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  1. Something apperantly went screwy with my insurance and I've been trying to fix it, but I haven't been having much luck.
  2. I can't afford a doctor and even if I could, I can't get to one because my family's car been totalled thanks to an accident that almost permanently placed my dad in the hospital...
  3. Hi, I've been having panic attacks non-stop for about almost a week now and they've been driving me crazy. I can barely sleep (4hrs at most), eating is difficult, I'm crying every other moment in the day, my body feels like it's being crushed into small box, my my heart keeps beating much faster, so trying to regulate my breathing with my asthma is difficult. My father's constantly worried about me because of it, at times I can barely stop shaking, as my stomach goes into loop-da-loops. My paranoia keeps getting worse, plus with this hurricane blazing through near GA (the state where I live) is suddenly becoming cooler, when that usually doesn't happen until October, so there's that. Also, I don't understand why but, I've become incredibly sensitive to light, sound and quick movement, causing me to have severe, debilitating headaches. I can barely stay in my bed, without crying in the fetal position, all because the light was a little too much/a strange loud noise coming from outside, the lights are too bright or the fact that my wiggled a little too much trying to get comfy on the mattress... I'm losing my fucking mind! and it's making me feel even worse that I don't what's happening to me, especially when it's my body that this is happening, too.
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