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  1. I am a skinny white guy, im in this group of "friends" during break the others go in to gym to play ball sports and stuff, i dont. Ive tried it. Hated it, hard balls hit my face all the time. so instead i sit with these 2 dudes, One is a actually nice guy, but the other one really isnt. The guy whos nice i will be reffering to as guy1 and the othet guy as guy2. me and guy1 talking. Guy2 randomly decides to say my name intil i reply, then he calles me a faggot, then stops, everytime i try to say anything after that he just interrupts me with saying my name and WHY ARE YOU TALKING. and then ignores me and goes silent. then guy2 ask what time is ((im the only one wearing a clock)) i say "well im not allowed to talk so i cant tell you" he leans forwards and punches me in the foot, he does this often so ive gotten used to it by now. when i dont reply what the time is he hits me again intil guy1 asks and i tell him, then we leave ((guy2 follows us)) were waiting for teacher to arive, ((everyones there)) guy2 comes over stands by me and says my name intil i reply. I reply and he says "why are you still talking?!" then i turn my head back to the guy besides me ((guy3 is a ok guy)) And the same secound, he says my name til i move my head again, ((just to clarify, i asked him to stop ennoying me on purpose so many times i cant count it)) i tell look back, you can see on my facial expresion im tired of it, and he begins this generic thing saying like "whats your fav color" "whats your fav type of meat" and alot more useless questions.. why is he like this..? i tell him to stop, and just then the teacher arrives, ((we goto 10th grade theyr in C im in A so theyr 10C im 10A i never talk to anybody in 10A expect 2 people)) i goto class and is too late. I get back and i leave for this special ed stuff, i have someone gotten into. ((my parents put me in it beacause i am like a 3rd grader at math)) so we leave. guy4 from 10A joins beacause he the same and the school cant afford more than on teacher at that. The hour passes, i got back to normal class its 6th hour its soon time togo home, then i find someone in 10A has loaned my charger ((everyone has the same school laptop i guessing he forgot his charger)) mind you we arent allowed to charge at school. I put it in my school bag, and i dont want people i dont really know just using my stuff, however i ignore it ((what am i supposed todo?)) then when its time to leave some random girl points at my lunchbag and asks "is that yours idk how it got there) then she slowly rushes out, someone removed it from my school bag and put it there so that i would hopefully, f~~~ myself over and leave it there and get shouted at by dad at home... i think they know they can do all this to me beacause i never strike back, i never take revenge or anything... am i too nice and dont tell teachers or parents beacause i dont want to get them in truble causing me more violence? What am i doing wrong
  2. its a while ago now.. my birthday is 9th of june. im in 10th grade right now.. i thought i had friends... no one. Absolutly no one apart from my mom and dad remebered my birthday.. no one in my school remebered anything.. My supposed friends didnt seem to remeber it.. neither 8th or 9th grade.. ok? maybe they forgot... but they always remeber everyone else.. i never say anything ever in school. just stare into desk waiting togo home and stare at the roof for 1hour and play games for the rest of the day.. so i guess that could be a possible cause.. this person in my class 10a, invited everyone execpt me and one other dude.. i havent been invited to a birthday party whole 8th - 10th last time i was in was 7th beacause their mom probably forced them to invite the whole class or something.. even thought countless times ive seen birthday parties being sent in class snapchat group.. i dont want to die. i just dont want to wake up anymore.. i bet no one in my school would even notice if i didnt show up one day..
  3. problem 1: my "friends" dont seem to like me, whenever i try to be funny neither one of them seem to care they dont really seem interested and just.. say ok haha and generic responses but if like another one i the friend group heard what i said and repeated it 1 day later they laught at it for a while... and whenever i ask to them hangout after school they dont want to they just crawl out of it like "i am bizzy today" and sound really u interrested. i started a minecraft server where we could play we played for like 2 weeks, if it wasnt one it was the other. always there was one of them being sligthly at me for something. so eventually we stopped. problem 2: When i started 8th grade i got special treatment beacuse im bad at math and hate ALOT of stage fright, and bad at english. And i dont want to be like the asshole boys in my grade (10th) beacuse i generally think they are not cool. and didnt want to use social medias like them asmuch but somehow both these things backfired, i got the effect "retarded" Since i never talk in class or anything, and often leave for special treatment, and most of the teachers seem to think so too.. Example: it was music class and i got on groupwork with a girl and 2 cool guys, the girl was the pinnacle of popularity, so were the guys who got in the group, i somehow ended up in that group, when were to start doing class project, i just sat there. While she was showing "dirty pictures" to the cool guys, she even said "you must think were such weird people" i was starred into the floor the rest of the day. this has repeated itselfs in different situvations, and when i get home it isnt a tad bit better at all. problem 3: When i goto my mom's she cares alot. what is nice. but when i goto my dad's he often gets angry at for the tiniest thing. example: when i ask can you help me hang up the leds i got for christmas in my room? dad: [irritated voice] So much i should ha done [sight] me: I can do it myself if you tell me how to do it dad: [even more irritated] No. Im am going to do it. me: [sight] dad [Loud very irritated voice] DONT SIGHT AT ME. from 5th and up my life is just going downhill fast. I used to have good days everyday in 4th grade, then 3 days a week 6th then 1 days in 8th and now half day in 10th.. if this continues by 2nd grade high school there is gona be no good days. also might i mention my grades are just average going from E, D to an C+ help i dont understand what im doing wrong.. i dont understand society anymore..
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