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  1. Happy new years eve to.you jazz 8 hours 13 minutes
  2. Final entry of 2018. Let next year be better
  3. Daveuk


    We have a joke thread but no puzzle thread Puzzle the 1st You have a fox, a chicken and bag of seeds you need To cross the river with a raft that can carry you and one item Rules The fox can not be left alone with the chicken The chicken can not be left alone with the bag of seeds How can you get all three across the river ?
  4. Gotham is a prequel to Batman its a TV series
  5. Excluding Michael caine and Sylvester Stallone. Can you name all the players in the classic film escape to victory ?
  6. Really does depend where I am we have 2 cinemas but now you can download movies and fb have now watch parties
  7. View it as if you were deaf
  8. A Quiet place is a very unique film
  9. Next year we be in 2019 which. Is one year from the very new 20th century and future 2020
  10. Only 4 days left of 2018. By next week on today it be 3rd January 2019
  11. A1. Johnny 5 A2. 4 houses ( 4 Christmases A3. Polar express A4. Having no children the worlds children will be his children A5 you could have ( Don't feed after midnight, no direct sunlight, don't spill water on them )
  12. Q1. In the film short circuit what name is giving to the berserk robot ? Q2. In a Vince vaugn Xmas movie how many Houses does he go to to get the name of the movie ? Q3. What is the name of the train that goes to the north pole ? Q4. What is propheced about the one in santa Claus the movie ? Q5. In Gremlins what Is one of the rules ?
  13. Christmas jokes Q. Why did the strawberry get a lawyer ? A. Because it was in a jam. Q. What did the fish say when it swam into a wall ? A. Dam Q. What is a pelicans favourite TV show ? A. The Bill
  14. One and all. Hope you have a good Christmas
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