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  1. Our relationship was almost 4 years old. During the years we had many problems and fights, but for me the most painful thing was that in these 4 years she was dating with 3 boys(like 2 or 3 dates on a person), she went with them to meetings, while she was with me,she did not sleep with them, they were just dating and talking through messages. The first time when we break up was when i got her talking to a guy , they were talking every day on facebook and even in video chat. I was alone 6 months after the break up and then i wanted to be with her again , during that period , she had a boyfriend and after the 2nd dating she had already sex with him. After 4 months of the relationship I found out that again she went out with another boy on a date. I separated from her again. Now she writes to me after 2 months and wants to be together with me. I want to specify that she had in the last 2 months 2 lovers, and I had a few dates with a girl. I want to know what kind of person is she , why did she meet with so many guys? Why did she cheated on me so many times? I know she really loves me, but how do you think she can solve this problem with the boys, so that I can be happy with my ex. I want to reconcile with her, I love her too much. Do you have solutions to the problem with cheating or is there no solution? I have 23 years old , and she has 22. I am very sorry for my english. I hope you can understand
  2. so I was in a relationship with my girlfriend for 4 years. We had our fights, but the biggest problem was that she cheated on me 3 Times.First one after a year of relationship, in the sense that she met a colleague of hers for a week, I tend to remember that they did not have sex. I managed to forgive her, but I couldn't trust her so much anymore. for another year, she went to Egypt for a month, liked a boy there, kept talking to him for a month and flirting with messages and web chat, without me knowing, I was separated and I stayed alone 6 months, and she was with someone for a week and had slept with that man from the 2nd date. we get back again, we had a good time, but one week when we had exams, we had fights every day. 3 days I did not see her after the continuous quarrels, then after a month I find out that in that period she was seen with another boy, again did not have sex with him. this completely destroyed me and I decided to break up with her and now after 2 months of separation we met yesterday and she wants to be together. I want to mention that, during the period when I was separated I had a few dates with a girl, and she dated 3 guys, when we were together and with another 3 when we were separated. I want to ask you: what kind of person is she? why does she want to go to so many dates with other guys? I know she really loves me and I don't understand what her problem is. What to do ?
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