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  1. My opinion,,,,Problem with your statement above is your believing, it is a GOD that is doing it, If GOD made the bible, why would he make such a mess of a book, use logic, something is more powerful then we are but superstitious people will believe what they might assume religious people feed you. it took much for me to come to this position, I was taught much of christian religion, but logic in everything will steer you more right then wrong, except when it comes to forgiving yourself and others , in that order. If you are in your house you are not seeing what is actually happening in the world. reality is a b,pkkl!! This is once again my opinion.
  2. Daveuk, Sorry for so long and a bit off topic..... Dude, it sounds like you know what you need to do. So like these nice guys are giving you solutions, I say make solutions for yourself brother,. Another rule, if you can smell yourself some, this means others can smell you more extremely, Some are more sensitive to smell. So get with a buddy and when you can smell yourself ask them or a male stranger, and ask dude , i know im weird but between you and me, How much do I smell, between dudes lots of stuff is speakable, but lie to how you got smelly if your self conscious. But between you and me fellas when Im off for a couple of days, I like to not shower and bum around, I really like YOTH's solution two buckets, just in case the one bucket gets to soapy you have back up, or use the shower. Tangent time, /...All that frontal cortex stuff, I promise if you use dedication with self affirmations, even if some one puts you down self affirm afterwards, I was in jail a couple of times and grew up poor, so its a lifetime progressive lifestyle self affirming in the mirror before you go to sleep and when you wake up, wake up 30 min. early. if you are not using a personal journal , please do so this will be another soul( being ). that you can communicate with your concious and subscious. As you grow you will see self progress. Fellas challedge yourselves, I am very slowly changing my mindset on me and money, This stuff all takes time and if your not dead , you have enough time to change, 35 years of what you guys , I am seeing you dont, know is just not knowing, you guys realize you have convinced yourself there is no other way , then what will change if there is and you sit there with hands crossed. Tangent time,,,,On a personal note: about myself, being that i Thought my mother didnt trust doctors is why I never fully trusted doctors, especially growing up a latch key child , I was able to see other families, because I didnt know how to cook so always went from house to house hanging with friends, and ended up eating dinner with them, realized some people really spoke with their families about almost all things unless they were strictly male or female issues. In realizing this as an adult all you need is a group of guys to keep each other accountable to work on themselves. Nothing , Im saying to me, was easy, but you have to do stuff to change your future, somethings once you get a women makes you feel like you may not have the issue anymore but women are humans and self preservation many times gets people to try to take advantage of thing like our issues, so work on your self alot before engaging women, sharpen your mind with other men, Being short and bullied , i realize there will always be someone bigger and badder so in my mind what a man is some one responsive to their responsibilities, and hetero, thats my personal definition. If your homosexual you will have to find your answer for you. we were born alone we will die alone, kind of bleak but reality is true and you can rely on truth, even when it hurts, as far as girls I promise its a numbers game. These are my thoughts, you might not like them. Tangent time,,,,,We have to change, for me , I appreciate reading your questions and replies, because I am realizing, that we have to change or else why are we exposing ourselves, ( end game) , or just here to ease enough of the pain to just exist. Brothers we are worth so much more, tangent time. yes this whole womens movement has been going on for decades. Reading history, im sure, people that control the world are using this to their advantage, I remember when women for years have fought for this freedom , but why after all these years finally are able to do this. People have had tape recorders for decades, and video camaras. Who allowed so many women to be able to take control. I can make more sense of this later have to work ask or argue its all good.
  3. My question is for Sheepish, I'm trying to find a understanding woman like you, not flirting but asking more traits that i can look for. Part I know its me, because of my choices, but actually looking is what i dont do, i go for what goes for me and usually its not good. Then good girls i leave alone but if i went for them then , my fear and intention would be more real to me, as to say I dont let a good girl because i fear whatever about her, (my excuse). For the fellas, I knew I was small, for a while but didn't really realize, until I already knew there are females that will deal with us not freakin jerks because they are practical enough and whatever reason enough. we just cant be super jerks and mr . good guy , floor mats. Dude with the self conscious about bulge. men come in different shapes, some dudes are long and skinny some short and thick and some like me both negative, but I try every once in a while . sex is good for us as humans, but also semen retention is good for us, thy like to lay out studies for everything that’s good for us something will cause cancer, google both. But I have found ways to cope without a woman and luck falls on me. I met a foreign lady and we have an agreement, we all buy it anyways from women in one shape or form. I have never thought about trying men except when my sister said some stupid stuff before. only time i rethought myself, i was younger , not about trying me , but knowing I had some feminine traits I didn’t appreciate, but being raised by a woman isnt good if you don’t have responsible male examples that you trust or give a. and intervene. My mom allowed me to be naive, which helped , as far as not, realizing i was small. which allowed me to realize women once horny and under alcohol will do anything, even a horny enough women also if the woman hasnt had her two babies naturally and maybe one by c section , she gets to keep the shape of her vagina which will allow her to get tight enough for you. another thing that helps me is oral for them until they come once or twice get as much blood to her lower parts. she will be more subject into almost anything, get toys as well. nothing bigger then you. Trying to find a very compassionate female without friends is hard, it’s the girlfriends that mess things up. But don’t mention that unless your breaking up.
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