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  1. Do you ever inform them you are small just before intimacy?
  2. wtf?!!? I didn't even have you in mind!!! I don't hang around this place to waste my time trying to shoot an individual down. Try relaxing sometime you so highly fricken strung constantly.
  3. Only issue I have with this forum is the aggressive/passive aggressive/sarcastic replies I sometimes get otherwise the people seem good but a few times I've put a comment in a thread or started one only to get some smarmy sarcastic dude shoot me down. This type of thing doesn't really do wonders for the community atmosphere. I really think this whole penis envy is out dated I mean I understand its a primal thing but truth of the matter is we generally don't get to see our friends dicks much (thankfully) to compete in that way and besides everyones full of s**t when it comes to their erect sizes. A guy could be small flaccid but be average/above average erect but numbskulls seem to think anyone with a flaccid smaller penis MUST have a smaller erect penis. It doesn't work like that for the most part I mean I am sure some do but the majoity who are "growers" are not still smaller than average erect but it doesn't matter anyway seeing as we've mostly moved on from this ape type behavior. Penis size? pfft. Hey its 2019!!! nows its about who's making the most money, driving the nicest car, has the best job, screws the most women. These things are something of the modern equivilent I feel.
  4. in my life experience its always been for other reasons. For the most part I've never even known my friends sizes.
  5. Forget just the talk on how long worldwide officially average is in inches or cm's etc I KNOW the answer. I just wanted to deal with this nagging quest to find just the ONE picture of an erect penis that could be used as the official deciding image that perhaps scientists after all their research can say: "THERE! hey guys you see this picture of an erect penis right here? THIS IS WHAT MOST GUYS LOOK LIKE! so if you are slightly smaller than it or bigger than it its roughly average so you you are within the norm" what usually happens is its just a mish mash of supposedly "average" penises but they all seem either too big or too small. Is diffiucult to ignore the obvious differences to call any one THE deciding one of most men. I get that average is a vague broad spectrum but there must just be that ONE picture out there somewhere what makes it the deciding picture and I want it. Again please lets not talk about the validated scientific measurements at all as I am well aware of them. I wanted to deal with this in picture form ONLY on this thread. *sigh* no doubt someone will ignore this little rule and quote measurements anyway of course. Ty.
  6. a lot of guys seem to look past this issue. A LOT and I mean a LOT of girls/women go through a bad time in their lives due to their lack of chest cuppage. I've even known girls who were bullied pretty heavily in highschool because of such issues and ended up with emotional scars. Its nothing to play with. They have the advantage of being able to correct it more effectivley surgically of course with the OP way cheaper and less complicated for that matter but I guess the downer is its hard to pretend they are real but this is basically on par with our penis size paranoia.
  7. The most alpha guys in my year in highschool I often saw in the showers after sports class and their penises were nothing special either and were even maybe ever so very slightly smaller with one or two guys but you'd think they were hung like a porn star the way they came across. Maybe erect they were much bigger but this all just seems unlikely to me I mean for one thing how would the guys ever know what they was erect? and why would they want to know for this matter??? I sure as hell didn't care to know. This is all nothing uncommon really.
  8. It would appear the more less primal-pack type orientated leaders who are determined moreso by charisma/intelligence and secretly being manipulative and sneaky do end up doing better still. Neither is bad really but I know I'd rather be a smart charismatic tycoon with style than an alpha male bud-swigging chest beater who still thinks he's the highschool star football player despite being well into his forties.
  9. Yeh I'd go with that yes. I'm willing to bet most of the most influential and powerful men in the world since civilization began had average or even in some cases small endowments. Hitler springs to mind especially with small as his under endowment is famously documented. While what he did was pure evil nobody could deny the power he wielded back then.
  10. what I want to know is why did this rich guy wait this long to get his OP done if it was supposed to be THIS important? he was 65. Wasn't exactly a spring chicken was he. Lets assume he was a billionaire or a millionaire leading up to that for at least half his life you telling me with all his wealth yet with penis size apparenty being so important and all he waited until he was 65 to finally have the OP? come on. It clearly wasn't that important to him from the getgo. He was a victim of his own success. Clearly had to much money and bought everything else he could. Do you actually believe the class/status system in this world is to do with penis size? a part of me thinks you don't really believe this.
  11. You'll find successful people would be considered alpha in the business world and outside of it too I mean granted not all of them but you have to have a ruthless mentality and have charisma at the same time. Some of the most successful people I have ever known in the business world have been extremely charismatic people who radiate confidence (and they are likely sneaky and ruthless when they need to be to get ahead) they can't ALL have big dicks.
  12. Yes I am aware of that news but I thought he should not need such a thing to begin with if alpha males like him are all hung to begin with? strange that.
  13. Not really. Actually its about physical attractiveness and money. Big dicks are a big bonus but usually money tops it. You think every president of the united states got that far because they were hung like donkeys?!?!?? please. a little advise to you Klingpeach which most people are likely too polite or even too wary to tell you; stop wallowing in self pity so much I dare say you may find you might actually ENJOY your life once in a while! just a suggestion I know its crazy the prospect of perhaps not throwing yourself a constant pity party every day all day but remember you are not the only one who has been through bad times in his life. Believe it or not even very hung males have tragedy and bad things happen to them unless the sheer incredible energy of having a big dick has this magical power scientists have not learned about yet that somehow makes them immune to things such as sickness, mental illness, family tragedy, financial problems, marriage breakdown, victims of crime, drink addiction, drug addiction, gambling addiction, trauma from past abuse etc etc etc the list goes on and as far as I know the darkness on earth that causes these things that ruin people could give a rats a** if you are hung like a donkey or a gerbil but I suppose everything bad in the world has only ever happened to small or average guys right? and every guy hung like a horse leads this lavish rich wonderful life by default right? yeh seems totally legit. Totally legit. I know this all might seem as alien and otherworldly to you but hey its just worth trying sometime to stop being so miserable and aggressive. This wasn't to be mean but just try to get you to realise you are taking this way... WAY out of proportion here.
  14. I notice this with a lot of guys with small penises (or ones they think are small) they seem to just be totally unreasonably bias for the notion "alpha males" with bigger dicks get all the pussy and the beta guys (I assume they mean themselves) sit by and do nothing but watch like wimps. Sure many do because they are alpha but much of that has nothing to do with size for the most part. @Klingpleach Yes I do accept that its been scientifically verified that women on average prefer a larger penis for one night stands but the majority of women with men outside of this who are in sensible relationships/marriages are for the most part with average sized men. Its just how it is. The average penis size would have increased long ago if these supposedly so many men with big dicks made male babies but its not the case and small guys seem to have trouble understanding this proven biology for some reason. It's all the proof you need really.
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