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  1. Actual still play one at work. I like what I do and I'm good at it. I have confidence in what I do and how I handle coworkers, put out fires, grow a business. IMO, this has much to do with my brain and my upbringing, rather than my penis size. The problem with me is when I went home and dealt with my significant other. I changed.
  2. In case you were wondering, my current mindset on relationships is nonexistent. I have zero intimate confidence at the moment. I'm focusing on my children and my job which are everything to me right now. She tells me she forgives me and wants to be friends, all knowing that she will get a multi-seven figure payout in a few months and monthly alimony, including half time child support, in the top 1% of income earners tax free. BTW, she does not work. I'm in no mood to have that kind of relationship with her, but only as the mother of my children.
  3. Both of you are generally correct from your interpretation from my posts. Johnson, my decision after knowing of her second affair, whose penis size I did not know, was to allow, per her request, to leave at most nights and come back the next day to keep the family unit intact. Kids were 10 and 7 at the time. He was married with similar children ages with a wife and children in a different state. I became exceeding jealous when she went for a weekend to meet his parents out of state. I begged, pleaded, bought her loads of expensive shit that I'm too embarrassed to divulge here and convinced her to stay. She stayed and agreed to counseling, etc. We went once to a therapist, she didn't like him, and did not want go to therapy again. Within a year, she told me she did want to have sex with me any more. I became depressed, started to drink, and withdrew from her. Then she had an affair without me knowing about it for 1.5 years and he broke it off. Then 3 months ago, my 14 year old daughter and I got kicked out of the house, and within a week, she was traveling 1.5 hours away to see her bf. She calls me a "little man in so many ways", "and that she thinks she was my beard". No doubt that a certain type/quality of sex is what she desired and I was not able to perform. Now, I'm not proud of all this. But you are right, divorce, no matter what, was the only option for me and I filed on my birthday. She told me multiple times she would never file for divorce. BTW she first asked for a divorce nearly 14 years ago at her brother's wedding. Now to uptight's comment... I agree with everything you said, but for one. I had my doubts from the beginning given her self expressed " bf experience", but I didn't feel it was a mistake at the time. I thought that I could overcome my sexually inadequacy issues with someone that seemed to support confidence in me. No doubt I was marrying up in the looks department. Think of a George Costanza type and a shorter Lucy Liu. Plus, I was riding high in self, nonsexual confidence at the moment from other things that were going on, i.e., med school, fellowship, job, etc. I thought I found someone that could "fix" me. Didn't work out that way.
  4. Although I don't know you, what I do know for certain is that now is not the time for you to die. No way. From what I do know about acute psychosis is that you need to get on some type of psychotropic medication (perhaps temporary), calm your mind a bit and go into therapy, again. Reach out, no matter how awkward it may seem, to family and friends. I wish you luck.
  5. No need to regret posting anonymously. But from your words, you are in a very bad place and that sucks. You already know what you suffer from and I think that's a great first step... Acknowledgement. But you need to be brave enough to take another. Are you able to consult a licenced therapist? That would be my recommendation. No shame in that. I believe most, if not all of us here, have done that at one time or another.
  6. We are all haunted by something or someone. What's yours?
  7. I find this interesting as I just don't understand how anyone can find sexual gratification from being humiliated because of their small phallus. It's not that I don't accept or tolerate the idea, I just don't get it. I loath the fact that I am smaller than average. That's my cross to bear. Perhaps SPH is a psychological method of acceptance of a small penis; a way of making lemons into lemonade?
  8. I played an Alpha personality at work for years, rose up the ranks, etc. But a total omega at home, married with children. Very odd as I look back now being separated from a woman, soon to be divorced, that got bored and chose many men over me. There is no doubt in my mind that one's status can change, even quite dramatically within a day, depending on the people that you are surrounded by.
  9. I was no Romeo and very sexually anxious and negatively self aware most of my life. But once I got accepted to medical school (it took me three tries from prior college indescretions), I decided to only focus on school. Four years later, I graduated at top of the class, got accolades, and a great residency. The sky was the limit. I was really confident for the first time in my life. I dated, since I knew my stock was high, found my eventual wife, got a great job and the rest as many of you know, is history. So yes, there are other things in life that you can accomplish that will temporarily subvert other areas that are less stellar. However, these are only temporary if you have a sexual inferiority complex. At least for me, this small penis issue has been permeating force that drove my confidence back down to the nether regions and ultimately has led me to this website.
  10. Public penis shaming like this was not as ubiquitous or as accepted by the masses like it once was just a decade or two ago. Correct me if am I wrong. I'm 46 and not the oldest here who might better remember the Jonny Carson/Carol Burnett days.
  11. It sure has ramped up since Trump got elected. Even across the pond, eh? Oh the progressive political/entertainment machine, one and the same. I just don't drink the Kool-aid.
  12. The cultural pendulum has swung completely the opposite way. This hypersensitive PC world makes me ill. As far as heterosexual man bashing, you can thank the #metoo movement for that. What was once an awareness movement about bad male behavior in the entertainment industry, has morphed into man bashing and has permeated into every corner of society. Men are scared to work with attractive females, work social outings have been eliminated or significant reduced, and intraoffice dating policies have become extremely strict. Stand up comedy has also significantly changed to fit the PC mold in the last 20-30 years for straight white male comedians. Their subject matter has significantly shrunk, while minority, homosexual and women comedians have no boundaries. I know this makes me sound homophobic, sexist, racist, and all the other negative labels you can think of. But, I still can make an honest observation. Or, can I?
  13. You know I often wonder about that if I had a 7.5 inch member how my life would have changed. Would I have been more sexually adventurous? Would I be treated as a piece of meat in college just for the sexual experience of a big dick?Would I have valued education and gone to medical school? Would I have settled down with my wife and have children? Would I be here now discussing the panacea of what ifs? Probably not. The point is that we are what we are, some good and some bad. I'm starting to realize how to live with the perceived bad, but I don't have to be chipper about it.
  14. I know I've talked about the bell curve a lot. But, in nature the bell curve is a distribution graph that comes up time and time again in many phenotype measurements. My point is on average, sexually active women will experience the averaged sized penis the vast majority of times. The more men she has relations with, statistically speaking, she will experience both left and right of the bell curve. However, there are intangible variables such as looks, money, but perhaps the most important, confidence. One may assume, at least I do, that women will most likely copulate with a more sexually confident man, which in my opinion, would place most of those men in the mean to upper standard deviations of the mean (average to right of the curve) of penis size. This theory is not absolute, but from my experience here and in life, this is all the anecdotal evidence I need to support my conclusion.
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