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  1. I am a woman who stumbled upon this forum while looking for some info on sex positions for micropenis. I am in a newly intimate relationship with a guy who is maybe about 2.5 inches erect- and I cannot even begin to describe how hot I am for him. We’ve only had sex a couple of times so far, and it has been so. ****ing. Incredible. Like to the point where my entire body is tingling just talking about it. I’ve had a huge crush on him forever, so by the time we slept together, I probably wouldn't have batted an eye if he’d pulled out two penises! Haha. I won’t lie, we’ve had a few, uh, mechanical difficulties. Sometimes, he’ll slip out and we’ll end up just sort of bonking into each other until we get our rhythm back, lol. I don’t actually care, I figure lots of funny stuff can happen during sex, and this is just one more of those things. I have however been careful not to laugh, because I don’t want to embarrass him. Hope this isn’t too graphic, but here’s one thing that worked for us: me on my back with legs spread as far as possible, labia manually spread with fingers, and him on top rubbing his penis against my clit. I came very easily this way, and then was able to finish him off orally. Just thinking about it is making me crazy, and he’s away on a work trip for 2 more days:-/ So, take heart- not all of us are size queens. I’m 5’2 and just over 100 lbs- having too much of a good thing is a very real problem for petite women especially. I hope this encouraged some of you guys, and of course if anyone has more wisdom to share on positions or whatnot, I’m all ears. I would especially like to know how to best reassure him that I’m totally addicted to both him and his penis(lol), without seeming placating or rude.
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