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  1. Daveuk


    5th ( next Monday ) I sign the papers and get the keys 7th I be moving some stuff over to my new place. 12th I be officially moving in to my new place.
  2. Daveuk

    My new place

    The picture is at too
  3. Daveuk

    My new place

    Just a pic of my new living room
  4. Looks really good inside and still has a few furniture still Inside
  5. I have not seen inside yet I will take photos
  6. Last Monday it was the rule of 6 no more than 6 people are allowed out and the fines wait till you hear this 1st offence £100 2nd offence £3200
  7. Daveuk


    The soaska sisters recently did a remake of the classic as well as they did Remake of croenenbergs classic Rabid
  8. But this forum looks different to what I remember it before?
  9. Be viewing my new place tomorrow at 11am
  10. Daveuk

    Quotes you like

    God is always good without the O Devil was always evil without the D Sir Christopher Lee.
  11. In 3 weeks I be moving to my new place a upstairs flat :)
  12. Yes I did not sure my new locale will be but will keep you posted
  13. Lot has changed since I have not been on
  14. Hello am back next month be moving to a new locale
  15. Daveuk


    Netflix Netflix Netflix Some great 90s shows on there Fresh Prince Star Trek TNG Only fools and horses South park
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