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  1. Hello there you all! I'm very happy to have found this page because NOW I'm not ALONE! I'm 57, Gay, and small penis also. BOY! can I ever talk! please accept me into your group . Because I cant wait to start talking.
  2. Hello this page is so wonderful.! I've looked for a page like this for ever. I also have a small penis and I'm also Gay. I'm 57 years old and I've always felt alone! Thank God that I found this page. You all have helped me so much by YOU being YOU that it's not even funny! I pray this page is still going . I belong to all of YOU. I'm so happy right now that I can't talk. Please accept me into your world.
  3. Hello . My name is Floyd, I'm 57 years of age. I couldn't handle not eating but I could throwing up what I ate . I've been throwing up for many years now. My son was just 2 when it started and now I find it so hard to stop! It's like the old friend that comes to visit. I've been throwing up everything now from 1988 to recent. So go figure! this is 2019 .
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