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  1. When people mock Trump about his “size”, they are doing so because he is a mean spirited person who equates his success with size. He uses terms like huge, biggest, etc. The attacks on Trump are because he is a terrible human being and these attacks bother him. I don’t think it’s a general attack on men with small penises.
  2. I have a strange relationship with “objectivity”. The exact measurement of an object is objective. Calling that same object small or large is a value judgement. I am about 4.5 inches long erect and have had 6 sexual partners, three of them long term. I’ve done almost everything in bed with a woman and have had a great time. I don’t doubt that the women have also. I am smart, funny, considerate, experimental, and in decent shape. The women I’ve slept with want a more complete person that just a dick. Some women might be different. Trust the fun you’ve had in the past. You are entitled to enjoy sex.
  3. I’m about 4 1/2 long while erect. I’ve had three long term female betters who were good looking, kind, and fun in bed. I believe that insecure women who tend to overcompensate really stress big penises. I’ve had a riot in bed over the years. i will say that I’ve always cared much more about other facets of me than my penis. So, my size can bother me a little but I’ve had more sex with a greater variety than most of the men I know,
  4. I’ve spent a lot my time since I’ve been an adult thinking about how humans are so self aware and how that is both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes, both men and women, extend the self-awareness to a type of hyper consciousness about some physical attribute, to the exclusion of so much of the human experience where they torture themselves mentally. Having a small penis for a man can be one of those physical attributes. Being short as a man is another. You think about women who suffer from bulimia and anoxeria and you wonder how we torture ourselves so much. Don’t get me wrong, society always sets the cues for such hyper focus on a physical attribute. I personally spend time “fact” checking. I do gratitude lists, putting down what I am grateful for. I also put down my many positive attributes. My penis size become less important to me. Be good to yourselves, all of you.
  5. Under 1 1/2 inches when I’m a little cold. Sometimes, I can’t find my penis when I’m really cold or for other reasons.
  6. I’m under 5 inches and feel adequate. I’m at 4.75 inches. I’m also pretty small flaccid, around 3 inches at my best and under 2 inches with shrinkage. I go to nudist lifestyle resorts. I’ve learned to walk confidently in front of men and women. I know that I have a lot going for me. I’ve had a varied and satisfying sex life with three beautiful women over the years. I prioritize parts of me other than my penis.
  7. I refuse to believe that my penis matters anywhere Near as much as my intelligence, my kindness, my sense of humor, etc.
  8. I’m under 5 inches and confident in myself. There is so much more to me than my penis.
  9. I understand. I read posts and sometimes contribute. I am comfortable and confident in myself. Yet, reading posts on this site will sometimes help me focus again on what’s important to me. I will not let my penis size define me. Also, I want to sometimes provide my thoughts to others to help someone who might be suffering. The reality is that any self image issues related to having a small penis is not a mental health issue accepted and discussed in society. We are kind of on our own. So, we should try to support each other when we can.
  10. I’m definitely smaller and have been able to satisfy various women in different ways. First, I always work on who I am as a person. I think about ethics and morality. I’ve gone to counseling. I’ve expanded my interests, I take care of myself physically. Then, I work on and take satisfaction from my relationships including with my partner, my children, my friends, my co-workers, my clients, etc. I focus on being a full human being. My penis just isn’t that important, all things considered. Yet, I love sex. I want to enjoy myself. And, I want my partner to enjoy herself. I can laugh in bed. I love giving and receiving oral. We also do some anal play. I use my whole body and her whole body. And, I use different speeds, different positions, different depths, and different angles with PIV sex.
  11. In our patriarchal society, women have been denied their sexuality for so long. Women who want and like sex are sluts. Women who want multiple sexual partners are considered whores. We are in a transition period where women can own their sexuality. Some of that will manifest in superficial sexual episodes and commentary. Women want to prove they enjoy sex and no one should judge them for it. One side effect of this otherwise positive change are crass comments about the size of men’s penises. It’s almost like a payback and an attempt to grab their own sexuality. Now, there are women who just really prefer big penises for PIV sex because it can hit deeper spots and stimulate more effectively. I hope such women can have that. Yet, men with small penises like me can actually pleasure a woman in multiple ways, orally, anally, and vaginally. I think I’m good in bed because I accept my size and can and will do a variety of things so my partner is satisfied. Plus, women can take all of me in their mouths which just always is awesome to experience.
  12. I’ve had three long term sex partners and 2 shorter term partners. I am the smallest erect out of the men that these 5 women have slept with. I am about 4.75 inches long am a little over 4.5 inches thick and maybe thicker at the base. I know this is not enough evidence to constitute a scientific study but there is little chance that even 5% of men are my size or smaller. I’m not trying to depress anyone. To be clear, I’ve had a great sex life since I turned about 27. I met awesome women who were really varied in their sexual interests so I’ve had a lot of different types of sex.
  13. B. I have no question about her love for me. And, I’m really confident that we really do have a great time in bed.
  14. Yoth has expressed many of my feelings and thoughts. I’m also fortunate that I had a fairly developed ego before I really started to experiment sexually with more women. Men with small penises deserve a satisfying sex life.
  15. There are many good women who really can enjoy sex with you even when you are small. I’ve had only 2 women choose not to have sex with me a 2nd time or more after discovering my size. The rest of my sexual partners have been a lot of fun in bed and have found ways to enjoy sex with me. Of course, I love sex so I’ve developed a variety of different techniques for my partners to enjoy.
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