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  1. While i am studying right now, some people went on my rooftop and 4th floor and hammering on the wall.This is very irritating and i can't concentrate on my studies.So, what should i do now?Please help me.
  2. Thanks jazz and Victimorthecrime for your suggestion, First of all i wanted to let you know that, i am so poor that i can not afford to buy AC.So i have to keep my window open all night long.You know it is very warm, hot,hazy and humid in dhaka. So that time, some people goes at my rooftop or at 4th floor when i am in deep sleep to guide me.In that case i remove my bed from the window as far as possible.But still they are able to guide me and i am dreaming lots of dreams whole night.
  3. Thanks for your sympathy and reply malign, I mailed to Human Rights Watch. In reply they suggested this website to me.I truly believe that this was caused by other people.But their continuous disturbance,abuse, torture , humiliation for the last 2 years made me mentally and physically sick.The most saddest thing is that whenever i say that, this happened in my deep dream caused by other people,then my friends and family do not believe this.For the past one year i had no deep sleep.Whenever i am in sleep, i am in my dream working.Therefore i don't feel fresh in the morning.But i slept 8-10 hours.Therefore all day i feel tired and sleepy.
  4. @IrmaJean these feelings do not occur anywhere besides my apartment.I was in this type of situation ten years ago.When i was a child of 14 years old.I was bullied,physically and mentally tortured by my teachers and elders.I don't want to live in that city.I will definitely move to the another country after my graduation.There is no sympathy and mercy in my neighborhood.Please help me.I just want to do my work peacefully.Please provide assistance.
  5. Thanks for your reply LaLa, First of all i want to let you know that, i don't believe in nightmares and i have no fear about nightmares.I know about neighbors' (who is in 2nd floor,4th floor,6th floor)voice exactly.Most of the time they hire some thug for causing me dreams and they pay money to the dangerous thugs.Actually the thugs are contractual, i.e they abuse,torture,humiliate even kill people for the money.At the time of waking up i hear some one is talking and this is related to dream.When i full awake it stops, and the thugs goes away. Today a new type of torture begins, at 6.00 am they ordered dogs to bark besides my house, The dogs barks so loudly that i could not sleep.My sleep breaks.When ever i sit to study or sleep, some thugs went on my rooftop and starting to make huge noise, that i can not study and concentrate properly. I just wanted to sleep, live and study properly.There is none to whom i can share and tell that this is caused by some group of people and they are causing me dreams, not by nightmares. I just want to do my work peacefully and happily,For these reason my grades are becoming lower and lower, my math and programming ability destroyed.I don't know how to recover.I am just a poor guy.Even i have no money to hire thugs and stop this dream.If i have the money i could hire thugs and stop these incidents and also going to a good psychologist.
  6. Someone, Please help me, I am helpless,I am slowly dying here.This is the call for humanity.
  7. Thanks for your reply LaLa, I have gone to several churches,pagodas and temples to discuss about that issues.They said that, they had no witness about my dream, they also said that they have nothing to do with dreams.I also said that to my several friends and family, but they said that its my psychological problem and they ordered me to go to doctors or psychologists.But its sure that when i am away from my apartment, i did not see any dream and my sleep is good.I have no psychological problem.Besides i am so poor that i have no money to go see a healthcare professional.My health is getting worsen.I can not change my apartment, because i live with my parents.My parents said that they did not experience anything like me.So i am helpless here.Nobody in my area believes me.But a group of my neighbors trying to make me mad.They are trying trying to kill me slowly and indirectly.They are continuously attacking me during my deep sleep.Therefore i dream a lot.Its the group of people who are making these dreams and injecting me.The dreams i dreamt have no relation with the thoughts of mine.I don't know what to do next.I don't know why on earth i am being attacked?Besides i have no criminal records.I am just a unsocial techie guy trying to learn new things all day long, even i had not done any harm to others.Please help me.I am getting sicker day by day.
  8. Dear sir/madam, I am a resident of [address removed by a forum moderator] Dhaka, Bangladesh.My house no is [address removed by a forum moderator].For the last few months i was a victim of serious mental abuse.A group of local thug(especially who is in 2nd floor,5th floor and other side of the 6th floor) is continuously scolding and threatening me i.e till i wake up(1am-6am).They are causing me lot of dreams at night.For that reason i am dreaming a lot of bad and fearful dream.I am sure a group of people are causing this.I am getting sicker. My cognitive and thinking capability is getting worsen.I suspect a group of spiritual and religious cults are causing this.It became unbearable and nowadays i can not sleep during night.I am very frightened all the time that the thugs might kill me anytime and there is no one help or support me.For this reason sometimes i feel suicidal. I will be very grateful to you if you take necessary action regarding this matter and provide assistance. Yours sincerely, Raisul My location [location removed by a forum moderator]
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