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  1. Awesome might join it my self
  2. Buzz buzz buzz honey for the bees
  3. Hi all really enjoying my new place have my old one for a lil while longer still have no internet there
  4. Daveuk

    Early entry

    I.know I generally do.this on Friday but after tomorrow I might be in new place won't be able to do it Monday - Out to Saintsburys Tuesday - sign up 11:50am took things to new place at 3pm Wednesday - staying in more packing Thursday - probation 9:30am taken some bigger stuff to new place 2pm CR 7:30pm Friday - might be moving in new place and getting paid Hope to be pack soon
  5. Some photos of the new place
  6. Update: Be moving the bigger stuff to new place this Thursday afternoon at 2pm
  7. All this week been packing Monday - went out for a bit shopping and done some more packing up Tuesday - Routestowork 9:30 packed more stuff up Wednesday - stayed in and packing Thursday - 9;30am probation and 7:30 CR Friday - routestowork 9:30am took some stuff to new place and back to packing
  8. Daveuk


    What do you like reading. Welcome to the community
  9. Daveuk

    Dear uncle Vic

    Dear uncle Vic Will those miss my Quirkiness comments and blogs and me ?
  10. Not sure I have found I can get two £5 E vouchers for the phone and buy two data packs to give me 300 data allowance
  11. Like the saying goes Take 2 steps back to go 3 steps forward
  12. No internet or WiFi until I get a data allowance pack sorted out
  13. Monday - Humankind at 9am Routestowork - 10am Tuesday - sign on at 9:25am Wednesday - stayed in rest Thursday - probation at 9:30am tried to find new place at 4:00 CR 7:00pm Friday - Routestowork 9:30 New place viewing 10:00am back there at 4:00pm
  14. There is no wifil so after next week i won't be able to keep those updated and thank you
  15. Two weeks I been moving into a bedsit like place ( Fully staffed and safe ) not sure if I would be able to get net back on but will try but if in two weeks you don't see my updated blog you now know why David
  16. Daveuk

    Dear uncle Vic

    Dear uncle vic What can I improve on in my potato salad ?
  17. Monday - Went out to Sainburys for a bit of shopping Tuesday - meeting at Routestowork 11:30am Wednesday - stayed in for a rest Thursday - probation 9:30am life healing changes 7:30pm Friday - staying In for rest
  18. Daveuk

    Dear uncle Vic

    My 3rd attempt will be tomorrow
  19. Daveuk

    Dear uncle Vic

    There a joke with that Q. What do you get if you get houmous with a side of veg ? A. Houmouside
  20. Daveuk

    Dear uncle Vic

    I have not done the 3rd attempt yet might need smaller potatoes
  21. Daveuk

    Dear uncle Vic

    Okay change the subject
  22. I am going to attempt a 3rd try hmmmmm
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