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  1. Another triple blog .Wednesday brought cure for wellness good creepy film Thursday had good meeting at CR had dinner and dessrt Today got paid but £40 on gas and £20 on electric.
  2. Daveuk

    New week

    Monday 14th Jan Been over to the town spend £33 on shopping and DVD have £17 pound left. But get Paid this Friday
  3. First multi day blog. Wednesday was out in town in saindburys and brought searching on DVD. Good hi tech film told by the view of social media, face time, Mobile phones, laptops. Thursday. Was quite busy with probation, safeguarding meeting and then my CR meeting. Today. Just stayed in and rest. Hope all have a good weekend.
  4. Daveuk

    Thursday 10th

    Safeguarding meeting at Doctors at 10:30am should do me good.
  5. Tree put away. And the new year just started watching Black books
  6. Daveuk

    Before Christmas

    It was at 10pm at night and it was from near a petrol station to my flat
  7. Is what am watching now Life of brain by the monty Pythons
  8. What you call the three Tenors without Pavarotti ? Twenty Quid
  9. Daveuk

    Before Christmas

    Thought I tell you all what happened to me before Xmas nothing bad so don't worry. My lift which I generally get from kings church to my flat got a flat tyre which turned out To be two flat tyres and a leak. Which meant I had to walk back you can imagine what I was feeling nervous unsure And lil bit scared but I got back to flat in one piece otherwise I won't be telling you about it.
  10. Daveuk

    New year resolution

    1. Get myself sorted out 2. Take a bath more often 3. Clean flat more
  11. New year new me.
  12. 6 minutes. After this no count down just happy new year
  13. Mental support community. Don't know where I be without those
  14. 54 minutes Bucks fizz is ready
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