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  1. I am horror fanatic mine is Nightmare on elm street. But I do like some non horror films which are Home alone Airplane Dracula dead and loving it
  2. Posting on here but just after 3 days I have had helpful advice and pleasant members talk to me. I am really glad I found this site and signed up
  3. I have just have some unanswered Questions I don't know the answers to. Maybe someone can answer them ? Q1. Now am.on the register will it mean I will no longer be allowed in town. This is where I go to my local drop in centre and my bank for my money ? Q2. If it should go in the papers should I be what's the word uneasy about leaving my flat ?
  4. Have to say I like Roald Dahl. Specially like his series Tales of the unexpected. And few of the films of his books .Matilda, James and the giant peach,
  5. Daveuk

    Rocky horror

    Any fans here of RHPS ? One of my absolute favourite musicals
  6. "walks in. Interesting. Walks ouf"
  7. Hobby Film making I have read the film making for dummies book which is the best book you can read on film.making done 3 film making courses ( Film making 101, advanced and intermediate ) In those courses I did a film called you ( tho I wanted it be called Spooked but got out voted ) I have also done Film4s scene stealers ( arm amputation scene from 127 hours ) look for it on YouTube I also watched like a million times the film Hugo I am not bored with this hobby as I find it fascinating and interesting. There is nothing I dislike about it.
  8. http:// https://youtu.be/4vuW6tQ0218
  9. Daveuk

    Hi all

    Like some other music like good music. Like going to the cinema or popping into town. I also Volunteer at my local food bank
  10. Love Fawlty towers and cleese "Manual there is too much butter on those trays" "No no no un duex trio"
  11. Okay here is mine A woman and three men in a carriage on a train all talking and soon becomes arousing so the woman goes "If you gentleman are kind enough and give me £5 I will show you a part of my leg" There all give £5 and she shows them.part of her leg So she says "if you gentleman are kind enough again and give me £10 I will show you part of my theigh" Same happens again her getting richer She goes again and a third time If you gentleman are kind enough again and give me £15 I will show you where I got my appendix taken out. Same again their give her £15 and she points out the train window and says over there past the trees and past the mountains in that hospital that is where I got my appendix taken out
  12. Am a big Britney Spears fan tho there is one song that no guy should say lol
  13. Daveuk

    Hi all

    Write stories poems and also making stuff
  14. Currently reading the walking dead books part 1 & 2
  15. Daveuk

    The Man Cave

    So this is where all the guys hide out lol
  16. Daveuk

    Hi all

    Thought I give a introduction who am ( Trying not to think about the next couple week ) Am David or Dave if you want call me am not much of a sports fan ( so please don't ask me what my favorite football team is or sport is lol ) I am bit creative and a Hugh Britney spears fan lol aswell as a film buff who loves horror films. Anyway that's me. Pop on and say hi
  17. You not alone dealing with this at all I am now at moment dealing with legals and court about the same thing and its not a good road to go down
  18. I got a lawyer from the public defenders services. I have already signed the register and been told my account will monitored am just now waiting to go to crown court for sentencing My lawyer did say in magistrates that I had severe learning disability what ever that means ?
  19. Both I think is better. I sort got myself isolated and got mixed up in a bad group. I read that might have my fb disabled but also read that the supreme court over ruled so am.not sure on that one
  20. No problem. Well I have shared photos that I shouldn't of done and am just keeping thinking that basically that am.feeling like next time am.in court I be sent to prison just feeling a bit like how did up in this darkness :s
  21. Need to talk. I am a sex offender tho I have not actually touched any minors I have done something ( shared photos ) and now feeling bit unsure of my self. I have signed the register. And not sure what will happen next. Still waiting crown court date. ? Hope its okay to put this here
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