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  1. I had been having erections of decreased size for sometime. From the first dose of magic pill (via*ra) I could not believe how hard and big my penis was. I had forgotten that it used to get that big. I believe that it now gets its maximum size. I have noticed some increase in length and a definite increase in circumference. My wife was so impressed she told me to slow down so that she could adjust to my size increase.
  2. Women prefer tall men. As for height, it offers status and protection. Tall guys stand out for obvious reasons and naturally possess advantages like strength and reach.
  3. Don't worry, same here. Small flaccid big erection. Some people are growers and some are showers. Growers generally get larger pumps in gym and they have a larger erection to flaccid range. Where showers stay neutral and they don't get as big of a pump. This isn't broscience, srs.
  4. Hi everyone i don't really no what to say on here because i was gonna make a new topic in another part of this. But I want to say hi to everyone!
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