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  1. In which film is the line "Another Christmas in the trenches" uttered and by who ?
  2. Why was the penguins head so cold ? He was wearing a Ice cap
  3. How many versions of "Do they know its Christmas time" are there ?
  4. Correct. in the drunk tank I was waiting for you
  5. Post answers Here this should be fun. A Question a day leading to Christmas Q1. What sing as the words "In a drunk tank" in the lyrics ?
  6. I have always wanted to know who does the jokes in the crsckersx there always seem to be the same old joke
  7. 16 days to Christmas and 22 days 14 hours 56 minutes to 2019
  8. Its a place that you can just go in have a cup.of tea that also helps you with financial difficulty
  9. On the 20th Dec I be going to a Christmas party. Food drink and Games at my local drop in center.
  10. 10. Send the caverly 9. Proper crimbo 8. Sail into Christmas 7. Pipes of peace 6. All I want for Christmas 5. Merry Christmas everybody 4. Santa Claus is coming to town 3. Little drummer boy 2. Have yourself a merry little Christmas 1. Stone cold this Christmas
  11. 10. Simpsons Christmas special 9. Scrooged 8. The Santa Claus 7. Office Christmas special 6. Friends 5. Nightmare before Christmas 4. Gremlins 3. Steptoe and son Christmas special 2. Polar express 1. Elf
  12. Of the Christmas card. When you get a Christmas card you get the same genetic message ( merry Christmas and happy new year ) followed by the normal to and from blah blah and the white side. Well I do it different on the white side I put this its a riddle me this riddle. My first is in soot but not in card My second is in Advent and also In calendar My third is In Snow but not in flake My fourth is in gifts and also In presents My fifth is In Christmas but not in noel My whole is someone that comes once a year ?
  13. It seems every year ITV3 put the exact same movie on in December And Christmas ( Santa Claus the movie ) it is like they go to movie. Why not Put a new Christmas movie on am sure there is planty to choose from.
  14. Home made Decorations ( Toilet paper holders with wrapping paper around them and tinsel going through them )
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