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    I have a photographic memory that I can remember my very first birthday I was lying on the sofa because I had the bug on my birthday while I had all my mates in my birthday and I missed my birthday announced on TV.
  2. Daveuk

    Had a good day

    Went out this morning on a nice sunny day on Saturday A eerie thing is 18/8/18 is all the 8s lol. Watched a good horror called Mum and Dad And based on true events Project X. Now watching inbetweeners 2 It is now 21:06PM.
  3. Daveuk


    Its a Korean horror film there is a prequel to it called Seoul station which is a zombie animation film from Japan The attack of the giant leeches is in B&W early 50s film
  4. Daveuk

    Not leaving

    I like this site you might be looking at a lifer
  5. Daveuk

    Quiet today ?

    Anyone here ? ( Echo's through the walls )
  6. Daveuk


    Anyone seen the Korean zombie film Train to busan. Its in Korean with English subtitles ?
  7. Saturdays Joke News flash The police have evaded Catherine Zeta Jones house. They found Heroin, Cocaine and LCD they still looking for the forth Daughter.
  8. Daveuk


    Anyone who is a complete horror fanatic can chat to me.
  9. http:// https://youtu.be/Zx1_6F-nCaw Junkie xl Elvis
  10. Daveuk

    Can't sleep

    Woke up at 2:20am must have too many things on my mind hopefully I can sleep better on Saturday Its been mostly good on here met some good people pleasant to talk to
  11. Haven't seen Stranger things just saw S1 E1 of Fear the walking Dead
  12. I know some classic ones to name a few. The Raven ( price, Karloff, Lowe, Nicholson ) The terror ( Boris karloff, young Jack Nicholson ) Attack of the giant leeches 1959 The invisible ghost 1941
  13. What are your plans ?
  14. See you have the three legends there I have seen susperia, carnival of souls and hammer ones
  15. Thanks anyway. But am not in Us or a state am in UK England
  16. I am horror fanatic mine is Nightmare on elm street. But I do like some non horror films which are Home alone Airplane Dracula dead and loving it
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