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  1. raritchie

    how to cure femdom fetish?

    I have seen cruel barbs about lesser endowed men, but what you are describing is far more severe, not just a passing emotional reaction. Probably a reaction to suffering abuse I would guess!
  2. It interest me that you miss large penises eventhough you didn't orgasm with them (some or all?). I was recently introduced to the concept of social-sexual hierarchy at this site when someone linked https://youtu.be/1Ua2XnYlm-o Before I got married I had sex with quite a few large and small guys. Now, I realize that I like the confidence and self esteem of so called alpha guys for sex. That was what I missed most with my husband, not orgasms, though those were different also. Alpha guys usually have a big penis, but not always.
  3. raritchie

    Submissive feelings to a larger penis

    OMG you sound like my husband, but I know you aren't from reading your slew of posts. You have allowed yourself to go too far down into a bad place. No doubt, your wife, like me, would be totally disgusted if she knew. I could better understand adopting the gay lifestyle, having gay affairs. Somehow, you have to dig your way out of this hole. At least I can sympathize with you. My husband is too close. Most women judge the man. His penis is a side issue.
  4. raritchie

    Ranting on about women

    I was angry, very angry at any man who appeared in the slightest abusive.or even normally aggressive, I guess.
  5. raritchie

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    According to Wikipedia you are well above a micropenis, but somewhat smaller than average.
  6. raritchie

    females views etc (Trigger Warning!)

    Yeah, angry women put men down about their penises. Foolish to take the details what they say seriously when they are angry. Men abuse women. The main thing that makes women angry.
  7. raritchie

    Ranting on about women

    Oh, I forgot part of the point I was making. Penis size wasn't on my radar screen though I was disappointed some the Jr. High boys were "still little boys" down there. I was looking for boys with status, but it was still fun "making out."
  8. raritchie

    Ranting on about women

    I was very "hot to trot" as is said when I entered High School. I was fully mature though still only 14 about to turn 15 in the Fall. Parents kept older boys away from me in 7th, 8th and 9th grade which I deeply resented. I thought I hated my parents for that. They let me date for school and supervised dances and functions and movies if parents drove. I always had multiple guys asking me out. I'd basically go as far as they wanted if we could get alone somehow. Finally, I had intercourse with one of the boys. It didn't last long enough to do much for me, but there was blood from bursting my hymen. I panicked and told my parents. They panicked too and put me on birth control pills. I definitely wasn't choosy, but had no interest in "nerds" or boys obviously not maturing. So, the sentence I quoted did describe me. I was extremely horny and not very choosy. But I didn't "fall in love" with any of the boys in Jr. High. I was eyeing the older boys for that. Looking back, it must have been instinctual. I wanted a top alpha type guy who everybody respected and followed. I immediately "fell in love" with the Sr. football star just watching him from afar and the way he was treated when I went to High School. I was thrilled when he hit on me. Soon we were going "all the way" in his car. So, I was choosy, but it was all instinct, no thinking about character, etc. Of course, he didn't really love me at all. After a time the relationship lead to pretty severe abuse which amazes me that I tolerated.
  9. raritchie

    Submissive feelings to a larger penis

    Uh, were you meeting up for penis play?
  10. raritchie

    Submissive feelings to a larger penis

    My marriage ended because of this type of behavior. I was very disgusted and never wanted to see him again. I tried to sympathize but couldn't.
  11. raritchie

    Ranting on about women

    Interesting! I thought I was alone!
  12. raritchie

    Ranting on about women

    I was 25 approx. when I met the guy I finally married. I don't think many women have been as abused as I was. I'm certainly in a small minority the way I reacted.
  13. raritchie

    Living in shame

    Most of guys I was involved with during my promiscuous period were bigger than average (I guess they tend to be more active in the pick-up bar scene), but I did have a number of smaller guys. Admittedly only 1 was really up to it. I never thought about all the issues above.
  14. raritchie

    Thy Enemy.....Small Penis

    The popular TV program, Law & Order, Special Victims Unit, had an episode, supposedly based on actual offender profiles, which featured a man suspected of killing several of his girl friends. The crack interrogator wrung a confession out of him by sympathetically discussing the humiliation of having a small penis with the suspect. He said he understood the inability of a small penis to get a woman "over the hump" and how a woman could never accept that. Supposedly, that triggered the man's rage that the girl friends had humiliated him, tantamount to a confession. I couldn't help but remember the rage in some of my sex partners when they learned I hadn't orgasmed in spite of their heroic efforts. I definitely was put on guard though it seemed to me to be a damaging stereotype to put on TV.
  15. raritchie

    Ranting on about women

    I loved and married a man with a small penis. I was attracted to the complete respect he gave me with no agenda to get me in bed. This was paramount to me as I had experienced an abusive relationship in High School. I was pretty promiscuous in College and for a few years thereafter. Some of the sex was good for a time, but no decent relationships developed. My relationship with my husband started at work very slowly. Years had gone by before we talked in a personal way at all. We finally noticed that we shared personal interests. The first dates were more like "meet-ups" for activities we both liked though he generally did pick me up. People would assume we were an item, but we'd laugh and say, "no, we just like to do X." We would often have dinner to talk about our interests. One time he drank more than usual and suddenly blurted-out that he loved me. I expected he would make a move in the car, but nothing.in spite of me sitting close to him. I finally took matters into my own hands, wrapped my arms around him and kissed him hard. I stuck my tongue in his mouth. We french kissed and made-out like school kids for a long time. Things progressed pretty rapidly from there. When we finally got naked some days later I was surprised how small his penis was, but wasn't concerned. I never measured it, of course, but it did almost disappear in my hand when I grasped it. But, it always seemed hard and ready to go. He told me he was a virgin as I had suspected. He orgasmed too soon to satisfy me for quite a number of our early sessions. After I showed him how to get me stimulated before attempting intercourse, he had less trouble lasting long enough to satisfy me. This may not be the best way for a relationship to develop. I was clearly "on the rebound" reacting to bad experiences. Our marriage lasted a long time but finally fell apart. So, I'm one type of woman who had no problem accepting a man with a small penis. I don't really know, but 2 shy people would probably be a more stable combination if a small penis is involved. The inequality of our sexual experience was a problem.