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  1. I will never blame the victim for feelings of inadequacy. SPS is an actual mental health issue. No doubt in my mind about it. Yet, it is based in part on the same societal problems that have caused women to be subjugated, I don’t accept those societal standards.
  2. My wife and I have talked a LOT about a woman’s perspective. Part of the problem is that we do have a society, maybe more so In the US, that emphasizes dominance, power and subjugation, particularly over women. Women in our society are trying to take some control over their own sexuality. Yet, some women are equally influenced by the societal focus on power and “big”. So, when some women can express sexuality, they become overly concerned about size. I am NOT claiming that a larger penis can’t change the type of sexual experience for certain women. Girth can add friction, no doubt. And, for certain women, as a purely physical aspect, length can stimulate areas near the cervix. I’m not denying that. The devastating insecurities come when a man assumes, because his penis is small, that he can’t sexually satisfy a woman. This problem can be significantly compounded if the woman is focused too much on size. It’s more about finding a full sexual female partner who loves many dimensions of sex. I’ve been fortunate with that but I also won’t accept less. i will say it again, a man with a small penis can experience the same physical pleasure that a man with a large penis can. That should matter. We are all entitled to our own sexual satisfaction. As a couple, we use my small penis to our advantage as much as possible, like with oral and anal sex. And, with vaginal sex, I vary everything including speed, depth, etc.
  3. Yoth, the story is so sad. I hope you are okay.
  4. A mental health disorder regarding any body dysmorphia means that your do not realistically view your body or body part. And, most mental health disorders in the dysmorphia realm have a strong obsessive component. i know what size I am. I do NOT think I am smaller than I am. And, my size does not affect how I view myself when compared to other men. I will sometimes fact check my own priorities with hypotheticals. Like, would I give up 5 IQ points to have an 8 or 9 inch penis? No, I would not. Would I give up the way I respect and treat others for a big dick? No. Would I give up even one of my good friends for a bigger dick? Nope. Its funny. There is one clear PHYSICAL attribute I would trade for a bigger penis, and that is some of my height. I’m only 5’9” but I’d trade an inch or two in height to add 3 inches to my penis. I just don’t care as much about my physical attributes in part because they have not given me my most important and valuable aspects of my life like my wife, daughters, career, friends, and activities. Dysmorphic illnesses cause people to narrow their view to just certain physical attributes and a person misses the rest of the world. I wish more men on this site had the emotional and mental health capacity to widen their views of the world.
  5. There are some people who really are small and in your marriage, it’s sure the fuck not you. Small people see the world through a narrow and bitter lens. Internal frustrations and disappointments cause these type of people to attack and humiliate others. These types of people are miserable and often are self-hating so they attack others. I don’t know if this is your wife or not, but it may be. No one can take your happiness and contentment from you unless you allow them to do so over time. I have no idea what kind of person you are but I am certain that your penis size is the least important thing about you. Engage in positive things for yourself. Rebuild your confidence. Fuck self-hatred. The universe is a wonderful place the fact that we even exist as conscious human beings is a miracle. Don’t let anyone else waste your life.
  6. I wonder how much of this “phallocracy” exits in other cultures. I’ve studied enough anthropology and history to question if this is inherent in our species or really exaggerated in our culture. In the US in particular, we value “big”, violence, and supposed dominance. Regardless, I’ve chosen a different path. I’m strangely an alpha type male without really trying. When at the gym with my beautiful and fit wife, men always leave her alone. The guys at the gym are always respectful towards me. I’m only 5’9” and there are a lot of guys stronger than me at the gym. I have a lot of confidence in myself because I am very smart, well read, a kind but tough person, a great dad, and a wonderful friend. I know I am worthy of my wife’s love. And, I know I have a small penis. It’s tough to do but I rarely think about what anyone thinks of my penis. Fuck them. I’ve got one life to love and I’m going to enjoy it.
  7. Being a man is a state of mind. It’s not about penises.
  8. No, I have never been an Adonis type. I’m reasonably fit and decent looking. I am smart, funny, caring and emotionally resilient. Art models come in all shapes and sizes. It was good money on a flexible schedule. So, I modeled for various reason but primarily to move forward on how I perceived myself.
  9. I can tell you about my own experiences. I’m married and have been divorced once. And, I am less than 5 inches long erect. My current and ex both have experienced regular and routine orgasms with me. Both are good people who see sex as more than just about as much friction as possible for a big penis. To be clear, both really love big penises too. They just know there is so much more to sex than just that. I hope that being African America with your size hasn’t been too difficult. I’m sure expectations have been difficult. Just remember to enjoy your partner. Use all of you to please her. And, don’t forget you deserve to have fun in bed too.
  10. I modeled for art classes when I was young so I got used to people looking at my naked body. I’ve come to my own realization that the world is full of so many more important than my body that I’m at peace.
  11. No one should be gay bashed.
  12. I am 53 years old. I’m about 4 3/4 erect and less than 2 inches flaccid and usually smaller than that.
  13. So, I went to the gym with my wife this evening. It’s always busy during the weekday evenings. Today was our leg workout. Typically, when it’s less busy I wear semi fitted, short shorts. I decided to wear them anyways tonight even it’s fairly obvious if someone looks that I have small penis. The shorts are otherwise perfect for leg workouts. I’m sure people noticed. I was fine with it. Then, in the shower I was around well endowed men and still felt secure about myself. There was even a client of mine who’d never seen my naked who was clothed and just started to talk to me when I was starkers. I was good with that too. I’m at peace with my penis because there is so much more to who I am than my genitals. I share this because it’s been a journey for me and I’ve found contentment. I hope others who are small like me can reach some semblance of peace.
  14. I really do not want to invalidate anyone on this site. I just refuse to let dudes who are giant pricks dictate my self worth. Sex is so much more that just a dick and a vagina. Those who reduce it to just friction miss out on so much enjoyment, pleasure and satisfaction. Let those who are so limited have each other. There are more than enough real and good men and women in the world so we with small penises can and should enjoy our lives.
  15. She is a mean spirited human being to say such things. You are entitled to enjoy your sexuality too. What has she done to enhance your sexual satisfaction? Your size is not the “problem”. She seems so self-absorbed that she is incapable of sexual intimacy and wants only physical rubbing or friction. That’s boring as hell being with a woman like that. Oral, digital, anal, etc, are all fun as hell and don’t need a big penis. You can use extending sleeves at times, dildoes, et for additional play fun.
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