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  1. @Victimorthecrimethats the point. People be like you either alpha or Beta or idk Omega and stuff.. But in reality there is so much more to a human personality and im actually convinced things like self esteem and confidence can change over the cause of a humans life. So actually being alpha just means being confident and thats defenitly something worth to strive for but all the whining about " im so beta" is bs in my opinion
  2. Who cares for that alpha/ Beta bs if you cant change it, why even Think about it
  3. Well, cant be top tier Alpha male with mental disorder referring to small penis.. gotta overcome that shit probably be a lot more alpha after that.
  4. No, no ,no!!! Please dont ever use this name again, i read so many reports from men desperatly looking for bigger penis getting his implant and almost all are very dissatisfied. There have even been attempted suicides and ED is pretty common. Im pretty sure this guy is a criminal who just wants the money and doesnt care if he is ruining a guys life..
  5. Would a bigger dick actually eliminate small penis syndrom for me? Im asking because im concerned with my flaccid size, and since there are billions of men who are growers on this world and noone seems to give a f*** about his flaccid dick i ask myself why i care about it. Im actually pretty sure having a bigger dick would be like a cure, because i simply do give a f*** and i cant change it.
  6. Yeah, I've read them too, the implant is actually the worst thing one can get. A lot of guys get them Ĺ•emoved because they get infected and loose length after this.. if i lost any length i would probably not have the strength to keep in fighting.. Ligament cut is sadly also more of a hit or miss and since it gives only flaccid length not interesting for most of the guys anyway. Since i just care for flaccid length it could be a valuable option.. Anyway, for me i dont know if 1 inch more would make me a happy guy i actually fear the problem is more deep rooted for me because my self worth is fucked up since i told myself for years that i am crazy and unlikable even having this sort of problems..
  7. @lbakerYes , its a long time ago but there were some comments about me having a boner when doing school Sports for example, because my penis is too small flaccid to hang and sticks straight out or some Stranger on the toilet once said to a friend "look how small he is". I know its not a lot but i am a very sensitive Person on my inside so this might have given me the push...
  8. Did any user here find relieve from this horrible desease by getting penis enlargement surgery, i know most of you dont support this i am just curious if there is someone in here to report of it who had it or knows someone who had it.
  9. Thank you for your detailed answer. You are right that it is important to be stable and love yourself, i know that and i am desperatly trying to find some inner peace. You said you dont work because of it, why is that, because of your anxiety or depression(or both) and are you just not working at the moment or longtime .. obviously this is an important part of life for me too and It has been very exhausting lately and i cant imagine a life where i am not working but its very hard for me . One more thing im curious about is if you have any compulsion to "hide" your size like specific clothing or covering with a jacket or smth. because i catched myself doing some things like that and im getting used to it .. If you dont want to talk about this in Details here you can also write me a private message Thanks
  10. @theDane im in my early 20s and i feel like my life is happening and getting worse without me being able to do something about it @YOTH i know its internal, but i dont know how to change my mindset onthis because for me its more like a Feeling than a conviction that flaccid size matters. no matter how offen I hell myself that i am fine the Feeling of having something to hide doesnt go away and its talking so much tom for me. This isnt even about sex for me its so much more, its about confidence and self worth and happines...
  11. Hello , I have a very bad form of small penis syndrom. I was a relatively confident guy till i started worrying about my dick 1 year ago. I am actually not small erect(like 5,6 ich es) its average size but my flaccid is relatively small, nothing special maybe also almost average but i just cant accept its average because i dont feel like it. I know most guys would live just fine with my size but it makes me so anxious and obsessed i am always distracted by this Feeling of inadequacy. Its a psychological problem, i know this but i am so deep in it i dont know how to get out. My whole life is affected because i am trying to hide my small flaccid penis because I feel like people can tell through my clothes(i know they cant) How do i get over this why i am so anxious?
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