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  1. I posted this somewhere else: It's embarrassing enough that my hard and throbbing dick is still smaller then any of my wife's ex-boyfriend totally flaccid cocks so yeah I try to hide my flaccid dick from her. Of course she always notices this, and demands me to show it to her, and she'll say we both know it's tiny so just get on with it...there now that wasn't so bad was it, I mean yes the size is but having to show me isn't so bad....and she'll torment me deliciously for the next quarter hour. On vacation my wife took me to a nude beach. She had packed this tiny little white speedo that she told me I could wear to the beach but she was going to make me take it off at some point. At the beach I was embarrassed enough being hard in my little speedo, especially since my wife set us down close to a group of young men. It wasn't long before the presence of my wife's naked body was making it difficult for them not to get hard and she actually told one of them not to worry he had a gorgeous hard cock. Next thing you know 8 naked boys are all around my wife and me chatting. This is when my wife told the group that I was embarrassed because I had a tiny penis and if I didn't take off my bathing suit would they hold me down and strip it off me for her? With there ready agreement I reluctantly wiggled out of the speedo while staying seated. I have to say it was very embarrassing, but also very exciting. The boys who had been flirting openly with my wife became even more confident and emboldened and soon my wife was laying with her head on this boy's thigh, every time she turned her head her lips would gently brush along his hard cock, she had several hands touching and caressing her body and both of her hands had been delicately placed on young hard cocks which she held onto firmly and would occasionally give a gentle stroke. But at mid-day the boys had to leave. We were on the beach for hours my little dick hard and exposed the whole time, there were many who looked and tried to hide giggles, there were some men who saw me and approached my wife very confidently. At the end of the day she gave my hard little dick a grab and said look at that, hundreds of people now know you have a tiny little dick and the world didn't stop, and I want your tongue buried between my legs worse then ever!!! As for the massive ex-boyfriends....yeah they were better, but it's just sex with them it's just physical. I can still please her and it's totally different, it's emotional and spiritual, at least that's what she said
  2. 1) I said I don't have a problem being naked in front of my doctor...but....the nurse practitioner that works in his office is a girl I went to high school with and has known me for a very long time. As typical I get embarrassed and hard wearing just my underwear in the doctor's office and she comes in and looks down and gives a little smile and says how's my little guy doing? She'll pull on my waistband and look down and say something like still tiny, and then make some comment about me still waiting to hit puberty. By the time the doctor comes in she's grabbed, squeezed and felt my hard little dick a half dozen times and made two dozen comments about how small it is and how bad she feels for my wife. So the doctor comes in and is very professional, like my little dick isn't throbbing and oozing pre-cum. And after he leaves she'll remind me that if my wife ever needs to know what a real man is like she'd love to have my wife join her some night enjoying her husband's huge cock. 2) It's embarrassing enough that my hard and throbbing dick is still smaller then any of my wife's ex-boyfriend totally flaccid cocks so yeah I try to hide my flaccid dick from her. Of course she always notices this, and demands me to show it to her, and she'll say we both know it's tiny so just get on with it...there now that wasn't so bad was it, I mean yes the size is but having to show me isn't so bad....and she'll torment me deliciously for the next quarter hour.
  3. I've been married to my wife for over 20 years. The first time she was with another man was about 10 years ago, but it didn't become a regular thing until 4 years ago. For those that don't want to know, I'm not going to say more. For those that do, find a way to get in touch with me.
