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    My MIL

    Thank you guys. Well, my husband, he says he supports me and understands me but sometimes we have arguments about his mother. I am sure it's pretty hard to be between a mother and a wife. But I believe since she is his mother it's his job to tell her to stop bit disrespectful. You see this is what bothers me. He tells me to stand up for myself and when i do try to stand up for myself he tells me that I need to calm down. For example, we came visit her few years ago and decided to stay in the hotel because we had lots of luggage ( we were moving overseas). Also, I feel like we are nuisance in h
  2. NewHere

    My MIL

    Hello there, I usually don't like to share my problems with strangers but I am feeling like my husband's family brings the worst in me, especially his mother. First of all, I apologize for my grammar. I was raised in Europe and English is my 2nd language.. I married my husband 11 years ago. Our marriage was a bit rocky, lots of problems and unnecessary drama but we sort things out and moved on. I guess his mother didn't. First of all, I always been very respectful and polite to my mil and tried to please her so she will like me. It all started when we got married.. I sho
  3. HI, I am new here. Born and raised in Europe, female, currently in the USA. Hobbies: gardening, reading, traveling
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