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  1. I am pretty sure I was either born this way or it was brought on by Trauma. I only changed my behaviour due to the looming consequences and how that could interfere in my life. That was the day my child was born. I feel for my child and it wasnt until that day that I understood unconditional love... or at least what i see it as. I am not upset by the news in the slighest, It has been suggested since a VERY young age that this is who I am but only recently am I interested in connecting with others to share experiences. Relationships take work and unless there is something in it for me I am not interested at all. I make people feel amazing and have perfected my art by 13. as i age and my looks fade it's morphing into other ways of control and leverage but if I out myself as faking it would break the illusion I have created, and all of my relationships are useful to me , It is easy to find new relationships but it seems absurd to destroy one to come out to someone I dont respect anyway
  2. I am new to the sight but new was diagnosed early on (4) with severe adhd and conduct disorder, odd etc. Recently I have been learning more about spectrums of different disorders and I am certain I have ASPD but I obviously can't discuss this openly due to where my life is at and it would out me as faking all my relationships currently, anyway. I was on facebook and they have a group their but it doesnt look like an ASPD group it looks like a bunch of goths trying to show off to one another and I am not stupid, I understand my actions are observed and others wouldnt understand. I am hoping there is a group or several in here that I can connect with like minded people to learn more about us without the fear of destroying our facades we have worked so hard to build and maintain.
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