here responding to you that you are fine and everything is going to work out for you(they are usually speaking on their own behalf because it has for themselves). Unless you are able to endure the humiliations of being rejected you arent going to find a girl..... but it's the only choice. I myself am licking my wounds from being rejected because of my size right now. It always hurts..... prior to that it was 8 or 9 years since I had intercourse(you heard me correctly 8 or 9) And it's complicated because I do hate women too. Not always rationally....... I have been told. When I read about that fat girl you write about I became so angry. I know there is no good comeback from what she said, but you must have said something about her size, please? Something tells me that you are American.......and something tells me you made the first mistake of the small penis guy......shitting where you eat. You simply can not date or try to hook up with girls you work or go to school with. A hard pill to swallow..... trust you me I know. If you ever want to talk pm me.
  15. TheDane

    Ranting on about women

    Rhetorics class101 - topic avoidance by claiming ignorance