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    Top news from UK

    I have heard that the after care team.in love island is absolute worst ever care. Where JK show least Jazza has reunited fathers, brothers helped addicts and does his best.
  2. Daveuk

    Top news from UK

    I have heard of love island
  3. Daveuk

    Top news from UK

    Am okay but basically the reason sadly why it was axed and cancelled was a guest that was on it failed the lie detector then committed suicide
  4. The jermery Kyle show is axed
  5. Daveuk

    Friday to Monday

    Today - Home visit from probation officer Thursday - Meeting with humankind charity 1pm and CR at 7:30 Wednesday - Stayed in did house cleaning Tuesday - signed on at 2:40 Monday - went out for a bit at Saintsburys
  6. Daveuk

    April - may

    Monday - was out to do a little shopping Tuesday - saw offenders foundation at 2pm housing association Wednesday - stayed in and had rest Thursday - probation and CR day Today - another housing association at 3pm human kind home visit
  7. Daveuk

    No blog today

    The 4 quizzes were the blogs for this week and last week
  8. Daveuk

    Quiz 1 answers

    Final quiz jazz you got 8/10 In total you got 28/40 1. Charlie And the chocolate factory 5. Dallas buyers club
  9. Daveuk

    Quiz 1 answers

    Quiz 3 answers 4/10 1. Curse of la lorano 2. Bedazzled 3. Lost in apace 4. Jennifer aniston 5. Shrek 8. Conspiracy theory
  10. Daveuk

    Quiz 1 answers

    Quiz 2 answers Jazz 9/10 Only 1 you didt get is Chocolate buttons
  11. Daveuk

    Quiz 1 answers

    Jazz you got 7/10 on the Quiz 1 the three you didt get are 3. Eastern 21st April Western 28th April 5. Hop 6 hunt and find Easter eggs
  12. Daveuk

    Quiz 4 mixed bag

    Mix of Film, TV and Easter 1. What film was a remake of a gene wilder musical ? 2. What 90s TV series about witches returned in a revival ? 3. At Easter who hides the eggs ? 4. Traditionally what is not allowed to be eating on good Friday ? 5. What film was about a cowboy who was selling drugs to make people better ? 6. In keeping up appearances what was the name of hynciths two sisters ? 7. In Friends who says "Oh my god" ,? 8. Who fights the forces of evil in Sunnydale ? 9. What egg always has chocolate and a surprise ? 10. After Easter what holiday falls on Monday ?
  13. Daveuk

    Quiz 3 film Quiz

    1. What film is based on the weeping woman ? 2. What remake of a Dudley Moore film has Adam Sandler in ? 3. Which animation has fairytale characters in it ? 4. What film has Matt Leblanc in it ? 5. Which friends actor starred in Leprechaun ? 6. Which film is about Facebook ? 7. Unscramble to get answer Clove tally au 8. Mel Gibson starred in a thriller as as taxi driver in what film ? 9. In what classic has the lines "You only supposed to blow the doors off " 10. In what adventure film was based on the video game of the same name ?
  14. Unscramble to get the answers 1. Dream bury ecc 2. wit X 3. steel ams 4. Smm 5. becked rouled 6. Arms bra 7. crinkess 8. Host blue coat tonc 9. Labs iron 10. Titles Sk
  15. Sorry no blog Quiz time 10 Easter Questions ( 10 today 10 tomorrow 10 Easter Sunday 10 Easter Monday ) 1. What is the Greek word for easter ? 2. What is the Friday before Easter called ? 3. What is the western and eastern date for easter ? 4. What day does Easter generally fall on ? 5. What is the film called about the Easter Bunnies son ? 6. What is the object of hunting eggs ? 7. What is the Sunday called before Easter ? 8. Why is Passover called Passover ? 9. Why is easter celebrating ? 10. Name 5 types of easter eggs ?
  16. I am.going be doing another quiz during the easter holiday
  17. Monday went for a drink of tea at first stop Tuesday went for another tea and signed on at 16:15PM Wednesday stayed in and tidy up Thursday went to probation had new probation officer and CR meeting Friday had a tea and put money on gas and electric and brought shopping.
  18. Monday went out shopping at Saintsbury's Tuesday went drop in for cup of tea Wednesday Stopped in for tidy up Thursday. Probation at 9;30am 7;00pm CR Friday stayed in and a rest
  19. Don't forget we lose a hours sleep
  20. Monday went out to buy two colas Tuesday Signed on at 11:30am Wednesday stayed in and day to myself Thursday safe guarding at 11:00am and CR at 7pm Friday Probation at 9:30am and then had tea at firststop and got money and shopping at 11am
  21. Monday 18th Went out to buy a couple of DVDs and shopping Tuesday 19th Went out to buy cola and a few food Wednesday 20th Stayed in and watched few DVDs Thursday 21st Had probation and CR came back at 10pm Friday 22nd Stayed in and s rest today.
  22. Monday stayed in and bit of rest Tuesday went out to Saintsburys Wednesday stayed in for tidying up Thursday went out to firststop at 9:30 then out again at 12 noon for probation meeting then out at 5pm for CR group Today went out got paid got shipping put gas and electric on
  23. Hi and welcome. It might be because you getting older so what food you liked when you were young you may not like now example I use myself When I was young I hated cheese and pizza I could not stand them. Now I like both cheese and pizza.
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