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  1. Let me also address porn and masterbation. I love both too. I get horny, and love to watch porn and get off. But this is not a good substitute for actually being with someone. I don't mean having sex with them necessarily. I just mean having a connection, or having someone to tak to, or cuddle with. I've had sex with prostitutes too, and that, even though it satifies my needs physically, does nothing to enrich myself mentally or psychologically. It's funny, but the couple of times I've actually had a girlfriend, the relationship lasted over a year. This is from an extremely shy person. I've never ever asked a girl out! One girl got ahold of me thru her girlfrend that told me she liked me. The 2nd was a girl that actually called me - and I said no like a fucking idiot! Thankfully, she called me the next day and I was ready this time and said yes. My 3rd and only other gf was one that a friend of mine gave me her phone number, and after thinking about a hundred times that "I can't call her" finally did and we went out. This one only lasted a few dates, but at least I got soe sort of a chance with her. My point is, once I actually got started, it didn't go as badly as I expected. Now, I only had sex with one of them (GF #2), and that still haunts me to this day - I was so happy to actually have a gf that I failed to try for more. So even though I have a small penis, and was very shy (especially when I was younger), once I was sort of forced into dating a woman, I did ok for the most part. I want guys here to try harder than I did. I gave up on myself too easily to ask someone out. And I'm kicking myself BIG TIME for it. Don't be a 60-year-old-loser like me. PLEASE!!
  2. I know how bad it is. But can I give a bit of advice? Looking back, when I was younger, there actually were women who were interested in me, and I totally missed the signs. I always just thought they wanted to be just a friend and were just being friendly talking to me. I never even considered the thought they might like to know me more intimately. So, I just chatted with them, and never even thought about asking them to join me for a cup of coffee, or a drink, or a quick bite at the local diner or doughnut shop. Now that I'm much older, I don't have any prospects at all. So please, please, I beg you. If there's someone that likes to talk to you, even casually, and you know they are available, ask them to join you somewhere informally, like I mentioned above. An innocent little get together - no big production, no fancy dinner. It's not really a date. By getting your foot in the door like that, you might even surprise yourself and things might develop further. Please try. Don't be like me - 60 years old with sooooo much regret I beat myself up with it.
  3. I don't know how the discussion changed from ashamed of penis size to infomercials, but whatever. As I read my previous posts, I was shocked to realize they were posted in 2010!! Its now 9 years later! During this time, Ive still been without a girlfriend. Guess I've given up the thought that I could be lucky enough to get a woman in my life to hold, cuddle with, talk to and even have sex with. Maybe thats why I always used to say I'll never get married .. I knew that I wasnt good enough to even get a girl to love me. Funny, but I've always been easy to please and am easy to get along with. So NATURALLY, I cant even satisfy my meager demands... Ive used humor to get by in life, but deep down I am a very sad person. Ashamed of how I have no nerve to persue what I so dearly wish i had. Thats real weakness - that no matter how much i want something in life that makes me proud of myself, I instead suffer and wallow in my depression. Wow. 9 more years, and ZERO progress. Pathetic. Im 64 years old, 3 girlfiends in total, and sex (except for unfullfilling sex with prostitutes) with just 1 woman. Boy, Im a real man, arent I?
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