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  1. That sounds more reasonable to me but also... oh my god 😖 I guess I should chat with my doc about that. Thanks for the suggestion, scary as it is. All options need to be addressed when it comes to random and sudden changes.
  2. I havent. I used to eat everything, like one of the least fussy children. Then, overnight I couldnt stand to eat anything at all (like in the last two weeks). I think I've noticed my sense of smell is more sensitive because a lot of things I'm averted to are largely based on smell. I just cant wrap my head around the idea that my taste suddenly changed to just hate everything, and I refuse to accept that idea. I havent been pregnant, havent had an accident or even been sick in months so it was really out of nowhere.
  3. Look, I dont know where else to ask about this. I do not have an eating disorder, but all that comes up when I ask daddy google is about OCD and EDs, and I've never been concerned about my weight. I'm fat, I dont care. I used to like eating but now I'm just turned off by literally everything under the sun, not even just food. The dog is kinda wet - I wanna throw up. The butter smells buttery - I wanna throw up. This eggroll had been in my mouth for .002 seconds too long - I wanna throw up. I've struggled to keep down meals for days now. I've become pretty agitated and upset that I wasted
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