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  1. Thank you very much for all the welcomes 🙂 College went really good actually, a lot better than I originally expected before the first day. And I have managed to find a decent balance between work and other things, but night does still come a little too fast. I'm really sorry to hear that she's been having to go through it. The condition, from what I've seen, is so unknown to most people, which can be one of the hardest things. I hope you guys see some progression there in the future.
  2. Hey everyone 🙂 I'm currently 19, graduated from high school last year, and now working in IT after finishing a 1 year college program. I grew up with a couple of gaming consoles and my own desktop, but for the most part I wouldn't say I became addicted in any way to electronics until late middle school. My main thing would be watching my toy boats roll down a massive (or in reality as seen by an adult, a very small) waterfall, and creating coastal villages in my sandbox for the purpose of seeing how they stand both the test of time and the real life weather elements 🙄 I did have Selective Mutism (SM), which was what really set me apart from other kids when I was younger. My parents took me to a psychologist a few times for it, and I remember her saying that I'd eventually grow out of it. Some of my verbal/mental barriers I'm still working on breaking, but I have to say though that she was definitely right on what she said. High school was where things really started to take a turn for me, but that'll be a whole thing on its own. Anyways, glad to become a part of the community 🙃
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