  4. I think a distinction that needs to be made is their acceptance of the fact that they are in truth average. A lot of small penis issues has to do with believed perception, not reality. In college I had a girlfriend who had been with one other guy before me....sort of. It got weird, we ended up being fraternity brothers, and we all ended up in the same bed most nights.... Let me get to it. She dated him for several months before he broke up with her. They were both virgins when they met. He had a proportionate 7 inch cock, but every time they went to have sex he'd go flaccid. She could stroke and suck him all day long and he would have this large very firm cock, but it would be jelly worm before he could get it south of her firm and perky breasts. He had length to stuff it in her with his fingers but it wouldn't get hard again until it was away from her pussy. She would suck him off and he'd give her oral to please her but fingers and tongues were the only thing they gave each other orgasms with. He felt aweful and broke up with her, even though he still loved her. The next semester I come to campus and meet her at a party and we go back to her place and she thinks my little hard cock is amazing...because it was actually hard, and like him I had performed a lot of oral to begin this whole thing. Several weeks later very drunk one night she tells me about the only other guy, who was so much bigger then me but never had sex, but she use to get so turned on feeling and sucking his big cock, and it was better then mine in every way but actual sex. This wasn't a mean statement, it was a rowdy drunken half laughing conversation while we were sucking each other all over and rubbing and stroking. To be honest I'm not sure how it happened, but about a week later I'm drunk, sitting naked on her bed with my little dick throbbing hard, she's in this sexy blue lingerie sitting on my lap and he's fully dressed standing in front of her and she's rubbing his inner thigh...and he's babbling about how much he loves her and needs her...and she's moaning about how she missed and loved sucking his cock as she undoes his pants...She was sucking his cock sitting on my lap when he asked if I was in her now, she looked up at him and softly said no, you'd know it if he was and then took his cock to the base as he gasped and said how would I know? She reached under and grabbed me and took me inside her and gave out a long low moan with his cock still in her mouth. He said you never made that sound with me, she moaned he doesn't have difficulty get in me...or staying in me....she was grinding on me like she never had before and sucking his cock with a hunger I had never seen. He asked if I was bigger and she said no, but he fills my pussy so much more then you ever did....and that was it, he never heard the no he just heard I filled her pussy so much more then he ever did. Not that night but after that night he would see me naked and hard while she was sucking his much larger cock...but he couldn't believe, he couldn't accept the notion that he had a bigger cock. I mean I knew I was small and he believed regardless of what his eyes told him that I had the bigger cock. The rest of that night, the rest of that year and several times the following year, I was nothing but a dildo for her. She fucked me wildly any time she had his cock in her mouth, and it was incredible sex, but it was just sex and her eyes and her body and her mouth were all making love to him while she fucked me. 20 some years later, they are happily married with two kids (his but not by natural fertilization) and he still thinks of ME as the big cock she fucked when they broke up for a semester.
  5. I know it's certainly not conventional..... You sound very much like my wife and I. She is beautiful, gorgeous, smoking hot and sexy and the absolute love of my life. I can't imagine her not being in it. I am by far the smallest penis she has ever had, and I knew it before she admitted it. We started with lots and lots of oral by me on her which I don't mind in the least and we still continue over 20 years later. I am capable of physically satisfying her sexually more often then not and when not then after I've finished I resume more of that oral on her that I don't mind in the least. We started using toys and extenders and sleeves, and larger toys and extenders and sleeves...all of which, fingers, toes, tongues and toys will never be a permanent substitute for the real thing, especially for a woman who's experienced larger men. The second smallest man my wife has ever been with is in the OP's "preferred range" and she's experienced larger then that. I accept that there is nothing I can do expect prolong the inevitable...she's always going to desire, and want to experience what a larger man can provide her that I can't. So I turn to fingers and toes and tongues and toys to prolong it, but I know and accept and she knows and informs me when she going to go and get that itch scratched. I don't suggest this lightly, or even as a solution to your problem. But it is something you need to consider, what are ALL the possibilities, and then MOST IMPORTANTLY you need to discuss how you feel and what you need with your husband and determine WITH HIM how you both want to proceed forward, even if it is proceeding separately. To decide you can't continue as is without giving him a say in what he's willing to change, to make that decision without him is to tell him and me that you never truly loved him to begin with. If you love him you work on this together and come to a decision together.
  6. I'm not going to tell you that you are big or small, it's how you perceive yourself. I can tell you that I am smaller then both of you, and smaller then lloydbaker as well. But how happy you are in life is based on yourself, your day can only be as good as your outlook on it. I'm in my mid-40s. I'm kind of funny, not bad looking, work hard and made myself successful based upon my outlook and drive. I always told women that I was kinda small....and then I wouldn't let them see it for months instead driving them to pleasure using my tongue. By the time they saw how small it was I had built up the negative so much that they were expecting something even smaller.... As I said, I'm in my mid-40s, I have an incredibly gorgeous wife who is just a few years younger then me and is madly in love with me. Does she make love to me? Occasionally. Do I satisfy her with my tongue? At least twice a day. Is she satisfied with her sex-life? Yes, mostly because she has a ridiculously well hung ex-boyfriend she fucks for hours a few nights every week. Do what you are good at, I am smarter, funnier, more successful and better looking then her ex-boyfriend. I can provide her with love and comfort and emotional and spiritual support that he would never be capable of. But, he's as far on the large side of the bell curve as I am on the small side of the bell curve (and we are talking the extreme statistical ends here) and I can't physically satisfy her sexually like he can, so I accept it and allow it because no matter how much she loves me and our life together, if she couldn't give herself to him she would have left me years ago.
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