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  1. UK as from today will ease the lockdown a lil Non essential shops will reopen 2 metre rule might become 1 or 11/2 metes But the lockdown is still in place
  2. You hear about the guy that got thrown out at lockdown ? He got locked out What is the opposite of lockdown ? Locked up
  3. UK update on the Corona front The lockdown will eased from 1st June 6 people can meet outside as long as there not from the same house 15th shops and businesses will reopen But the 2 metre rule on social distancing will remain the same
  4. Our pm is going to say if the lockdown will ease today. But I have heard on bank holiday Monday that the top advicer called Dominic Cummings went against his own advice and broke the lockdown rules which has most of the UK in absolute uproar
  5. Am coping UK is still in lockdown
  6. Daveuk

    2nd language

    I talk to a lot of Filipinas in dating groups. And for a long time talked English but thought this time learn Tagalog and talk to them.in their own language. Has 9/10 success rate
  7. Daveuk

    2nd language

    It is said to learn a new language is to gain a another soul. I have been for the last two weeks teaching myself a 2nd language ( Tagalog ) with help of a app I downloaded
  8. Salanat = Tagalog for thank you
  9. Yes got back on I been trying to get a password reset since last week and no messenger sent back
  10. At moment this song os more important
  11. Sainsburys is getting back to normal now lot less Queues and more in stock
  12. Daveuk

    Lockdown blog entries

    Starting from Monday my form of exercise is walking in the morning prefer 6am for 30/20 mins Then to Sainsbury's at 10am but today Thursday I be doing one form of exercise and that it will End of lockdown Quarantine day 4
  13. Daveuk


    It's a bit weird saying celebrate with the virus. But this week will signify .my last and final Probation appointment 18 months finally over Unfortunately it be a phone call due to what is happened. 🙂
  14. Strict new measures Police to have power to break up gatherings and fine people People to have limited purpose to go out
  15. Youngest to die now from the virus is a 18yo in the UK
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