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  1. Point taken. Apparently there isn't, btw.
  2. No authority, just the fact of being human like the rest of us. Feel free to reject the construct, that's up to you. To me, as someone who doesn't, your post was unnecessary and out of order and I responded in kind. Obviously posts are personal in the sense of addressing personal issues and relating to individual experiences, but that's all the more reason to show people a bit of respect. You think I'm running in the victimhood olympics or carrying the torch for it or whatever just because I used the phrase other people have worse things to deal with? And all that shit about manifesting prejudice about mental anguish, all from one phrase that you're quick to judge but don't even understand? Give it up bro, you don't have a clue.
  3. Fair enough, but I do know that and was replying specifically to the OP, not to KlingBro or to anyone else. That's why I said won't not don't, and numbers not size, and it's why I wouldn't make any posts of that sort when the OP genuinely has a small penis. Ok, the response to KlingBro was an overreaction. At the end of the day the OP was either genuine or he's fucking people about. I took it that he might be genuine and responded in kind. Wasn't expecting it to get personal. A lot of people have problems in life and like everyone else here I'm one of them. Other people have worse things to deal with but there it is, you only live your own life. I know KlingBro wasn't making any comment on all that and he might not even have read any of my other posts, but it felt like he was, or at least saying none of it matters. Edit: I take it back about the response to KB being an overreaction. Victimhood olympics FFS.
  4. Fuck you then KlingBro. You're not exempt from basic human courtesy just because you've got problems and you've made a lot of posts.
  5. If those measurements are right, you're not a ladies man with a small cock but a ladies man with a big cock who's got a complex about their size. Your anxiety vibe might well be apparent but not many women would think a 6" x 6" erection was anything other than 🍆. (That might look small but trust me, it's a long way away and actually it's a beast!) By the way, and not that anyone asked, but my dick is 7.5" long and a bit over 5.5" around. I also had a complex about my size for many years and in fact still do in some ways. I can assure you it's a waste of time, opportunity and your own natural resources to let these feelings stop you getting out there and enjoying life or at least trying to. Women basically won't give a fuck about the numbers and measurements and all the rest of that. You might never leave these feelings behind altogether, but somewhere down the line you'll have to face the fact that you're pretty well hung. That might sound ridiculous, but it's true.
  6. Ok, thanks for explaining.
  7. I don't get why you're asking that. I've said it was sexual abuse at school, further details aren't really needed.
  8. I don't know if that's in response to my post and reference to my brother, if it is then bringing low T into it is well off the mark. Yes, he had 'some other psychological problem' - he'd been sexually abused at school, but no-one else knew that until years later. I didn't find out until the day after he died. None of that had anything to do with him not harassing me because his dick was bigger than mine, but it did have something to do with his lifelong addiction problems. For years I felt the shame of being smaller, then the shame of caring about it so much when actually my dick is big compared to probably 80 percent of others. Now I feel the shame of having been too afraid to let him see that his penis was superior to mine, because I couldn't face the humiliation of being beaten in such a comprehensive way and the consequences of it for our relationship. If I outed myself so to speak as having the smaller dick then that would be it, the lifelong struggle between us would be settled once and for all, and in his favour and not mine. I was too afraid of that to let anyone know about it other than myself. Maybe if I'd have faced it years ago things would have turned out differently somehow. True, he might have used it to destroy what little self respect I had (but no-one else knew that apart from me, as I used to put on a front of arrogance and superiority), or he might have taken pity on me and showed compassion. Maybe showing some weakness and vulnerability instead of pretending to be immune to it would have given him a means to do the same. I know he used to look up to me even though he was older, and I was too much of a coward to take the risk of being truthful about it. It really doesn't matter that compared to his my dick was small, but I let it fuck with my head so much that even when I could see there was something wrong in his life, I couldn't get past it to try and help properly or even see what was beneath all his self annihilation. Maybe some time I'll no longer feel the same as I do now, but for now deep down I hate and despise myself for the way I acted down the years. There are more details to it than I can post, it's not that I ever did anything terrible but really I feel like I've always been a coward, a traitor and a liar. In so many ways my brother was a better person than I was but within the family he never got credit for anything - he was always the trouble maker and I was always the prince. Although he tried to look out for me as best he could, when it really came down to it I never did the same. Apologies for rambling on about the same things again. It probably won't be the last!
