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  1. although I agree with YOTH about playing the numbers game(i have done just that), and I only had to suffer one telling me off. I don't however agree with the telling them first part. why not let them decide...... in turn proving to themselves, and us, whether they are sluts and/or shallow cunts.
  2. luckily and maybe because of this , you have the very fitting word for these kinds of women..... cunts. I gather you are in the "reading stage" of SPS. like when you think you got cancer.
  3. well.... it could be much worse then. surprisingly England has relatively small penises compared to European standards(must be all the drinking 😛). and you are just below. the only thing you can do really is to throw yourself out there. combined with viagra you are sure to make 5 inches. I am from Denmark btw.
  4. @CircusLeavesTown hey. saw your posts earlier and I understand you are hurting at the moment. I guess we have all been there.. ( I am 37 now and when I was 30 I felt like you). I spent 9 years not having sex. now I don't know whether you have an actual small penis or it's sps or a little bit of both. the only advice I can offer you is to keep trying. have you tried viagra? it can be a confidence booster. all the best from across the North Sea
  5. I understand you are quite the ladies man 😀 something tells me having a small penis is a bigger problem in the US
  6. Interesting story thank you..... I myself have just ended a relationship for the first time (I have had 3 girlfriends). I am having trouble figuring out how much, if at all, the SPS was an issue. She spoke of my penis as "normal" sized and she wasnt afraid to tell me that she had been with more endowed guys. But in not in a condescending way. It didnt bother me. I used to hate women.....that has changed.
  7. as in a homosexual relationship?
  8. Have you ever been the one who ended a relationship? (even though you have a small penis)
  9. I remember this story. what a silly little cunt. I would be ashamed of myself if I was her. unfortunately she is not. nor does society at large consider her that.
  10. Story in a well respected Danish newspaper today about an Asian complaining about being targeted by men with smaller penises. She is under the impression that it is because of the common belief that Asian women are more likely to accept smaller penises.
  11. I have always been very interested in whether it is in fact natural selection that has made human genitalia proportionally oversized. is there a limit to how large the penises of future man can/will be? does the vaginas grow in size accordingly ? will future man just be a penis, nothing else?
  12. @Klingsor read it. did Reich really make a reference to the Beatles - cum together ? still, interesting. only tonight I learned about Reich and did some reading about him.
  13. Still think this man is brave https://documentaryheaven.com/my-penis-and-i/
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