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  1. Daveuk

    Dear uncle Vic

    That was a really big answer take 5 uncle Vic
  2. We now have President trump and a Prime minister Boris Johnson
  3. Daveuk

    Not so busy week

    Monday 15th - Humankind 9am - sign onto compass shortly be moving Tuesday 16th - Routestowork 11am and signed on 4:15pm Wednesday 17th - stayed in and rested Thursday 18th - Probation 9:30am Life healing choices 7:30pm Friday 19th - Routestowork 10:30am and shopping, gas and electric
  4. 1st attempt - Potatoes were too tough 2nd attempt - Too creamy and onions didt mix well Possible 3rd attempt is needed
  5. Daveuk

    Dear uncle Vic

    Dear uncle Vic. That is all. Just wanted to make this thread alive again.
  6. Daveuk

    Very busy week

    12th - Friday probation at 9:30am and Routetowork at 2:00pm 11th - Thursday life healing choices at 7:30Pm 10th - Wednesday humankind at 3:00Pm 9th - Tuesday went out for a bit of shopping 8th - Monday Shopping and tea at drop in centre
  7. Daveuk

    Dear uncle Vic

    I need my Fishing rod then
  8. Daveuk

    Dear uncle Vic

    That is good advice. Wonder if this thread was a good idea ?
  9. Daveuk

    Dear uncle Vic

    There you go enjoy lol
  10. Daveuk

    July 1st - 5th

    1st Monday - Went to probation to phone someone at humankind then 2pm at council housing options 2nd Tuesday - signed on at 9:10am 3rd Wednesday - stayed in and rested 4th Thursday - probation at 9:30an and Life changing choices 5th Friday - got paid put only electric on and went to Saintsburys
  11. Daveuk

    Junes nearly over

    Actually that be big 1 0 which now is 11
  12. Daveuk

    Junes nearly over

    7 comments wow well 8 now
  13. Daveuk

    Junes nearly over

    24th Monday - went out for bit shopping 25th Tuesday - went out for a tea and more shopping 26th Wednesday - stayed in for a rest 27th Thursday - went out for bit more shopping and life healing choices at 7:30pm 28th Friday - 9:30am probation
  14. Daveuk

    17th - 21st of June

    Monday - stayed in for a rest Tuesday - signed on at 11:30am Wednesday - humankind at 4:00PM Thursday - probation at 9:30am, met with PPU officer at 2:00pm Life healing choices at 7:30pm Friday went to get paid and shopping and put gas and electric on.
  15. Life healing choices - by John Baker and foreword by Rick Warren ( pastor and founder of celebrate recovery )
  16. Daveuk

    Both books

    Both books.by John baker and foreword. By rick warren
  17. Daveuk

    Monday - Friday

    Monday - went out to Saintsburys Tuesday - went out for a bit and shopping Wednesday - Routestowork home visit 3:00pm human kind 4:00pm Thursday probation 9:30am CR 7:30pm Friday stayed in for a rest
  18. Daveuk

    June month

    Monday stayed in and rested Tuesday signed on at 9:35am Wednesday routes to work at 1pm Thursday 9:30am probation 7:30 life healing choices Friday gas and electric, shopping
  19. Daveuk

    Month ending week

    Monday: went out shopping. Tuesday: maths assessment at 1pm Wednesday: stayed in tidy up Thursday: cr at 7:30pm Friday: probation at 9:30am 11am social services meeting with manager 12pm routes to work
  20. Daveuk

    This week :)

    Monday: meeting at routes to work at 11:00am Tuesday: signed on at 11:00am and English assessment at 11:30am Wednesday: stayed in for rest Thursday: probation at 9:30am and CR at 7pm Friday Humankind at 1pm also at first stop went shopping this morning
  21. Daveuk

    Full week

  22. Daveuk

    Full week

    Monday - phoned routestowork for first meeting on Tuesday Tuesday - meeting at 3:30pm at routestowork for more support Wednesday - stayed in and tidied up Thursday - probation at 9:30am, humankind 1pm and CR at 7:30pm Friday - staying in for a rest
  23. Daveuk

    Top news from UK

    Both love island and the bachelor i do not watch now if you don't mind I be doing my weekly round up In my blog
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