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  1. Duh! Small dick men are unlikely to be sex athletes. This is partially due to the preferences of women and partially due to sps which overemphasizes the importance of penis size in the MINDS of men. If I may say so, I was something of a sex athlete myself when young, seeking adventure instead of long term partners. Most guys in those pick-up bar venues of yesteryear were larger than average though >7.5 I think was pretty exceptional even there. There were some very aggressive (and fun) guys with average or less too. There were more factors in adventurous sex than size on my mind. Why is it so impossible for guys to admit they might not be cut out to be a sex athlete, regardless whether the reason be penis size or something else?
  2. I think Klingpeach is confusing the issue! Of course there are enough large penis guys around for women wanting sexual adventures. That is what I meant with my tinder and 1 night stand analysis. There are not enough large penis guys for a large per cent of women to have as marriage or long term partners for the purpose of raising a family. Only procreative sex which results in children would change the average penis size of the population over time. Even so, there would be a slow evolution towards larger penises due to female preference.
  3. There may be truth to what the Dane is saying for women active on one night stand sex apps like tinder. It is said 20% of the men on tinder have sex with nearly all the women on tinder. Also men with small penises don't go on tinder which skews the data. Thus, the Dane doesn't believe scientific studies based on random samples of men, not the sexually active who tend to be much larger. However, tinder has nothing to do with men and women pairing up for marriage or long term relationships. For marriage, women have to settle not just have sex with the most attractive (penis or otherwise) man they see. Admittedly, I am basing this on reading. I have no first hand experience. In my day it was meeting people in social circles, common interest groups, work, family contacts, etc. If there are penis size changes toward larger due to female selection it would be because of selections for raising a family not one night stands or sexual adventure.
  4. Simple mathematical definition. We don't know exact average, but it is ONE number. Average range is sloppy thinking..
  5. I would add to all that said that all guys, large or small, should learn to accept that generally we do not demand that sex with a partner must be the best we have ever had or ever could have. The competition thing must be a male instinct that you fellows need to moderate. Most of us just want good satisfying sex with a partner that meet a whole array of our other needs unless you are just talking one night stands or sex clubs or something.
  6. Really? Seems to me far far more men are like that than women.
  7. Sure, maybe guys with micro-penises tend to get selected out, but 50% of guys are smaller than average which is somewhere around 5.2-5.5". Even if what you say is true about us women and size (which I think is a gross exaggeration), most guys average or smaller can and do find a woman to settle for them and reproduce. I dare say you are talking about women looking for a fast hot roll in bed, not ones looking for a life partner and family. Even there, you are exaggerating. Bottom line: There aren't enough large penises for all the women in the world unless us women are willing to stand in line for 1 night stands (in a dating app) or wait in line in some big guy's harem. In real harem cultures, I"d bet hereditary wealth, status, and power, not penis size was the main factor in acquiring a harem.
  8. It's just math. Like it or not, there are not enough big dicks, if that's what we all wanted, for all women, esp. for marriage or permanent relationships. Women have to settle for what is available: average and below. Please recall the math. 50% of men are below average.
  9. I didn't need him to compete with past sex partners that might have been better. That was his focus. For me, sex does have to be the best I have ever had for me to be satisfied.
  10. Yeah, you can't go back to the past when marrying a virgin could be arranged by your family. Actually, I think there is a hint in title Huxley's Brave New World. Men have to be brave in a different sense than they were in traditional society. Sex is a major topic in the novel though the discussion not as frank as it would be if Huxley wrote today. I guess us women are more used to being "judged" for sexual purposes by men. There are approximately the same number of men and women and polygamy is not the norm. Further, "endowment" is not the only factor affecting the choices of women, far from it.
  11. We shouldn't forget that traditionally men wanted only virgins so there could be no comparison with other men. An unpleasant instinct must be involved.
  12. He was too sensitive, his inferiority complex too severe for him to do that or respond positively to my even mild suggestions. Men tend want to be the best their woman ever had. A woman, I think, or at least this one, is more realistic, but a lot of men can't accept that.
  13. Maybe I'm totally different, but I doubt it. The only thing that improved depth of penetration for the small guys I've been with is the man holding my legs over my shoulders, sometimes called "folding the woman in half." Maybe 1 above might help, but a short penis would be hampered by 2 and 3!
  14. I can't imagine stopping oral sex once started because it isn't what I expected! On the other hand, I would never offer oral sex as a trade either. Giving oral would have to develop naturally with fooling around. If I didn't like the penis for any reason it just wouldn't happen. Small wouldn't be a reason if all else was cool. Oral with a big vs. small penis is dramatically different, though. The small dick guys I ran into when I was active were quite aggressive in pursuing oral perhaps as a cover for feeling small in my mouth.
  15. I'm trying to think back to see if I ever Indulged in hurting a guy's feelings about his small penis. I was mature very early and started dating and fooling around very early. I have to admit I enjoyed putting down guys who weren't maturing yet. I remember thinking I was just being honest and "telling them the score." I probably did enjoy putting them in their place, though. I thought many boys were arrogant and needed to be taken down a notch. When I was sexually active, I'm sure I never did it. The few small guys I had sex with were quite aggressive and fun. I guess shy small guys didn't approach me.
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