  9. Five days after posting this question, and it feels a bit ridiculous that I've even been thinking about having such a conversation. My brother's gone, I'll miss him forever, my girlfriend has no idea that he had a bigger penis than mine, she likes my dick the way it is and didn't really get how I could have enjoyed fantasizing about having a small one. So what would be the point? Only that the feelings will never go away. Apologies for the repeated posts about myself and my penis. When you live with secret feelings of shame for so long, things can get quite obsessive.
  10. Still an option, just without the added bonuses of social approval and heavenly paradise! Actually I agree that ideas of religious virtue probably did give small dicked men other options that aren't realistically available today.
  11. Once it becomes (relatively) socially acceptable for women to enjoy sex and to do so with more than one partner, then it does seem that would amplify the insecurities of men who suspect themselves to be poor sexual partners for whatever reason, basically through the fear of better options being available. But as much as that might be the case, what of the anxieties and loneliness of the unhappily married years ago, or single for that matter, with no way to express these feelings anywhere, and nowhere to go to try and develop an understanding of them and what to do about them? Is there really any way to know how many people lived like that, and what it felt like in comparison to today?
  12. I'd be fairly certain that yes, it did exist in some form but not exactly as it does today. There would have been numerous times when males would be naked together in a non-sexual context, and I believe many of the average and smaller ones will have felt inadequate due to their size difference. On the other hand there are countless social factors which are different from a hundred years ago, and these differences might well have, or are almost certain to have, affected the way those feelings were framed and experienced. One example, not quite from a hundred years ago but far enough from now to be relevant. The modernist writer Malcolm Lowry was (relatively) recently outed by a former lover as having had feelings equivalent to SPS. Apparently his penis was small, his brothers used to torment him about it, and as an adult he was insecure about his penis size. Also incidentally a lifelong alcoholic, which publicly was viewed or presented in the context of being a tortured artist. And in fact a more well known literary incident or anecdote isn't far off its centenary now, when Ernest Hemingway (by his own possibly self serving account) was called upon to reassure Scott Fitzgerald about his apparently small penis. Which even if a completely fabricated incident shows that size anxiety was an established thing, although it obviously wouldn't have been the case that such anxieties would have a medical or quasi medical diagnostic term back then.
  13. Yes, that's understood. In my case it's gone beyond an insecurity - I really don't have any at this stage, at least not in relation to my penis and actual physical sex, though for many years I did. What I do have is ongoing shame, and an arousal pattern that feeds off that shame. In fact and in all honesty I wish my penis was smaller, because then it would fit with the way I feel about it myself. God knows if anyone else can make sense of that, I can because I feel it and more or less know where those feelings come from. But that's kind of half the problem - everything's got so twisted up inside that it's hard to describe in a way other people could relate to. Especially to a woman, who doesn't have experience of the unique torments of having a dick!
  14. That makes a lot of sense, though we're pretty much in the long term by now! All being well - or not - at some point I'll report back on what I do and how it goes. I have read quite a few of your other posts btw and I'm sorry things are so rough at the moment. It sounds like they have been for some time and while it's not really for me to say or much use in view of the ongoing complications, it sounds like a marriage you're better off out of. I hope you can get to a better place before too long.
  15. Thanks for both those replies. They basically sum up exactly my concerns as I don't know how far disclosing the true extent of my feelings in this area would just lead to her seeing me as diminished and a bit repulsive. And if that did happen, what I'd do. But on the other hand, it's true that without taking risks life is less worthwhile - the problem is that this risk relates to an area which is still stigmatized. At the moment I'm thinking along the lines that I will do it, but not rush the decision. One positive is I was seeing a therapist for a while, something I've tried in the past but never had success with. Eventually I talked about this subject and it went so much better than the last time I tried - no judgement or attempts to deny the problem or feelings involved, or trying to move on to other matters. Financially if I can manage it I might resume that at some point, possibly alongside having the conversations with my girlfriend. Having said all that, if it seems the most likely result is that disclosing these feelings and preoccupations would lead to my girlfriend viewing me and weak and repulsive, it might be that I hold my tongue and carry on the way I've been doing so far. In that regard I'd appreciate any views from women as to what sort of response it might get. I know everyone's different and no-one can make the decision for me. To reiterate, and with apologies for rambling on, I'm not really trying to renegotiate changes to our sex life, but just to be open about a part of my life and history that's caused me a lot of loneliness, shame and secrecy for a long time now.
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