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  1. Thank you for the support, Louis) It's not easy, but I'll try to spread the word about this dating sites to bring more people. And maybe I'll find someone who is right for me
  2. Hi and thank you! Obviously, I would not date or marry anyone without knowing that the person is right for me, we share mutual interests and really like each other (at least). Well, I did not want to go into the details. Cuz most people would not believe me or mocked me. But what the hell. The size matter is one of the important things for those of us who were damaged after a sexual molestation. I was 7. There was no actual penetration. But how do I say it? Fingering. But believe it or not, it was enough for me. I am a shy, introverted and over-anxious person by nature. And what happened to me only make it worse. I had the first boyfriend right before graduating from college. And he was like tall and khem 20-25 cm (I don't know exactly, did not measure it) He really loved me and I thought we were meant to be but after 2 years my pain did not go away, so he left me (and who could blame him). So the pain struggle is real. And I'd rather die alone than be forcing myself to sleep with someone and suffering from so much pain. Anyways, that will happen (die alone part). I just wanted to give a chance to the internet and maybe find someone before I'm too old. (Heck, I'm 32 and that is already stereotypically old) Well, that's a bummer. Did not know that this sites only for US citizens. dinkyone does not specify the countries and there is like 20 people online. I've searched my country - 0. So yeah, mission failed. Ideally, I would like my husband to be also an introvert, geek, nerdy or domestic, but who knows. I also don't mind bubbly people (although their energy sometimes exhausts me) I'm not sure how 'to make sure' that this is not the case too. Take a lie detector test or send my ID? I'm just asking for advice here, not marriage. I just wanted to know where do people who have and prefer a smaller penis find each other? It's 2018. Anyways, thank you for all responses. I have 2 PM on miniwilly, though. So wish me luck! Thanks, Bye!
  3. WCIF a decent man with like 5 or 10 cm of equipment? Long story short - yes, I do know that it might sound weird. But for me, even average size (like 15 cm) is a deal breaker. I don't know where to start. Is there a dating sites? (except miniwilly or dinkyone). Should I try hashtags on Twitter, Tumblr, craigslist or what?
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