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  1. Right I am going to give those Q13 and 14 now and give those a rest on Christmas eve Christmas day I will post the answers in the lounge. Christmas Quiz Question 13. In the dark comedy Scrooged what is the occupation of the 1st ghost ?
  2. Which of these creatures is not mentioned in the night before Xmas ? Rat Mouse
  3. In Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Paraguay, PerĂº and Uruguay what is Santa claus referred to ?
  4. Traditional in z Christmas pudding what is said to be lucky If you find one in a pudding ?
  5. Sail into Christmas was played and sang by Elton John but what was his actual name ?
  6. Daveuk


    Just thought I post this here. In my Blog at the moment I am doing a Xmas quiz which ends next Tuesday ( Xmas day ) I am.up to Q8 so far plenty time for anyone to play along
  7. In what music video depicts the famous 1914 Christmas truce between England and Germany ?
  8. Test time. Name all of Santa's reindeers
  9. What beverage is made with Egg whites and Egg yolks ?
  10. All Answers will be revealed on Xmas day
  11. You have the 2nd correct Its because there is No L ( Noel ) in Christmas
  12. This is kind like a joke Question Why dont the French celebrate.Xmas ?
  13. No wrong I did a Google search to find out myself you have to double it
  14. In total how many gifts were giving in the 12 days of Xmas ?
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