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    Hi all

    Thought I give a introduction who am ( Trying not to think about the next couple week ) Am David or Dave if you want call me am not much of a sports fan ( so please don't ask me what my favorite football team is or sport is lol ) I am bit creative and a Hugh Britney spears fan lol aswell as a film buff who loves horror films. Anyway that's me. Pop on and say hi
  2. You not alone dealing with this at all I am now at moment dealing with legals and court about the same thing and its not a good road to go down
  3. I got a lawyer from the public defenders services. I have already signed the register and been told my account will monitored am just now waiting to go to crown court for sentencing My lawyer did say in magistrates that I had severe learning disability what ever that means ?
  4. Both I think is better. I sort got myself isolated and got mixed up in a bad group. I read that might have my fb disabled but also read that the supreme court over ruled so am.not sure on that one
  5. No problem. Well I have shared photos that I shouldn't of done and am just keeping thinking that basically that am.feeling like next time am.in court I be sent to prison just feeling a bit like how did up in this darkness :s
  6. Need to talk. I am a sex offender tho I have not actually touched any minors I have done something ( shared photos ) and now feeling bit unsure of my self. I have signed the register. And not sure what will happen next. Still waiting crown court date. ? Hope its okay to put this here
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