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  1. Daveuk

    Let's do a new game

  2. Daveuk

    Stan Lee 1922 - 2018

    A sad lose to us all Stan Lee passed away yesterday at age of 95 December 28 1922 - November 12 2018
  3. Daveuk

    Let's do a new game

  4. Daveuk

    Let's do a new game

  5. Daveuk

    Let's do a new game

  6. Daveuk

    Hey-hi, new member

    Its pretty class comedy unlike Scrooge been the stinge in a little office bill Murray plays a TV executive Scrooge character
  7. Daveuk

    Hey-hi, new member

    @BlondeHairBlueEyes have you seen Scrooged. Dark comedy version of Scrooge starring Bill Murray ?
  8. Daveuk

    ex-porn addict struggling with past.

    Welcome @topper to the forum. Just wondering if porn could been a trigger for what did. But victim is right nearly everyone has a dark secret that they are ashamed off
  9. Daveuk

    Happy Halloween

    Am.having a break now watching family guy
  10. Daveuk

    Happy Halloween

    Haven't seen that one. Watching Saw now just saw ( pardon the pun ) on YouTube the 1976 film the town that dreaded sundown based on the moonlight killing spree
  11. Daveuk

    Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween everyone
  12. Daveuk

    Hey-hi, new member

    Welcome. What movies you like watching
  13. Daveuk

    Day 29

    My first appointment with my probation officer today was a lil late But not too much only 4 minutes late. So had no problems. Had a hard but tough talk with Her. Back there next Thursday at 9:30am Brought a new set top box and topped up both gas and electric
  14. Daveuk

    Interesting journey...

    Welcome to the elite of people with problems
  15. Daveuk

    Help needed

    New set top box