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  1. @ToosmallforcomfortI was at the pool!!!!! SSRIs (I my case Zoloft) does nothing for me. except causing severe insomnia and problems with my libido. I have yet to meet a therapist where cognitive-behavioural therapy made a difference. Definite no-no's for me.
  2. @Toosmallforcomfort i wasnt under that impression.
  3. christ..... future man will grow even more abnormally large penises due to natural selection. I wonder if that is part of God's plan.
  4. @Toosmallforcomfort I take it you are not familiar with the difference between sps and sph? @jojojojo I am very interested in this myself. I don't know whether it is ok to compare it to cases of lifetime imprisonment where you have heard of people "developing" homosexuality. also, I guess, as a coping mechanism. my point is that the human body/mind is able to change/ adapt to circumstances vis-a-vis sexual desire. Are people "suffering" from sph , as people with sps are "suffering from sps"?
  5. what a cunt. I never understood what these tricks and/or skills are. I am sure this has to do with my own lack of skills and general disgust touching the female sex organ with my hands or tongue. man I wish I was gay.
  6. he might have known that he was being photographed+made sure to have a semi-erection ( I used the very same trick when I showered after soccer )
  7. I didnt have sex my entire youth because of it. from age 25-34. it has crippled me.
  8. so people have small dicks not so far from here too. The big question in a situation like this is. Do you share social circles? if not what does it matter? you have nothing to lose. also her liking average is maybe her way of saying she is ok with small/lower average I.e 12 cm los geht's !!!
  9. does that other woman know about your size? if you are in the same social circles it might be a very bad idea. If she is the gossipy type.
  10. Wow....thats tough bro. Definitely not your fault.
  11. I have told you this. It's simple math. you go through enough women to find the one. I understand where you are coming from, but you have to throw yourself out there.
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