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  1. I didn't intend to start saying anything over night that would be out of character in reguards to his penis. I think the main time he has felt insecure with me was when we first dated and while I was pregnant. The rest of the time he has no issues being naked in front of my just casually or doing a helicopter with his penis at me. I feel he felt more insecure while I was pregnant because I wasn't into different sexual activites with him during my pregnancy for reasons already stated. First you told me to separate because I feared he could potentially be gay and that if I will forever t
  2. @Under5 I have asked for couples therapy. I asked years ago when I was pregnant and several days ago. He refuses. i know its most likely because he is afraid to go and say what his issues are and listen to me say what mine are to someone. As for doing something like nude beaches. I am pretty sure there is nothing like that in our area, we still have small children, and its not something I think either of us would be comfortable joining in on. But after reading the posts here I feel like I have a some what better understanding. I have looked back on the past events and realized times I pr
  3. So I want to respond to the big question everyone keeps asking. Why would you automatically assume it means hes gay? My reason being is I grew up around an LGBT community. My sibling was gay and had lots of drag friends around. Many who where married to women and did drag insecret and had affairs with men regularly. That has always stuck with me. I have my own issues about being cheated on previously . My first initial instinct was to think he is gay. Think of it like a reflex reaction. I asked for opinions here because well I'm not a man. I admit I don't understand. I don'
  4. I really am not sure what to think. I have lurked this support board and I think I have a better understanding but maybe I am wrong. I have been with my husband for 10 years. When we started dating he was very sexually inexperienced. I knew that when we started to date. I later found out it was because his entire life he was afraid to date and have sex because of his penis (his words). My husband is 5 in. He has measured it several times while we have been together. We have always had a great sex life until we had kids but I feel thats normal? I never had any complaints abo
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