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  1. I don't know what my sexual orientation is. Ever since I watched Star trek 10years ago, I viewed Spock character as most interesting - immune to bully and not afraid to fight back. And I can't explain how I link his character to asexuality. And I don't really know if no fad had any thing to do with asexuality, I only assume it does. My gender identity and sexuality had be made confused and complicated by paedophiles. I used to blamed (maybe still do) all the bad experience on bullies - so much hate that I took revenge on 1 of his daughter (my wife) which I got her pregnant... I better stop her
  2. I m on NO FAB challenge (with myself of course) and the longest was 44 days. I m trying to be asexual. I m married but my wife and I were never lover, we live separately. We married because I got her pregnant and to provide child support... It's complicated.
  3. Don't know about you people but I only experienced small penis slurs bully from guys only. Girls don't use small penis slur, only laugh (giggles) along with the guys, unless I m in a heated argument with them. It is always the guys (alpha male) that called me small penis and made jokes/discriminates against me.
  4. I have encountered such person once. At that time I was mtf cross-dresser and he is bisexual. He works out at gym regularly, muscular with 6-pack abs. He's about 5'-10" and I was only 5'-3" small built. His penis around 6" and mine is about 3". And he doesn't mind about my size, after all, I m always bottom anyway and yeah I felt very submissive to him. Although our relationship lasted only 3 months, he is my best fwb, roomate and fuck-buddy ever. All others I felt gross and yacky!
  5. I am about 3.2" max bone pressed and slightly less than 1" diameter. I wish I m in normal size range like the average which they claimed to be 5.5" or even 5" I will be happy too because I m only a small frame 5'-3" tall person. P/s can I use metric measurements in future post. I noticed most people here still using imperial measurements.
  6. I tricked and impregnated a girl whose father used to bullied me in school. Does that count as a success story? I mean I did it as a revenge.
  7. In my case I was straight to transgender to straight again and to asexual now. I have no happy memories of my teenage years. Always bullied, cheated (taken advantage of) and teased for having small dick. Always felt lonely, confused, angry and envy of bigger dick. Being asexual and live like a vulcan is the only thing that keep me sane.
  8. Few years ago I caught my wife cheats. But I don't care because she want 2 things that I don't have ~ luxurious lifestyle and satisfying sex. I am really small and have became asexual 10 years ago.
  9. So glad to have found this forum. I wish I knew this forum exist 10 years ago... Done something bad in my past... SPS/revenge related. There are so much to read in this forum... Will share some of my stories later... Got to read now... Regards
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