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  1. Unscramble to get the answers 1. Dream bury ecc 2. wit X 3. steel ams 4. Smm 5. becked rouled 6. Arms bra 7. crinkess 8. Host blue coat tonc 9. Labs iron 10. Titles Sk
  2. Sorry no blog Quiz time 10 Easter Questions ( 10 today 10 tomorrow 10 Easter Sunday 10 Easter Monday ) 1. What is the Greek word for easter ? 2. What is the Friday before Easter called ? 3. What is the western and eastern date for easter ? 4. What day does Easter generally fall on ? 5. What is the film called about the Easter Bunnies son ? 6. What is the object of hunting eggs ? 7. What is the Sunday called before Easter ? 8. Why is Passover called Passover ? 9. Why is easter celebrating ? 10. Name 5 types of easter eggs ?
  3. I am.going be doing another quiz during the easter holiday
  4. Monday went for a drink of tea at first stop Tuesday went for another tea and signed on at 16:15PM Wednesday stayed in and tidy up Thursday went to probation had new probation officer and CR meeting Friday had a tea and put money on gas and electric and brought shopping.
  5. Monday went out shopping at Saintsbury's Tuesday went drop in for cup of tea Wednesday Stopped in for tidy up Thursday. Probation at 9;30am 7;00pm CR Friday stayed in and a rest
  6. Don't forget we lose a hours sleep
  7. Monday went out to buy two colas Tuesday Signed on at 11:30am Wednesday stayed in and day to myself Thursday safe guarding at 11:00am and CR at 7pm Friday Probation at 9:30am and then had tea at firststop and got money and shopping at 11am
  8. Monday 18th Went out to buy a couple of DVDs and shopping Tuesday 19th Went out to buy cola and a few food Wednesday 20th Stayed in and watched few DVDs Thursday 21st Had probation and CR came back at 10pm Friday 22nd Stayed in and s rest today.
  9. Monday stayed in and bit of rest Tuesday went out to Saintsburys Wednesday stayed in for tidying up Thursday went out to firststop at 9:30 then out again at 12 noon for probation meeting then out at 5pm for CR group Today went out got paid got shipping put gas and electric on
  10. Hi and welcome. It might be because you getting older so what food you liked when you were young you may not like now example I use myself When I was young I hated cheese and pizza I could not stand them. Now I like both cheese and pizza.
  11. Daveuk

    Week after bday

    1st March my birthday had a relaxing day. Brought new Halloween, Detroit Monday went out and brought two DVDS Molly's game and clue Tuesday went out to buy some cola Wednesday stayed in and tidyed up Thursday went to probation and CR Today stayed in and having a rest
  12. Heard about this book in my CR group thought it would be useful for anyone on here. https://books.google.co.uk/books/about/Freedom_from_Sinful_Thoughts.html?id=c3hIPgAACAAJ&source=kp_book_description&redir_esc=y
  13. Just another option for you. If you in the us have a tried a celebrate.recovery group from your local church
  14. Thank you. No blog today next blog next Friday :)
  15. Tomorrow I be 37. which is my birthday
  16. Daveuk

    Nearly end of month

    Monday. Went out for some shopping. Tuesday. Stayed in to do house work Wednesday. Went to Saintsburys had safeguarding come around at 12 noon . Thursday. Had Probation and CR group Today. Had a meeting at 11am then back home
  17. Daveuk

    Week 3

    Monday: went out to buy two bottles of cola Tuesday: Signed on early and went to firsrstop. Wednesday: stayed in and had a rest Thursday: busy probation at 9:30, first stop, meeting with safeguarding at 11:30 got in at 12:30 then CR at 5pm got back at 9:55pm Today went out put £40 on gas got shopping
  18. Daveuk

    New month

    Monday went to the town brought Cloverfield paradox Tuesday stayed in and did some house work Wednesday went out and brought another DVZ Thursday had to stay in had gas safety check and home visit from probation officer then Went to CR at 5pm Today stayed in and had a rest
  19. Daveuk

    How are we all ?

    Been pretty good also. Will do my blog in a few minutes
  20. Daveuk

    How are we all ?

  21. Haven't heard.from anyone on here in a while ?
  22. Daveuk

    Cold new month

    Well it has just snowed today so it is a cold February. Monday stayed in watched a few DVDs Tuesday had to sign on so I can get money today Wednesday had a probation meeting with my probation officer Thursday went to my CR meeting with double helpings of bangers and mash Today put extra £20 on gas and £10 on electric
  23. Daveuk

    My week

    Monday was a peaceful day in for myself Tuesday was at probation to sort something out Wednesday was watching a few DVDs Thursday had a fun day at my CR group Today stayed in and did some tidying up
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