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  1. @Daveuk I have not seen that movie but I heard it is great.
  2. This is my first non-introduction thread. For a while, I am taken over by certain topics of angst (for me it's world and tension stuff, and domestic political and social issues-the modern Western social condition) that by now it doesn't go one day where it doesn't enter my mind at all. I have had a few little "episodes" where it would get too overwhelming and my body gets over-excited with me having rising blood pressure. At the end of these occasions I am a little hot and my heart is pounding. I had this theme of anxiety since I was in high school, but the last two years were the first time I actually felt any noticeable physical condition with it. I will note that the heart-pounding issue is only from when I have these few-minute "episodes" and not other parts in my life. It would be nice if I could have a conversation with someone (private) who hopefully is civil and able to put up with politics and those things in my venting.
  3. Thanks for asking @Daveuk I like watching Disney, dark comedies, anything that's not boring for me LOL.
  4. Heya everybody! 🙂 Male, 26 (turning 27) years old. Live in the US. Interests: listening to music, watching movies, computers. (music is my favorite that helps me relax at times I feel stress)
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