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  1. I definitely feel embarrassed in front of my wife. I don't cover up. I had a girl that was a friend who I talked with about things. I told her how embarrassing it was even with my wife. I told her I was barely 3 1/2 inches erect. That was a mistake. She told everyone we knew and it's followed me around for years. People I barely know laughing when I enter a restaurant or store. I only talk about with my therapist now. I know I can trust her.
  2. I've got buried penis syndrome really bad. Flaccid- 1 1/2 Erect- 3 1/2 Girth is also a little over 3 inches
  3. I've never thought of cheating BECAUSE of my size. Maybe I prove myself in other ways, I'm not sure but it's something to think about.
  4. I lack girth and length so I'd be happy with more of either one. Lol
  5. Did I miss the part where he told his size? I've got buried penis syndrome and I'm really small but I've heard other guys with a 6 inch penis whining about being small. I believe the polite thing would be to let her know in a roundabout way.
  6. Does anyone else have weird behavior concerning their penis? I like to take a morning shower and stay naked for a couple of hours doing housework? I also measure it everyday and keep a log. My wife is usually getting ready for work at this time while i'm nude not measuring. It really bothers her to see it so she doesn't really look at it just hurries up and gets ready for work. Any thoughts? I have buried penis syndrome really bad.
  7. I wish more ladies were like you. It seems like penis shaming men has become as popular as fat shaming women used to be. I've been giggled at more than I care to admit. I have buried penis syndrome so my 3 3/4 inches looks even worse when flaccid. I would love to be able to have someone who wasn't always mentioning my size and how weird it looks.
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