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  1. Horrible! What does "sectioned" mean?
  2. What, then, do you think is the essence of your problem?
  3. How does that work? Actually go through hormone treatment and surgery? "Most?" I've often thought I'm a submissive "male" lesbian.
  4. Yeah, but the lacking sexual performance can become more and more apparent over time when the expected "improvement" does not occur.
  5. Most women believe or like to believe or want people to believe that it is the relationship, not the penis size, even those women who have a lot of adventurous sex. They resent that men seem picky about female bodies and make a point they aren't or, at least, put the person first. When they admit preferences they are clear they are just talking preference and can adjust to whatever the "right" man has in the way of genitals. An interesting point is that women list as attractive or necessary male characteristics such as "confidence", not just in bed, but in life, which are difficult for a man with a small penis (real or imagined) to develop. Just my attempt at mind reading. Plus, there are many varieties of females. They don't all think and feel alike! My stereotype above does not fit all.
  6. You don't need to ask women 5.9" is considerably above average. You have nothing to worry about. When I visited LPSG I perceived that the "Ask a Woman" participants pooh poohed male size concerns. They were not size queens at all!
  7. Unfortunately, this is a big problem for high a per cent of us under endowed guys. Even if we are able to hide insecurity and obsession, few of us can fake sexual confidence.
  8. Are you substantially small? Below 5.5 erect or very small flaccid? If not, of course you might not be aware.
  9. Yes, indeed! Women are unlikely to be selecting a man to fuck based on penis size in that fashion!
  10. Divorced has left the site because of personal issues she is handling. She said she will not be returning. She has mentioned to some of us and in her posts too that she suffered rather severe abuse in high school and believes herself to be suffering psychologially from that.
  11. Sorry to butt in here, but do you mean (Vienna Circle) psychological theory is out of date? Seems to me it should be up-dated for a less culturally bound, more generally applicable approach, but the baby seems to have been thrown out with the bathwater. My original self-diagnosis, far from putting myself in a good light, cast myself in a very negative light: moral flaws in exercising will. Now I see I was hormonally and genitally inadequate quite beyond the power of any "moral will" to correct. Hello Dr. Adler!
  12. Maybe should have posted under existing thread: Submissive Feelings to a Larger Penis Just telling my story, repulsive or not. I found it repulsive too.
  13. I'm not really at peace with, but I appreciated your honesty. Still painful to hear. It was decades later that I actually experimented with my submissive gay side. I often think about what might have happened if I followed her "advice" back then.
  14. That's really reality check for a guy just under 4" like myself. Too bad the guy's hand wasn't visible or a ruler. I would guess somewhat under 6". Yeah, I saw it before it was deleted.
  15. Yeah, I didn't get around to mentioning she was right.
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