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  1. Daveuk

    Tuesday 21st August

    Had a good breakfast ham, eggs, sausages, chopped tomatoes, beans and ham with brown sauce. Started to drink healthy summer fruit juice and apple juice
  2. Its a bad road to go down. Try get help before you get anymore deeper. Am at the point where I am waiting to go to crown court for sentencing. And seen probation officer. So seek help.
  3. Dating has changed since the 90s now you have video chat, video calling and video messaging I:E I have just started chatting to Asian online. Now am.in the UK she is in Philippines. But with video messaging I can video chat with her hear her voice which now you can do voice recording Where in the 90s it was simple matter of going out and meeting someone face to face.
  4. I say this for mobiles they do crash my last one completely crashed in him
  5. Facebook is changing. But there are a lot of fakes on there.
  6. Its like DVDS you can break them scratch them or whatever and the DVD will still play on a TV.
  7. A word association game rules are simple just say the first word that comes in your head I start TV
  8. Daveuk

    Monday 20th August

    My 2nd week still no letter about court date. Seen probation officer on 9th of September Its been Quite nice day today. Just come back home at 10am
  9. Daveuk

    Me opening up :)

    I think its different in the UK because we have to pay for gas I have a payg ( pay as you go ) for electric and gas
  10. Daveuk


    I also like Comedy films Home alone Airplane Dracula dead and loving it
  11. Love Bobby "Boris" Pickett's Monster Mash
  12. Cell phones or mobile phones ruin everything. Here in the UK a few places have a no phone policy Library has area for phones but not in the computer section or in the book section. The Vue cinema also a no phone policy while the film is shown. If you go on a course just like a classroom phones have to be switched off.
  13. Daveuk

    Me opening up :)

    maybe that's another thing I need to improve on
  14. Daveuk


    Do we have any chess players here. I am a amateur / Beginner myself
  15. Daveuk

    Been a quiet day

    Been a peaceful Quiet day. Went out at 9:30am stayed awake all last night. Enjoying talking about horror films on the forum. And opened up a bit about my life Had a sausage dinner for my yes.
  16. I like relaxing on my sofa with a cola and a good film ( horror ) on the TV. Other then that going for a peaceful walk for a hour or 2
  17. Daveuk

    Me opening up :)

    Well I am not a bath person. So I bathe 1 - 3 days a week but he said that it makes his health sometimes that bad
  18. Its not easy to live on my own. Used to go to a mates house but basically you told me that due to hygiene reasons I am not allowed to go to his. Then he has another mate he hangs out with and excluded because they don't invite me to go to places with them like drinking not yet I drink a lot am a teetotaler and a non smoker. So basically I feel isolated when I am on my own
  19. Daveuk


    World war Z was good it was a zombie movie dealing with how it all started and what the cure was The original zombie movie was of course the living dead series.
  20. Daveuk


    I love 28 weeks later two words Robert Carlyle
  21. Daveuk


    There is a Sequel coming soon called train to busan 2. I like how it all starts. Tho I wondered how it happened when the father is on the phone and his friend said "They were forced to tell lies to sell the stock to investors" ?
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