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  1. Daveuk

    Nice cool Sunday

    Had a Quiet day out to the town. Not sure what to do for dinner. But will make something Going to watch a friends on CH5
  2. Daveuk

    Peaceful Quiet Saturday

    Just having a relaxing Saturday and weekend watching TV and DVDs Be having jacket potato and baked beans with butter for Dinner
  3. Daveuk

    Stephen king friday

    Going spend today watching horror channel and 6 Stephen king movies Langoliers Under the dome Christine Cujo Thinner Children of the corn
  4. Daveuk

    Let's do a new game

    Sugar puffs
  5. Daveuk

    Wednesday and today

    Yesterday was bit busy for me and forgot to do this Got a new microwave now. Be getting a slow cooker too. Today has been Quiet and peaceful been to the town And also to the shops
  6. Daveuk

    Restful Tuesday

    Been a peaceful Tuesday. In town in the sunny day bit windy But not rainy or stormy. Had a roast beef dinner today for Dinner
  7. Daveuk

    Let's do a new game

  8. Daveuk

    Quiet Monday

    Been a peaceful day. Had 4 sausage rolls and about to have a sausage dinner With a nice bottle of cola
  9. Daveuk

    End of the week Sunday

    Its been a peaceful Quiet Sunday. Was in town for A day out of my flat. In the warm.breeze. watching Friends on Ch5 now
  10. Daveuk

    Let's do a new game

  11. Daveuk

    Saturday 15th September

    Finally I have a date for crown court 26th September Wednesday 10am here's hoping for suspended sentence Other then that it has been a nice sunny day
  12. Daveuk

    Follow up

    I have my crown court date. Just arrived today 26th September Wednesday 10am
  13. Daveuk

    Payday Friday

    End of a week. And payday brought a few good DVDs and my shopping Also put electric and gas on. Watching friends now
  14. Daveuk

    Let's do a new game

    Pot It ain't over till the fat lady sings. And its my game so its over when I say its over lol