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  1. I’ve embraced my small penis. I’m at 4 3/4 inches erect. I’ve been married twice. And, have had another long sexual relationship. I know that I am the smallest man that any of the three women have had. Yet, sex was always fun because we varied positions, I relaxed, and we didn’t pretend I was anything but on the small side. I realize I can still be fun in bed and I’m rarely bothered being nude in front of other men. I am a good man. That matters most.
  2. I’m 4.75 inches long erect. I’m married and have a really fun sex life. I had the same type of fun sex life with my ex wife. I’ve learned that I am so much more than my penis. And, I can be really fun in bed even though I am small. My path to being comfortable with my size was not simple. I did nice modeling for art classes in my 20s while I was in college and after. I even went to an art exhibit where nudes of me were on display showing my 1 inch or so flaccid penis. i worked hard in school. I became successful. I took care of my body and health but did not go overboard, I focused on being a good human being and strong person. That all led to me dating beautiful, smart, and independent women who were comfortable in their own sexual skins. I based these relationships on honesty. I learned that yes, some women really do enjoy having sex with big penises. That’s simply true for some women. That doesn’t mean they don’t have fun also with men with small penises. It’s complicated. Yet, I’ve learned that both are true. Accepting that both are true and it’s not just all or nothing really led me to peace with Mr. Happy.
  3. I’m under 5 inches long erect and am at peace with it. When I was younger, I decided to desensitize myself a bit about my small penis by being a nude model at an art school. I made good money on a flexible schedule and got more comfortable. My intimate life has been great. I’ve learned that I am so much more than my 4.75 inch penis.
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